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Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Is my email infected by a computer virus?

Date: April 14, 2024 Time: 19:16:02

When talking about security problems, what do worms, spies and Trojans have in common? Very simple, this is what some of the computer virus attacks that reach your computer by email are called. A very vulnerable digital service that has more than one billion users worldwide. The daily use of email in Spain makes users in our country potential victims of this type of cybercriminals. How can you prevent them?

Computer virus: has my email been infected?

The symptoms of a possible infection can vary, but there are some common signs that could indicate its presence on your computer. It is important that you pay attention, especially, to unsolicited emails or emails from unknown senders.

Unsolicited or strange emails

First of all, changes in the behavior of your account alert you to the problem. Especially if you notice something unexpected in the configuration, such as automatic rules or redirects that have not been created.

In any case, remember that the spam folder houses the largest number of messages from unsolicited senders. Many of them contain suspicious links or attachments. To avoid contaminating your computer, be careful when downloading them!

Automatic email sending

Another sure sign of infection is notifications of unusual activity. The best example of this is that contacts report that they are receiving emails from your address that you have never sent.

Online Security: Password Changes

The archetype of an account being compromised is unauthorized access attempts or checking that your password has been changed without your consent. In both cases, the computer’s defenses have been activated and you will notice slow computer performance or technical problems. If you were not the one who changed the password, the presence of fraudulent malware is evident.

Tips to protect your email from computer viruses

To protect against viruses, prevention is essential. Here are four good tips that will help you achieve this:

Change the password. Whether or not an unusual activity is discovered, if in doubt, modify the access code. Also do it without any reference or link to the previous password and try to create a more robust one. Update the security contact information. For example, with a different WhatsApp number, an alternative email or a question that is impossible for any hacker to answer. What was your first girlfriend’s name? The memory of her name, in the digital age, becomes the safe passage of an indecipherable verification code. Check the outbox. Because? In case you discover that you have sent a message without knowing it. If so, something or someone has changed the account settings.Enable two-step authentication. For example, by entering an SMS code that only reaches your smartphone. Now it is also fashionable to do it by voice.

All these tips have a single objective: to discover a computer virus in your email. Despite having oversights, there is peace of mind that there are methods to filter emails that are increasingly restrictive. Even so, don’t forget: maintaining online security in your mailbox at home or at work is essential.

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Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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