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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Innovative solutions from Rostelecom as a tool for managing the KXan 36 Daily News region

Date: June 20, 2024 Time: 11:05:42

Nikita Vladislavovich, what innovative products is Rostelecom presenting at Technoprom this time?

Nikita Zhiltsov: First of all, decisions related to the management of the urban environment. We traditionally present our video surveillance and video analytics platform, but this time we have shifted the focus to smaller tasks at the municipal level. We are also presenting an integrated control system for urban outdoor lighting and charging stations for electric vehicles, including so-called “smart” support.

In addition, our proposals in the field of digitalization of healthcare are also presented.

How can Rostelecom digital solutions help change the urban environment?

Nikita Zhiltsov: We offer many products. These are various security systems, video surveillance, public alert. Plus solutions in the field of transport: Our competence center deals with the topic of intelligent transport systems, automatic traffic control systems.

We conclude contracts for the implementation of such products. In addition, we are dedicated to complex projects related to the modernization of public and interior lighting. This year a direction of architectural lighting appeared that can radically transform the appearance of the city. Every year there is something new.

The country implements for the ninth year the federal Safe City project. How does this affect the quality of life of citizens?

Nikita Zhiltsov: The platform of the “Safe City” hardware and software complex makes it possible to aggregate data received from many different information systems. It is, first of all, the 112 system, where calls and appeals from the population are received. They are all kinds of weather systems, sensors, controllers installed in road and water transportation facilities. Depending on the tasks set by customers and authorities, the situation with the integration of specific information systems in Safe City APK is different in each region.

The main objective is to predict emergency situations and respond to these threats in time. Consequently, the regions in which the “Safe City” is being implemented, including one of its main elements, a video surveillance system, receive a direct effect in the form of an increase in the level of security of citizens.

“Safe City” is big data. How are such significant amounts of information stored and protected?

Nikita Zhiltsov: An absolutely correct and fair question in today’s realities; in fact, it refers not only to the “Safe City”, but also to many information systems in various fields.

Some customers have their own data processing centers, and as a result, someone is independently engaged in protecting information from cyber threats. For customers who do not have the necessary infrastructure, resources and skills, Rostelecom is ready to implement a turnkey project and meet all the necessary requirements. We have our own data centers for this, including cloud computing resources that we can provide for the implementation of these systems. We are ready to take a comprehensive approach to the issue of ensuring information security both in the implementation of projects for clients and in a separate service.

Let’s get back to your news: what is “smart” support, where can it be applied and on what scale?

Nikita Zhiltsov: A smart post is one of the elements of a smart lighting system. Usually, lighting devices, cameras, detectors, controllers, equipment for mobile operators are placed on the supports. In the case of “smart” support, it is a combined solution that allows infrastructure elements to be installed for various purposes, including surveillance and alert systems, Wi-Fi hotspots and environmental monitoring sensors. The main task is still to provide public lighting, but since the lighting is not used during the day, the pole can be used as a source for charging electric vehicles, thus developing environmentally friendly transportation.

An important factor in improving the standard of living is the introduction of new technologies in the health sector. In which areas of medicine in Siberia are digital solutions from Rostelecom applied?

Nikita Zhiltsov: For several years we have been developing relevant developments and presenting the latest ones at Technoprom. This is, for example, a radiological system that allows you to automatically generate a regional archive of medical images. Such a system using artificial intelligence technologies helps a person make a decision, processes a large number of images, casts and graphs – the results of CT and MRI scans, fluorography, electrocardiograms, etc.

A unified digital health platform has been created that covers the processes of medical organizations and makes healthcare more accessible and of high quality. There is an ambulance automation system; in fact, it performs dispatch functions, which helps to adjust and optimize the routes of the equipment, according to the priority of incoming calls. With his help, the doctor, leaving the call, accesses the patient’s electronic medical record and already knows if, for example, the patient is allergic to drugs.

Medical decision support technologies are used in the field of remote monitoring of the health status of patients. A special mobile device automatically sends data to the information system, and if any abnormal deviation in terms of a set of signals is detected, the emergency response service is immediately notified. The data appears in the doctor automatically.

All of these solutions are integrated into a single platform and can be delivered in one package to the region.

One of the latest innovations is in the field of stents. That is, when it is necessary to choose an artificial joint for a patient, a special algorithm evaluates the problem and prompts the doctor with the optimal solution.

Our competence center, subsidiaries are engaged in almost any digital solution in the field of healthcare. We believe that this area has a great future, which will be expressed in the early detection of diseases, reducing mortality.

Are there estimates of the effectiveness of the implementation of such systems?

Nikita Zhiltsov: Yes, these technologies make it possible to increase the detection of complex diseases in the early stages by twenty percent. For example, such an effect was obtained in mammography with the introduction of automatic algorithms for analyzing images obtained from digital devices.

The effectiveness of our solutions also lies in reducing the burden on physicians by automatically entering information into a single medical system. After all, some doctors had to spend a lot of time filling out the same medical records by hand or on a computer. Digitization projects are needed to optimize the workload of physicians, help them reduce paperwork, increase disease detection, diagnostic accuracy, and overall healthcare efficiency.

key question

In which urban agglomerations in Siberia have Rostelecom’s smart solutions already been implemented? And what are the results of its application?

Nikita Zhiltsov: Each region has implemented products from our Digital Regions cluster, but at the municipal level, this is a different set of services. Somewhere we are involved in complex security systems, somewhere our healthcare platform has been implemented.

As for the specific results, the situation is also different. There are projects that allow you to directly save money from the budget – they are related to energy efficiency. We change equipment, we carry out energy saving measures, including the implementation of a lighting control system or on/off schedules of the electricity supply, which generates direct savings in kilowatt-hours and money for our clients. The implementation of such projects will reduce electricity consumption by 30-70 percent. The larger the project, the older the equipment we update, the higher the indicator.

But all our other solutions as a whole are designed to increase efficiency by automating actions, reducing the load on personnel, for example, doctors, dispatch service specialists. There is no direct effect that can be calculated, as in the case of electricity, but there are other metrics, and we operate with the terms “load reduction”, “efficiency increase”. Therefore, when we help law enforcement agencies to carry out operational search activities through video surveillance systems, the effect is to increase the percentage of crimes solved.

We summarize and evaluate the results of the implementation of each specific project. The economic effect is measured by a complex of factors, including our clients’ internal calculations. Based on these data, customers decide what services they need and conclude contracts with Rostelecom. We are ready to comprehensively offer the regions, in particular, the Novosibirsk region, the entire fleet of our solutions. We can also carry out studies of the state of the infrastructure to, for example, form optimal proposals for the digitization of the health sector.

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