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Friday, February 23, 2024
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Indra technology marks the future of air traffic

Date: February 23, 2024 Time: 13:21:15

In just over a decade, Indra has gone from fighting to sit among the giants of the sector to setting the pace for innovation in global air traffic. This week, some of the systems that will allow millions of people around the world to fly in a faster, more comfortable and environmentally friendly way will be presented at the Airspace Integration Congress, which will be held in Madrid from September 25 to 27. .

Indra’s systems already manage 25% of the world’s airspace and ensure the safety of 85% of the passengers who take a flight anywhere in the world every day. More than 180 countries use the technology of the Spanish company, which has equipped more than 6,000 facilities around the planet with its systems.

More than 180 countries use the technology of the Spanish company Indra

The multinational has gained enormous prestige among the most important navigation service providers and its voice is taken into account when deciding which technologies are most appropriate to face the great challenges of the sector.

One of the challenges is the integration of the airspaces of different countries.


One of these challenges, which will be the focus during the Airspace Integration Congress, is the coordination of international traffic and the integration of the airspaces of different countries. “New technologies facilitate much more collaborative management and this increases security, fluidity and punctuality, while reducing extra costs and CO2 emissions,” explains Indra’s ATM Commercial Director, Enrique Castillo.

The company has become the great world leader in this field. Its iTEC SkyNex system will provide sky managers in Spain (ENAIRE), Germany (DFS), the United Kingdom (UK), the Netherlands (LVNL), Poland (PANSA), Lithuania (Oro Navigacija) and Norway (AVINOR) with almost complete coordination. Seamless flights with a system that calculates international routes ‘door to door’ with a precision of seconds. This means that the destination airport knows exactly when a plane that is about to take off will appear on the horizon miles away. This is a technology with a Spanish seal that has aroused the interest of the most advanced navigation service providers in the world, including NAV CANADA, which is already testing it.

Both iTEC SkyNex and the ManagAir system that Indra exports to the five continents incorporate this type of trajectory calculation capabilities and also facilitate the coordination of traffic with another of the key users of our skies: the pilots and military controllers of the Air Force each country. “Historically there have been areas closed to civil traffic, but iTEC SkyNex and ManagAir make dynamic management possible, in which these spaces are opened and closed as appropriate,” explains Castillo.

The congress will also analyze how to introduce new users, such as drones or air taxis, which are already knocking on the door of our skies. Indra is once again leading the way in this area. “Together with ENAIRE, we are deploying one of the most advanced platforms that exist to manage the entire U-Space of Spanish territory, that is, the low-altitude area in which remotely manned aircraft will fly.”

The future of aviation is green.

With the deployment of cutting-edge systems like these, the sector takes a giant step to advance towards Green Aviation and meet the objective set by the European Union of reducing aviation emissions by 55% by 2030 compared to those registered in 1990 and achieve carbon neutrality in 2050.

Many of the developments that will be needed to achieve this are coming from the SESAR 3 program, a pan-European R&D initiative that brings together the entire aviation sector, but in which Indra stands out for being the company with the greatest weight and the one with the most bet on innovation.

The company also leads the introduction of the use of artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Cloud Computing and Data Analytics in the air traffic sector with the help of EUROCONTROL, the body responsible for aviation safety in Europe. “They have chosen us to equip us with the most cutting-edge technologies known as Integrated Network Manager, a unique system in the world that facilitates the coordination of Vu vu vu. ELOS IN 43 States and More than 500 Airports, Explains Indra’s ATM Commercial Director, Who assures that this is a “worldwide reference” project.

Futuristic developments

The list of futuristic developments that Indra will present during the Airspace Integration Congress continues. The company will show its new remote towers, capable of managing dozens of airports from a single point. It will also exhibit the iFOCUCS air traffic controller position that has been deployed in Spanish ENAIRE control centers and that greatly facilitates the work of these professionals.

He will also talk about virtualization and cloud technologies, with which control centers can transfer the management of their respective airspaces between them. And it will present new radars prepared to mitigate the effects of wind turbines and solar energy installations, which cause ‘noise’ and reflections on radar screens that make detection difficult. By solving this problem, the company favors the development of renewable energies.

Startical will put 200 small satellites into orbit that will offer air control services

But if there is a project that really makes clear Indra’s practically unlimited capacity to innovate and that demonstrates that the Spanish company is one step ahead of its competitors, that project is Startical, the company that Indra has created with ENAIRE with the aim of put 200 small satellites into orbit that will offer air control services from space to aircraft around the planet to reinforce air safety in oceanic or remote areas and make intercontinental traffic much more fluid. “Startical is a pioneering initiative, unique in the world, and that bears a Spanish seal. Its deployment will improve the lives of millions of people and this is what really pushes Indra to innovate,” the company emphasizes.

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