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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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How the “Queen of Diamond” Blinovskaya survives after the arrest of property for 64 billion

Date: May 28, 2024 Time: 20:53:16

Elena Blinovskaya with her husband Alexei

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV

For the fourth month, the author of the psychological training “Marathon of Desires” Elena Blinovskaya spends her days in a luxurious mansion. House arrest, while the investigation of the case of non-payment of taxes for 918 million rubles is underway, the coach is serving in the elite village of Millennium Park near Istra.

The other day, Elena again tried to appeal the restraining measure in the Moscow City Court. But the court refused. This means that the woman continues to wear an electronic bracelet on her leg and moves strictly within her suburban territory.

By the way, the Blinovskaya dacha with an area of ​​about 1000 “squares”, according to realtors, costs at least 400 million rubles. Just a “communal apartment”, the protection of the village and the cleaning of the territory in such places cost at least 100-150 thousand rubles per month. But it is necessary to maintain not only the economy. For example, the children of the Blinovskys (four in total, but three of school age) study at an elite gymnasium, where a year’s education costs 1.68 million rubles per child. Still and September 1 on the nose.

But how to pay for all this if your property worth 64 billion rubles has been arrested by a court decision? This colossal figure (for a second the annual budgets of 21 Russian regions are less than this amount) was voiced by 41-year-old Blinovskaya’s lawyer.

The other day, Elena again tried to appeal the restraining measure in the Moscow City Court.



It is worth noting that 64 billion rubles is not just cash and money in the family’s personal accounts. These are 21 real estate objects (apartments and houses), a garage of elite foreign cars, trailers, a motorcycle, a boat, a snow and swamp vehicle, and most importantly, the bank accounts of the couple and their numerous business ventures. .

Elena Blinovskaya was mainly engaged in online marathons, solo performances and selling her souvenirs. But her husband Alexei, whom the investigation considers an accomplice in tax crimes, is listed as the founder of a dozen companies: they are fish farming in their own reservoirs, renting houses for tourists, selling diamonds and a restaurant business.

Blinovskaya’s dressing room is more like a clothing store. Photo: Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

This week, Aleksey Blinovsky told reporters that after the seizure of assets, the family was left with virtually no means of livelihood.

– Until the last moment, we had businesses that the investigation recently seized in all accounts. Now I don’t know, we’ll think of something. But for now I’m still working, I have several business projects of my own. They are aimed at import substitution and food security.

It turns out that not all of the companies affiliated with the Blinovskys have been arrested. And the KP.RU correspondent was convinced of this.


Earlier, the Presnensky Court published a list of 13 Blinovsky firms whose accounts were arrested. For example, “Fish Story” or “Octopus Dog”. These are the names of restaurants in Krasnoyarsk owned by a businessman. We placed an order on your website, we chose to pay by card. A minute later, an SMS arrived from a restaurant employee: “We are having temporary difficulties paying by card. You can pay cash to the courier or by bank transfer.

Or Aquaculture LLC. This is a company in Cherepovets that breeds catfish and trout and also sells them in its online store. Choose the credit card payment method. The payment failed again, the site asked me to choose another payment method.

According to realtors, the Blinovskaya cottage with an area of ​​​​approximately 1000 square meters costs at least 400 million rubles.

However, among the founders and leaders of “Akvakultura” are the same people behind which companies with very similar names are listed. For example, “TD (trading house) Aquaculture”. And if you dig a little deeper with the help of trading bases, it turns out that all the same people are already listed in Podari Mechtu LLC (accounts are arrested) and numerous companies with names in honor of the stars of the Eagle and Orion constellations. : Altair, Eridan, “Betelgeuse”, “Rigel”, “Sirius” and “Toliman” (not arrested). This group of companies also sold the Blinovskaya courses.

Earlier, KP.RU wrote that Alexey Blinovsky also has 40 pieces of land with a total area of ​​509,000 square meters. Some are under development (Crimea, Yaroslavl region) and others are used as agricultural land; vegetables are grown in them. They are located in Adygea and the Kostroma region. Apparently, these are the same projects in the field of “food security” that the blogger’s husband spoke about. True, what is the scale of the business, it is difficult to establish. Probably, it is on their income that the Blinovskys now live.

In fairness, it should be noted that it hardly makes sense to arrest these family-related assets. 64 billion rubles is much more than 918 million, of which the mother of the “Marathon of Wishes” is accused of non-payment.

When the investigation of the criminal case is completed, if the businessmen do not pay their debts by that time (they have now paid 55 million rubles), the money seized from the accounts will simply be transferred to the state, and the rest will be returned to their rightful owners.

The blogger showed on social networks how she lives large

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV


Why haven’t all the blogger’s family assets been stopped?

The lawyer of the Arkhipova & Partners law firm, Nikita Savosin, explains that the seizure of assets remains one of the most effective measures of “procedural coercion”. Simply put, so that before the verdict of the court, they do not have time to dispose of the assets.

– But at the same time, if the defendant is married, the arrest cannot be imposed on all the joint assets of the spouses. The other spouse is entitled to half of the property acquired in common. It seems that the case of Elena Blinovskaya should be evaluated in the set of factors. The property, which is now seized, can largely cover the property damage caused to the state, Savosin says.

The lawyer explained that the issue of stopping a business is quite complicated in terms of balance. In fact, the company often has other founders who are not related to the criminal case. However, as the investigation progresses, if new facts suddenly come to light (suppose the defendant actually did not pay taxes for 65 billion), the security forces may ask to arrest other assets that were not previously touched.

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