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Friday, April 19, 2024
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How to maintain the ideal temperature at home and make your electricity bill cheaper

Date: April 19, 2024 Time: 03:19:49

Having the ideal temperature at home can help save a lot of money each month on your electricity bill. In addition, the energy efficiency that you will consume will be useful both in summer and winter. If you take into account a series of tips, you will be able to enjoy your heating or air conditioning while reducing electricity consumption.

How to achieve an ideal temperature at home

The air conditioning in your home must maintain uniform degrees to prevent it from getting too hot with the heating on or getting too cold in the warmer months. This is something that is achieved by installing a thermostat. Its operation is very simple and it will ensure that the set values ​​are not exceeded at any time.

Minimize energy expenditure

Insulating walls and ceilings is vital so that you pay less for your energy bills. However, you must also assess the electricity consumption of the main appliances in the house, such as the refrigerator. In addition, there is a very high expense that is not usually taken into account: that of devices that are on standby.

Guidelines to save on heating

Making the most of sunlight and lowering the blinds at night are two of the tips that will help you the most to reduce your energy consumption during the winter. Likewise, there are other measures you can apply to save on heating. For example, place curtains on the windows and rugs on the floor to prevent heat from escaping quickly.

Air conditioning: reduce your electricity bill

The compressor of air conditioning equipment can consume a lot of energy at full capacity. Even so, it does not always have to work, since, when the programmed temperature is reached, it stops cooling the air. To minimize energy expenditure, the most important thing is to keep the room at about 25 degrees. Ten presents that each degree you lower will increase your consumption by 8%.

Energy efficiency: ideal temperature in your home

The ideal temperature in any home should be between 20 and 23 degrees. At night or when the home is empty, it is essential that you reduce energy consumption.

During the colder months, it doesn’t matter if the thermometer reads a few degrees colder, because bedding is enough to maintain comfortable heat. Therefore, it is normal to keep the main rooms between 15 and 17 degrees. On the contrary, in the summer months, it is recommended that you set the thermostat between 25 and 26 degrees throughout the day.

As you can see, enjoying an ideal temperature at home doesn’t have to be complicated. You just have to follow the guidelines that we have indicated and you will enjoy greater comfort. At the same time, you will see how your energy bills are reduced. Get on it today!

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