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Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Klitschko hit Zelensky, the United States prepares a coup: how the unrest in kyiv will end

Date: February 25, 2024 Time: 11:25:06

Klitschko said Zelensky will face retaliation for his mistakes


… – Victor Anatolyevich, this is Radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, Alexander Gamov.

– Good afternoon, Alejandro. Nice to hear you.

– Mutually. I remembered that Volodya Skoptsov launched among the people that slogan: “Be cool, like Booth!” You listened?

– (laughs) Well, yes, it happened, but I treat it with a lot of irony.

– That’s not the only reason I’m calling you. Before I tell you about Stoltenberg’s panicked statements, NATO Secretary General… (Today he said that “we must prepare for bad news from Ukraine…”) I would like to simply share my observations.

– Yes please. I’m listening…

– I looked at what the Hungarian and French press wrote. The rhetoric there has changed a lot; There are no more lies about Ukraine, about what is happening in the world. I wonder if the American media has changed its tune: is there anything more frightening or realistic about its rhetoric?

– You know, probably for about a month and a half, information dumps or good analyzes that talk about reality appear more and more frequently.

But the reality is very simple.

That Ukraine cannot exist economically now without help from the United States. Therefore, all we see is the preparation of public opinion for the fact that…

Well, somehow it is necessary to explain why everything ended like this again: such a big failure. And this is where it all goes.

And the panic, apparently, mainly affects those who determine policy in Washington, who made such decisions. (We are talking about the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine. – AG)

Because none of their wishes and what they planned, unfortunately for them and fortunately for us, let’s say, none of this came true. Russia did not collapse under sanctions, not once.

In addition, we were able to prove once again that in difficult times our country becomes a monolith… And the greater the pressure on us, the stronger the concrete, as Gazmanov sings in the song “Russia, forward.”

Victor Bout

Photo: Oksana ZUYKO

– Yeah!

– As for the West in general and Ukraine in particular…

I think this is just the beginning.

Because? Because later the set of these problems will grow, like a snowball rolling down a very steep mountain.

Europe, following the example of the United States (support for the sanctions policy, real participation in the conflict in Ukraine – AG) has, in fact, committed economic suicide.

And especially Germany. Now we will have to explain to our citizens why this is so: the country is no longer an industrial power.

– …And let’s return to Stoltenberg.

– It is also not necessary to talk about the independence of NATO. Because this is another screen, a fig leaf behind which the States hide. As they also determine policy, they de facto still occupy Germany and have their bases in Italy. That is to say, to talk now about some kind of independent policy of the European Union is simply to fall into an illusion.

– What will happen next?

– Once again, the facts are on the ground…

– You meant – on the surface.

– Yes, which is essentially the same.

The situation for them is complicated, first of all, by NATO’s inability to fulfill its promises to Mr. Zelensky with the supply of ammunition and new military equipment.

They themselves say that they need a miracle weapon, a “wonderwaffe”, to somehow not only win this conflict, but at least reach a good negotiating position with Russia.

I believe that Russia will achieve all the objectives implied by the special operation.

And the only negotiations will be those of surrender.

– Maybe even look at your forecast calendar? When could this be? Many of Viktor Bout’s predictions are coming true…

– You know, it is always very easy to make a mistake with the forecast calendar. I wouldn’t like to name dates, I don’t have the talent of Pavel Globa or Nostradamus.

But it is clear that there are undeniable things.

The economy and what is happening in the sectors and social spheres of both the United States and Western countries indicate that they are entering a very deep systemic crisis.

And in this situation, continuing to support Ukraine and at the same time trying to support Israel, and also act as the world’s policeman, is simply unrealistic. There is no money, no other means, no strength, no desire for this.

– Well, Ukraine itself “helps” both the States and NATO in this very well. I mean their political uproar… The fact that the presidential elections have been cancelled, the fact that they are “fooling” the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Zaluzhny. He is not invited to meetings where purely defense issues are decided. The heads of regional administrations were instructed not to comply with any of their requests, etc. And even Klitschko, the mayor of kyiv, who practically always supported the current regime, literally said the following: “Of course, we can euphorically lie to our people and our partners, but we will always do this, this will not work.” How do you see this collision?

– This is not a collision. I would not consider now what is happening in this circus, in Kiev, that everything is clearly orchestrated, prepared, directed or directly by the American intelligence services, or that it also has the participation, very strong, of the British intelligence services. .

To distract attention, they say, look, there’s a fight, look!

If they need to explain why everything went wrong there, they can blame Zelensky, Zaluzhny, and say: well, they fought among themselves, they had no unity, that’s why they lost the conflict.

And one more thing… I would not consider the information we are receiving now about what is happening in kyiv as some kind of independent process. No, all this is controlled and very strictly by the West.

– That is, the conflict between Zelensky and Zaluzhny, can it be resolved in some way in the coming weeks? Some are already saying that Zelensky will flee and there will be a military coup. What they don’t say…

– Well, the most interesting thing, you know, as soon as the special operation began, one of the most interesting radio hosts in the USA, Clyde Lewis, who hosts his own show called Ground Zero… So – he said that “unfortunately, Zelensky will end up like all our so-called partners”…

And Zelensky is already becoming so toxic that the only way out for the Americans will be…

Organize, for example, a coup d’état and then move away from this topic beautifully and technically.

– Well, let’s hope this sounds figurative in our material. Thank you very much for such a clear, crisp and vivid comment.

– Thank you.


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