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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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“Incredible burst”: the heroine of the video with lightning in Kolomna told the details of the state of emergency KXan 36 Daily News

Date: June 19, 2024 Time: 00:08:46

Around eight at night, she, an employee of the collection point of the online store, left work to go home. There was heavy rain, but it was illogical to wait for it to pass: electric trains in the direction of Voskresensk run very rarely. However, now she Oksana admits that if she had known, she would have stayed at work until the end of the downpour. Streams of water rushed along the paths, branches flew from the trees, lightning flashed.

The Golutvin railway station building, located on a lowland, turned out to be flooded; literally, a lake appeared around him, it was impossible to avoid it.

“People were walking through waist-deep water,” she says. In order not to be late for the train, we had to almost swim to the station. As he approached the station, very close to it, with a terrible crash and flash, lightning struck.

“I screamed, I dropped my umbrella, I almost dropped my bag. There were people on the porch of the station. A guy ran up to me before the lightning and helped me out. On the porch, we literally hugged him, that we survived. Then he pulled out another woman. And another woman, who was standing near a tree, was struck by lightning. If lightning had struck the water, then, probably, we would have struck it.

The necessary train left from another platform, it was necessary to go to it over the bridge over the tracks. “There is no electricity at the station. It is dark in the building. Then they brought a woman there in their arms, who was struck by lightning… They don’t advertise anything about the trains, whether they do or not. Torrents of rain, wind squall – it was scary to go to the bridge. But what to do? I folded my umbrella so that the wind would not blow me away, turned off the phone and left.

People on the platform gathered under the canopy, trying to hide from the rain. All drenched from crossing the pond to the station. However, the railway traffic stopped, the train did not arrive on time, the passengers were not announced or explained anything. Electric trains left only two hours later: first they started trains in the direction of Ryazan, then commuter trains.

“On the train, I watched a video about a thunderstorm in Kolomna and saw myself there. I threw it into a work chat – our employees immediately began to feel sorry for me, even offered to spend the night with them in Kolomna.” she says.

In the morning, Oksana has to go back to work in Kolomna. She hopes that by then the electric trains will be running on schedule and the puddle will be removed. Although according to the weather forecast from 6 in the morning in the area it will start to rain again, which will not stop until late at night.

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Hansen Taylor
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