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Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Khaidarova’s opponent said of the threats: “They called me and told me that I should shut my mouth and leave as soon as possible.”

Date: May 26, 2024 Time: 08:32:39

President of the Association of Victims of Plastic Surgery Alexandra Rachel

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the post on the social network.

Last week the press conference “Silicon riot: who will pay for the mistakes of surgeons?” was held in Moscow. Alexandra Raquel, president of the Association of Victims of Plastic Surgery, also spoke among the speakers. A woman who has been working in the field of plastic surgery for 20 years spoke unflatteringly about Timur Khaidarov.

Alexandra said that in her many years of activity, this is the first time she has come across a case where the number of victims is about 80 people. At the same time, Timur Khaidarov continues to operate, about which he openly reports on social networks. Rachel is sure that the promotion of him is influenced by large-scale advertising, in which stars are also involved.

“Philip Kirkorov announces it (to Khaidarov) in the morning, in the afternoon and at night. Common people are watching. But, if we take Mr. Kirkorov’s plastic surgery, what did he do with his beautiful operations? Yes, he ruined a man! Just mutilated, he’s still not a handsome old man. But the people are leading. That’s why there are so many customers,” added Rachel.

Philip Kirkorov and Timur Khaidarov.


And after daring statements, the president of the Association of Victims of Plastic Surgery began to receive threats against her. According to Rachel, they called from different numbers.

“They called me twice and told me to shut up and leave as soon as possible to avoid any problems. I have been speaking publicly for many years and have always told the truth, even on television. But no one ever threatened me. And now my phone is tapped, and the content of the conversations immediately hits the Web. Many false articles were published about the lawyer Elena Senina. Apparently, Khaidarov took seriously all those who oppose him. But I went through the ’90s and it’s hard to be intimidated. I am very sorry for the girls who suffered and I will fight for them, ”Alexandra shared with KP.RU.

According to Rachel, she spoke to women who suffered deformities after Khaidarov’s operations and was struck by the stories they told.

“I know at least two husbands of the victims who are willing to tear it apart! No wonder he walks with a four-man guard. I recently received a call from a woman, mother of three children, who had a crooked breast done to her, and she, meanwhile, asked for a loan for this operation. What kind of surgeon is Khaidarov? His brother also operates there, who barely studied otolaryngology. I don’t understand why he keeps trading? He bought himself a mansion, which he literally built with the bones and blood of patients. And no one can stop it! Alexandra said.

We also add that Rachel is not the first to receive threats. So, in early August, she also called from unknown numbers Nargiz Shakhobiddinova from Norway – a patient of Khaydarov, who developed necrosis in the abdomen after the operation, and then a purulent wound. Nargiz tried to negotiate peacefully with a plastic surgeon, but in the end she had to hire a lawyer.

“The call was from a hidden number. I answered the phone, but they wouldn’t even let me answer. The voice did not belong to Timur, but to someone else. They told me: “If you write lawsuits or a denunciation against Timur, it is useless, because top officials support him. He thinks about your health, about the health of loved ones and about your life, ”Nargiz Shakhobiddinova told KP.RU.

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