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Friday, April 19, 2024
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How to travel for free with ChatGPT and have an influencer vacation

Date: April 19, 2024 Time: 15:25:43

When planning trips, ChatGPT can help you have a free vacation where you live authentic experiences recommended by influencers. These are the two of the main trends that will mark a summer of the most technological. The appearance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Big Data has not only improved routine tasks, but has revolutionized all sectors, including tourism.

After the losses derived from Covid-19, the tourism sector seeks to recover and the use of new technologies to improve the traveler experience can help. This is what can make all the difference in the ocean of miles of travel deals on the market.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has broken into the tourism sector to improve the user experience, facilitating processes and offering personalized itineraries in just one click. In addition, social networks have transformed the way in which tourist destinations are promoted and marketed.

influencer vacation

The ‘influencers’ and ‘online’ ads have provided destinations with greater visibility and global reach, as well as unique experiences that manage to engage users thanks to their thousands of views.

Technology has also led to improve the experience of tourists during their stay in destinations. Mobile apps provide instant access to interactive maps, guidebooks, or translators and allow tourists to explore destinations more efficiently, discover local attractions, and access reviews and recommendations from other travelers.

Likewise, social networks and audiovisual content platforms allow travelers to share their experiences in real time, inspiring others and discovering interest in new destinations.

Apps for travel and augmented reality

Social networks and smart phones have also improved the experience for tourists. Smartphone applications that have online tourist guides, interactive maps, translation applications or tools for recommending restaurants and local attractions make it easy to explore and discover interesting places.

In addition, these technologies have allowed the development of immersive experiences, such as virtual ‘tours’ and augmented reality, which add value and enrich the tourist experience, according to the technology training school.

One of the last and greatest advantages that technology offers us during the summer is the possibility of teleworking. More and more people have the flexibility to work from any location thanks to online communication and collaboration tools such as video conferencing, email and project management applications.

In addition, vacations are becoming more sustainable. The use of mobile phones to digitize processes such as carrying boarding passes or using maps or tourist guides also saves paper and contributes to more eco-friendly tourism.

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