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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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How to request the single-parent family title: requirements and deadlines

Date: April 21, 2024 Time: 21:17:20

Having the title of single-parent family in Spain is not only possible if you are separated and have custody of the children. The new Law on Single Parent Families, which came into force on September 8, will allow thousands of families to apply for it. The Council of Ministers approved this Tuesday, February 27, the bill in second reading, so it will now be sent to Congress, where it will be processed urgently in which single-parent families with two children are equated with large ones, so they will be able to access the same level of help.

To obtain the single-parent family title, which allows access to aid, there are various regional regulations that establish the requirements that must be met to obtain said recognition, which certifies the existence of a single person as responsible for the family unit and grants . benefits, tax advantages and bonuses for the group. These are in addition to the subsidies that exist at the national level. And the truth is that the deadline to request accreditation is now open, so those interested should pay special attention. This title will be necessary so that single-parent families with two children can access the same aid as large families.

What is a single parent family?

To be considered a single-parent family, it must be made up of a parent, either a mother or father, and one or more children who are financially dependent on them. This usually means that alimony is not received from the other parent, although some autonomous regions such as Valencia and Asturias do allow it to be collected. In addition, the title must be renewed every four years, since it expires when one of the children turns 21 years old. The process is simple although, in some cases, it is necessary to do it in person.

In a good part of the autonomous communities, the body that is in charge of managing the single-parent family card is the one that processes the large family card, since both offer the same advantages. But it must be taken into account that this function is performed by a regional organization, so each autonomy offers its own meat, although it is valid for all of Spain, something similar to what happens with young meat.

What are the requirements for the single-parent family title?

Since it is the autonomous communities that manage the title of single-parent family, each territory establishes conditions to be able to receive it. However, among the general requirements for recognition, it stands out that all members of the family unit must be registered in the corresponding autonomy, at least six months in advance of the date of submission of the application.

At the same time, it is key that children, people under guardianship or in foster care live together and are economically dependent on a single parent or foster carer. Some communities set the age limit at 21 years, which can be extended until they turn 26, as long as they are pursuing university studies, formal training or that is aimed at obtaining a job. On the other hand, there is no age limit in the case of descendants with disabilities, absolute permanent disabilities or severe disabilities.

The title can be made compatible with that of a large family, and will be of a special nature when, for example, the parent has three or more children in his care, or when he has two and at least one of them has a disability, absolute permanent disability or great . disability. This is not all: also when a single parent and a single child have a per capita income that does not exceed 100% of the Multiple Effects Public Income Indicator (IPREM).

How to apply for the single-parent family title

The official single-parent family document is valid throughout the region and can be requested electronically through the Autonomous Community portal, if greater administrative streamlining is sought. From the date of application, the maximum resolution period is three months and the meat is issued to the entire family unit, also in digital format, so that it can be accessed on any electronic device. But, to obtain it, you must present the following general documentation, which may vary in each region:

The application printed and duly completed. Certificates of registration and cohabitation, with a maximum date of two months. Photocopy of the Family Book. Photocopy of the DNI, NIE or Passport of all members of the family unit if the managing body is not authorized to verify it or it cannot be carried out. . Certificate of income received from guaranteed income and/or unemployment benefit. Photocopy of registration for regulated studies: ESO, Baccalaureate, Vocational Training, University or others. Responsible declaration that the children do not receive income higher than the IPREM, including extraordinary payments.

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