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Thursday, May 30, 2024
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“Iran and Israel do not want a third world war; They fear it, as does the United States”: a military expert explained what will happen after the Tehran attacks

Date: May 30, 2024 Time: 18:11:27

An Israeli Air Force F-15 fighter during an operation to intercept an Iranian missile attack.


A massive drone and missile attack on targets in Israel by Iran and its core allies has forced both the leaders of major powers and the global media to say that the world is on the brink of a third war. world. But is it? We talked about this with Vasily Dandykin, a retired captain of the first rank.

– The Third World War has already begun: how the Western media scares us.

– World War III can be avoided, but it has not happened yet. America doesn’t need this now. They are not interested in a third world war. Although, of course, Israel is its main ally in the Middle East. And they should support it. Jordan is even said to have rallied to repel the Iranian attack overnight.

– Did the Americans provide intelligence for the Israeli missile defense system?

– Not only them, but they also gave target designations and, most likely, even shot them down themselves. It probably involves a group of aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean Sea. In addition, Britain could also help repel the night attack, according to mutual agreements.

– That is, Iranian drones and missiles shot down not only the Iron Dome air defense system, but also allied ships in the Mediterranean Sea?

– Well, it’s not in vain that the Americans brought the Eisenhower, their aircraft carrier, there. Yes, Iran launched cruise missiles, but they are subsonic. Their aviation is quite capable of shooting down the Anglo-Saxons.

Military expert, retired captain of the 1st rank Vasily Dandykin.

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV

– And as for ballistic missiles, were we almost talking about hypersound?

– I don’t think there was hypersound and that it was 15 machs. But one way or another: ballistics is ballistics and it is not easy to shoot it down. But today Tehran is not armed with our old Soviet ballistic missiles: they have been significantly modified.

– In Tel Aviv they say that almost everyone was killed.

– You have to divide it in half. Israel says more than 90% of the targets have been shot down, while Iran says 20 to 30%. I believe that more than 50 percent of the targets flying towards Israel were hit by Iron Dome and the rest of the Allied “helpers.”

– Does Israel have powerful air defense systems?

– They are powerful, they have “Patriots” and their own air defense systems. But what came from Iran and not only in waves, they also opened up Israeli air defense systems. There was also gunfire from Iraq. Hezbollah emerged from Lebanon with its drones.

– Could Iran not avoid responding to the missile attack on the Iranian embassy complex in Damascus?

– No, their officers died there. And furthermore, both parties appealed to the UN Security Council. Tehran, after the attack on its embassy in Damascus. Tel Aviv – after the attack on the Promised Land.

– Isn’t this the first time you have visited embassies?

– When NATO bombed Belgrade in the late 1990s, it destroyed the Chinese embassy there, but China did not retaliate by attacking the guilty countries. But we must understand that in the Middle East everything is different. They said that if the UN does not blame Iran, they themselves will not continue. But there are three countries on the Security Council that will veto any condemnation of Israel. These are the United States, Great Britain and France. And now Israel has appealed to the Security Council, but is unlikely to receive support.

– What will happen?

– The tone will be like this: Israel tore down everything! In Israel, as well as in the United States, Britain and elsewhere, everyone is on alert. Hit objects are not critical. And in general they were almost unaffected.

– And that’s why the Third World War is postponed?

– The war is postponed. And the truth is that the ship hijacked by the Iranians, which belonged to an Israeli businessman, will not affect anything here. It’s not that important for Tel Aviv. There are no Israelis on the team there. Only an Israeli flag, like that of Mongolia, which also has its own fleet.

Some showed that yes, we can deal such a huge blow. And others have shown that they can take down almost anything.

– But what happens if Israel goes further?

– If you try to attack Iranian nuclear facilities, this could already become a serious factor. But the United States does not need this. In the context of Ukraine, Taiwan and its elections. And with regard to Israel, the United States began to treat it more calmly. And in Israel itself there have already been massive protests against active military action. They want to live, even if it is in an alarming, but peaceful world.

– But what happens if a worse mess breaks out?

– With all the excellent weapons of Israel, they will fare poorly. This is understood in the United States and Israel. And in Iran they understand that it will be bad not only for Israel, but also for them, if they respond to their full extent.

We are on the threshold of World War III, but we have not crossed this threshold. And I hope we don’t overdo it.


All that remains is propaganda noise: Iran and Israel will be fierce enemies, but they will not start a big war.

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