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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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How the wheelchair actor Alexei Yanin lives: stroke, ambulance, mother’s dacha

Date: May 28, 2024 Time: 20:46:01

Alexei Yanin with his mother

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In 2015, actor Alexei Yanin suffered a stroke and, unfortunately, could not recover. Since then, Alexei has been confined to a wheelchair and lives in his mother’s country house on the outskirts of the city. His wife Daria visits him regularly, who is raising their common child. Since the case is serious, Alexey needs periodic rehabilitation, which, as you know, costs a lot of money. And on August 21, 40-year-old Yanin was sent to a new treatment and rehabilitation center in Malakhovka. This was told to KP.RU by Alexey’s mother, Olga Andreevna.

“There were health problems, but now Alyosha feels more or less. Today we took him to a rehab center. Dasha (Yanin’s wife – ed.) gave an interview for Yana Churikova’s channel, and they collected 500,000 rubles. And with these funds, we sent Alyosha to a very good rehabilitation center for a month, ”Olga Yanina told KP.RU.

A new first-class treatment and rehabilitation center was recently opened in the village of Malakhovka, right where Olga Andreevna’s dacha is located. It stands in the middle of a relic pine forest with the purest healing air. The medical institution provides highly specialized medical care for rehabilitation and recovery after surgical operations, vascular and nervous diseases, traumatic brain injuries, strokes and many other pathologies. And the center itself looks like a sanatorium. There is a swimming pool, sauna, restaurant, beautiful park.

Photo from LRP Malakhovka Life website

According to Olga Andreevna, they are in contact with Daria all the time.

“Just yesterday I talked to her online. She recently fell off a scooter. But she is always in touch and supports Alexei,” Olga Yanina shared with KP.RU.

Daria, who is now actively pursuing a vocal career, fell off a scooter a week ago, receiving fractures and numerous bruises.

Daria fell off a scooter a week ago.

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At the end of June, Daria Yanina gave an interview for Yana Churikova’s YouTube channel, in which she recalled the “Factory” show (at one time Dasha became the youngest participant in the project, about Ed.). Daria also spoke about the personal, about what happened to her husband, the once popular actor Alexei Yanin. Yana and her channel team were so touched by the Yanin family story that they organized a fundraiser for Yanin’s restoration on their own initiative and posted the details below the video. The issue with Daria was published on June 15, and already on June 22, Churikova announced that she had managed to collect 501,500 rubles in one week.

Daria Yanina and Yana Churikova

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“My dear, thank you. There are not enough words to express gratitude for all those words of support, for the kindness, for the tact with which you have helped our family all these years, and especially in recent days, ”Daria Yanina wrote words of gratitude under the caption. Churikova’s post on Instagram. (an organization prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation).

In an interview for the Factory with Yana Churikova channel, Daria told what preceded her husband’s stroke. At that time, Yanin was very actively filming, had little rest and missed the moment when she was already getting sick.

“We still don’t know very well what exactly led to this, but he had a vascular predisposition, and at some point he failed and did not take pills,” recalled Daria Yanina. -In the last month, he constantly filmed in Odessa and filmed in such a way that he could fly 25 times a month. He wanted to be with us in his spare time and therefore, even if for half a day, he flew. And all this is very harmful to the vessels of the brain. Besides, he even had a seizure when he was supposed to fly, but he just couldn’t get out of bed, he was so sick. For some reason he was very afraid of having meningitis. And I was leaving for school and I asked him not to go anywhere. It is better to pay the fine but stay at home. He called an ambulance. They looked at him. Then he wrote to me: “Everything is fine. Not meningitis. I flew away. “he just couldn’t save himself.”

Alexey and his wife Daria

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Daria also said that she is still married to Alexei and does not plan to change her status yet.

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