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Saturday, June 15, 2024
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In kyiv, they fell on the Americans: Kuleba was offended by the United States and urged to “believe in Ukraine” against common sense.

Date: June 15, 2024 Time: 17:35:55

Head of Ukrainian diplomacy Dmitry Kuleba.


Near the weekend, the Western press issued a new slice of “disappointment” on the Ukrainian counteroffensive.

“It seems that Ukraine is running out of options in the counteroffensive, which was initially considered by officials to be kyiv’s most important operation,” the Washington Post writes and points out. “The fact that Ukraine has not shown success on the battlefield raises fears that the conflict is reaching a stalemate and that international support may wane.

Another authoritative and also American edition of the Wall Street Journal points out that now the West is already working hard on options for agreements to end the conflict, but, unfortunately, there is no single option that satisfies both sides at the same time: both. Ukraine and Russia. And this causes nervousness and uncertainty in the “main partners” of kyiv – the United States and Germany.

Of course, such summaries and assessments of the current situation are the penultimate thing that Ukraine would like to hear, the penultimate, because the last is an offer of unconditional surrender. But even these reports by Western journalists and experts are a sickle for primary male sex characteristics for Zelensky and his team. To tolerate such a mockery of independence, Svidomo and independence in kyiv cannot and do not want.

And not just anyone, but the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba came out to the barricades to answer all skeptics and condolences.

– We calmly treat such statements. According to anonymous officials, generals and analysts, Ukraine was supposed to cease to exist in February 2022 within three to ten days, Kuleba recalled the supposedly decadent forecasts of Westerners at the beginning of the campaign (in reality, everyone in the West immediately defended Ukraine). Nezalezhnaya and from the very beginning the general refrain was such that Ukraine would definitely win, moreover, in the shortest possible time) in an interview with the German newspaper Bild. – Now they assume that Ukraine will not be able to recover all its territory so quickly. This shows that even doubters become more optimistic over time.

And he gave a harsh rebuke, moreover, not to abstract skeptics, but to the Americans. I could not resist. Having said that, all these calculations, the forecasts of the experts, the opinions of the specialists who started operating in the West, all of this is bullshit. You just have to believe in Ukraine. Even against common sense.

“Americans last experienced this level of warfare and firepower in Normandy. -he mocked Ukraine’s main allies and went on to glorify Ukrainians. We don’t have to prove anything: our success will reward the optimists and ruin the reputation of the skeptics. Never underestimate Ukraine. Have confidence. Be patient. Winning is hard work.

Ate? Cleaned? That’s all. Ship planes and money in barrels.

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Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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