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Sunday, May 26, 2024
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In the competition for feature film debuts at the “Koroche” festival there was a favorite KXan 36 Daily News

Date: May 26, 2024 Time: 09:22:49

The performer of the main male role, Rabbit Batulla (the director’s father), says this: “My hero is a man who loves his grandson, who, with his imagination and actions, tries to delay the moment of the boy’s meeting with the pain. To do this, he comes up with various fantasies in which he manages to involve the whole town. The grandson’s parents passed away, but his happy childhood continues thanks to his grandparents … “

This is what the movie is about in a nutshell. It begins like a fairy tale: there lived an old man and an old woman. And with them, a six-year-old granddaughter, Ilham. The boy’s parents died in a plane crash and the grandparents do not dare to tell them.

To distract the boy, who endlessly calls his parents, the grandfather offers to play a game from his childhood – Yadysh. You need to break a chicken breast bone, and if the one who received the small part takes any item and forgets to say the word “Souvenir”, he loses. Grandpa deliberately plays toss. And the grandson gets a bucket of ice cream or a bath of soda.

The grandmother is incomparably played by Rosa Khairullina, one of the best roles of the actress, despite the fact that she has no bad ones. The grandmother who lost in Yadysh turns into a robot, and then both she and grandfather play the heroes of Superman, Spider-Man and Catwoman, and the game goes further and further. Now the losing officer must repair the school, and the police officer Ilfak must go and speak on the federal channel, he dreams of becoming a stand-up star.

The situations in the Tatar director’s film are simple, everyday and recognizable. Grandpa and Grandma have a fight because the old man is drinking. And how else to bear the death of children. But Ilham’s childhood should not be overshadowed by anything: for him everything is “real”, everything is fake. And the result is the Tatar “Life is beautiful”, only the boy plays not one game where the main prize is a tank, but another – Yadyshch.

The producer of the film, Ivan Yakovenko, says that the film, as planned, was finally finalized in early 2022. And … it turned out to be very necessary, with a therapeutic effect for those who have grief and loss … It forms a lump in the throat: the image seems very current at a time when not everyone returns from the front, and children are left in the care of elderly parents.

Frame from the film “Take it and remember” Photo: Press service of the film

But the value of the picture is that it fills the hearts of the audience with hope, joy and goodness. And once again remember that when there is love and a desire to support each other among loved ones, a lot can be experienced. The tape became the favorite of the festival competition; this can be understood from the reviews of critics. And what the jury decides will be known on August 20. The film will then be screened on September 5 at the opening of the Muslim Film Festival in Kazan. The official premiere of the film in Moscow is on September 12 at the Khudozhestvenny cinema. Rental from September 14. And a rare case in Russia today – the film was made without the support of the Ministry of Culture, at the expense of the creators.

By the way

The director of the film “Take it and remember” talks about a popular meme, which is also in this photo of him: “There is such a popular meme” And I thought that an owl … “. I shot this meme. it turned out by accident : I filmed myself in the park, here a woman ran up and asked: “What do you have here? It comes back in waves. Ten years later, we found this woman, we shot her on film: there is an episode when grandmother brings a letter, this is her. And she also tells the child that she is there-“What do you have? The mask? But how exactly did she answer: see in the movie.”

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