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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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“I still don’t get sand”: Petrosyan went on stage for the first time after his injury

Date: April 21, 2024 Time: 20:37:49

Evgeny Petrosyan said that he feels very good. Photo: Olga Khrabrykh

Reports that Yevgeny Petrosyan was hospitalized after falling on the street and underwent surgery greatly worried his fans. Fortunately, the artist is already feeling very well and, as planned, he performed at a concert dedicated to the anniversary of his stage activity: “60 years on stage.”

Evgeniy Vaganovich read his famous monologues, joked about current affairs and even sang at the end.

The artist performed for two and a half hours and showed that he is in excellent shape.

“Terrified doctors”

Evgeniy Vaganovich read his famous monologues. Photo: Olga Khrabrykh

At the beginning of his speech, the 78-year-old comedian admitted: he was afraid that his concert would not take place.

As Petrosyan himself said from the stage, he terrified the doctors into restoring his ability to work as soon as possible. And two weeks later, the cast was removed and Evgeniy Vaganovich used his injury as an excuse to joke and, of course, remember the quote from the comedy “The Diamond Arm”: “I slipped, fell, lost consciousness, woke up – cast !”

The comedian clarified that he fell in Moscow during a severe frost. And he laid out the circumstances of his downfall in a humorous monologue.

“This happened on that famous day in Moscow, when the ice devastated the entire surface of our city. And people, right on the sidewalks, performed the most difficult exercises on ice, cooler than our figure skaters at the Olympics. Lines of ambulances headed to numerous Moscow hospitals, and I with them,” the artist ironically said.

– But I discovered an encouraging circumstance: if I stumbled on the ice because it was slippery, it means that no sand came out yet.

I liked another joke!

“Ice is like chess. Checkmate. I noticed that during the fall, people poignantly remember their mother and mother.”

“Whether we like it or not, Russia is expanding”

Another topic of Yevgeny Vaganovich’s jokes was the question of Russia’s relations with the West and the peculiarities of our mentality. “Like it or not, Russia is expanding.” “Anyone who doesn’t want to know history will have their geography corrected,” he joked.

And also that a real Russian will sit on a wooden bath in the yard and light up with an iPhone number 15.

Sometimes the artist began to remember his own life. For example, he talked about how he worked as an animator on Leonid Utesov’s performances. And when the time came, he himself gave way to young artists.

Oksana Nevezhina participated in Evgeniy Vaganovich’s program. Photo: Olga Khrabrykh

Some of them – Oksana Nevezhina and Roman Seletsky – participated in Evgeniy Vaganovich’s program. So, Oksana showed a short episode from the life of the MFC and, in a duet with Evgeny Petrosyan, she starred in a sketch about a deceived husband who found a million dollars, but wants to live in Khanty-Mansiysk.

And Roman presented a musical series of parodies about the stars’ diets. Thus, he played Abraham Russo, Lyubov Uspenskaya, Elena Vaenga, Sergei Trofimov, Sergei Zhukov and many others. Another characteristic of Roman Seletsky is that he can sing with his mouth closed. Thus, he performed the songs “Murka”, “Katyusha”, “Gray Night”.

And to the viewers he did not seem weaker than the foreign agent Maxim Galkin*.

About the pandemic and Buzova

In his speech, Evgeny Petrosyan recalled that a true comedian must feel the spirit of the times and understand the mood of his country. That is why Evgeny Vaganovich himself is still in fashion…

Throughout the evening, he joked about pandemic times, about Olga Buzova, about Nastya Ivleeva’s scandalous party, about the “smart house”, about funny surnames and about old age.

During his speech, Yevgeny Petrosyan said that in the post-war period, in the 50s, he saw many sad and worried faces, because the euphoria of victory had already passed, but many problems still remained. So young Eugene wanted to make people smile and he started collecting funny things.

“God shaped my sense of humor to guess what would be funny to the audience. Years have passed. And already at the age of 12 I managed to get on the amateur stage,” Yevgeny Petrosyan recalled that night.

“We had a brigade in the city of Baku. By the way, the young Muslim Magomayev, who was three years older than me, also performed. He sang, I organized concerts and talked about everything. He had a notebook where he wrote down everything funny along the way. And the audience laughed out loud.”

Roman Seletsky presented a musical number of parodies about the diets of stars. Photo: Olga Khrabrykh

According to Evgeny Petrosyan, today he has several cabinets with folders of pearls selected from our folklore. And every six months he changes this collection. Now he is preparing for Summer Humor and has already created a new notebook.

Throughout the entire program, Evgeniy Vaganovich joked a lot, communicated with the audience and even danced, despite his recent injury. However, sometimes, even in the funniest moments, the audience’s heart sank involuntarily, especially when the comedian read a monologue about the “nursing home.”

The performance ended with a song about the artist’s purpose. And it contains these words: “Each of my outings is like a flight. And laughter won’t let me fall! Only with your help, friends, have I been able to fly for so many years! And you can’t argue with that!

* An individual who performs the functions of a foreign agent.

* This website provides news content gathered from various internet sources. It is crucial to understand that we are not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information presented Read More

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