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Friday, April 12, 2024
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In Russia, the Age Limit for Conscription Into the Army Was Canceled

Date: April 12, 2024 Time: 20:29:16

The Russian Duma has eradicated the maximum age that was previously required for conscription into the armed forces from 18 to 40. Foreigners wishing to enter professional service had to be between the ages of 18 and 30 years old.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a measure that may help to increase the number of recruits for conscription into the Russian army, which has been extremely limited this year. This measure is intended to increase the number of applicants and will allow those of any age, be they Russian or foreign citizens, to serve in the military until they reach retirement age.

Highly Qualified Specialists

Moscow wants to attract doctors, engineers, and signalmen to the army

Russia has lifted restrictions on Telegram after the government received a voluminous amount of criticism for its attempts to censor the messaging app. After three rounds of voting, the Senate approved the resolution with a 58-1 vote. Less than 10 minutes later, it became law.

The Duma, the Russian legislature, passed a bill that would allow the Russian president to redeploy troops from one part of the territory to another without the screening being done by local authorities on March 5.

The approved measure will increase the ability of military contractors to recruit people with skills such as “medical support, engineers, communications specialists, and others,” all rotational contract workers.

In Ukraine

Moscow acknowledged that 1351 soldiers had passed away during March.

In order to make use of high-precision military equipment, the use of weapons, or any other training with the professional skill you need to carry out such activities, a significant amount of time is spent. Experienced specialists reach a mid-40s age due in part to the experience and work that is necessary for such activity.

Deputies explained that there are specialists who are interested in adopting the Ukrainian culture, but they cannot be summoned to Ukraine so far because this is not allowed by law.

Look for Professionals

The authors of the law deny the attempt at secret mobilization

On March 9 a week after the Ministry of Defense announced that only military personnel with a contract were taking part in hostilities in Ukraine, General Makarov claimed that some recruits had gone to Ukraine. Later he claimed that “almost all” of the recruits had been withdrawn and much is being done to prevent recruitment for the special operation being sent to Ukraine.

President Putin has ordered prosecutors to investigate and find those responsible for sending conscripts on military service to a neighboring country.

Western media and countries claim that Russian troops suffered more losses than they would like in the course of the “special military operation” as the intervention in Ukraine is called here. Recently, British intelligence estimated these losses at more than 15,000 soldiers, the same number as the Soviet Army left during the ten years of the war in Afghanistan (1979-1989).

Russia reported the last balance of losses on 25 March. The Ministry of Defense recognized 1351 dead and 3825 wounded soldiers.

The deputies denied that the abolition of the age limit was a hidden “mobilization” in order to have more candidates for the army.

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