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Monday, June 17, 2024
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“I know at least five stories about Alla Borisovna”: Alexander F. Sklyar – about trips to Donbass, the scarecrow and Pugacheva’s blackmail

Date: June 17, 2024 Time: 06:45:14

Alexander F. Sklyar

Photo: YouTube.

66-year-old Alexander Sklyar, former leader of the “Va-Bank” group, has long proven everything to everyone. He himself organized an alternative music festival, released a dozen popular hits, overcame a serious illness and now hosts the “Salt” program, calmly gives concerts and supports Donbass since 2014. Even before it became a public honor, the soloist began traveling to the LDPR on a charitable and humanitarian mission. And therefore, in a conversation with Vyacheslav Manucharov, I easily found answers to questions that many of the vocalist’s colleagues still cannot solve for themselves.


“Many times when conversations arose with colleagues [по поводу поддержки ЛДНР], I said, guys, you need to argue less, you don’t understand what you’re talking about, you just need to take it and go there. What will it give? Clear understanding: Donbass clearly understood that [ВСУ] They want to destroy it. All the people understood this. And they understood why they were fighting. So as not to be destroyed by the force coming towards them. For themselves, they saw the only way out: to be with Russia. Before, Russia did not lend a hand, they defended their rights on their own. Why didn’t anyone go in the end? This makes them more comfortable. “They are sleeping people who sooner or later will wake up.”


“The artist, generally speaking, is a rather soft creature. That he often chooses a comfortable living environment for himself. That’s all! The way he moves in this comfortable environment convinces him even more that he made the right decision: demand, many fans who praise him, and a higher income level than the average person. And in his eyes, this places him above ordinary people. And over time he gets used to this mask. Most of the time he is simply separated from this audience.”

Alexander F. Sklyar

Photo: YouTube.


“The fact that Alla Pugacheva scares children is not my formulation, I saw it on the poet Vadik Stepantsov’s channel. I think it’s very funny and accurate. Sometimes we need irony, without it it is difficult. They may not scare kids, but that’s cool. Perhaps this is wrong in essence, but it is right in life. At the highest level. She is one of the most controversial figures. Walking around, lost. A classic example of when an artist bathes in popular love and floats so far from the public that she stops feeling, noticing and paying attention. She did everything possible and impossible to be visible. And that she is on a pedestal. Nobody has the title of “diva” anymore. I will not say how she treated those who claimed this pedestal. I know at least five of those stories. And since Pugacheva has become part of folklore, who should she compare herself to? Well, not Thumbelina.


“Each one has their place in history. It doesn’t matter if he is a warrior, a worker or a poet. Each one has its place. And there is no place only for a traitor”, these are the words of my song. I formulated it like this. And I saw this in 2014. This reflects my view on the role of an artist. The Great Patriotic War showed everyone how an artist should behave. Some went into the country, where they worked and filmed films. And some went to the front, and there were many of them: both as part of singing brigades and as part of combat units. Then it was done. What we are trying to articulate. Our predecessors set an example. In this logic there is no place for those who betrayed the country. In a story that leads to victory”


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