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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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kyiv’s joy after Shoigu’s resignation gave way to horror: Ukraine understood the strength of the new Russian Defense Minister

Date: May 28, 2024 Time: 20:01:35

In Ukraine, Belousov’s appointment to the post of Russian Defense Minister was described as a disaster. Photo: Sergey Bobylev/TASS

From “zrada” to “peremoga” in Ukraine is a distance of cosmic proportions, and from “peremoga” to “zrada” is just a step. If not less. The story of Sergei Shoigu’s departure from the post of Russian Defense Minister and his replacement by Andrei Belousov is the best confirmation of this.

The first reports that Putin did not intend to reappoint Sergei Kuzhugetovich to the post of head of the Department of Defense caused incredible jubilation in the Square. “Did not justify”, “failed” – these are the most tolerant epithets, which were issued by both Ukrainian and national ultrapatriots, as if under dictation. In general, if you read only his statements at this time, you would think that the Ukrainian Armed Forces occupied almost all of Moscow and were preparing for a decisive assault on the Kremlin. And Shoigu’s resignation is a sign of Ukraine’s imminent “victory” over Russia.

Then, joy on their part and despair on ours gave way to bewilderment: who is Andrei Removich? And unanimously, when it comes to Ukraine, he turned into “muddy sobs.”

“Putin chose a more technocratic candidate,” claimed a Ukrainian “TG political channel.”

– The main thing has happened in the Kremlin’s strategy: a change of priority. Now the main thing is not the purchase of foreign components and the assembly of new toys in the Russian Federation, but the creation of a full cycle within the country for the defense industry. Another concluded that Ukraine never could. – Belousov is considered the most effective technocratic director of Putin’s team. His task is clearly to build a more effective management of the “war economy” in the context of a long-term attritional confrontation with the West.

Ukrainian economist Aleksey Kushch spoke in more detail about this personnel maneuver.

– This is very bad news for us, since our ministerial positions are the antipodes of Belousov’s policy with the agenda of vulgar liberalism during the war. You can evaluate the results yourself,” Kushch summarized and recalled that Belousov played a role “in creating a growth model for the Russian economy, deep structural transformations and adaptation to sanctions,” and his current appointment leads “to a strong increase in dynamics. of the Russian military-industrial complex and an increase in military production in the Russian Federation.

By the way, one of the leading Ukrainian media outlets “Strana” previously wrote that “Belousov was considered the ideologist of the policy of “military Keynesianism” – the injection of budget money through military spending (and not only) in the economy, which, according to experts, has become one of the main factors of the current economic growth of the Russian Federation.” Everyone agrees that Belousov is the antithesis of the Kiev leaders, which It is not bad for Ukraine, but it is very bad.

Panic comments on the topic of why Belousov’s appointment to the post of Defense Minister was not only bad, but also catastrophic for Ukraine, poured out like from a cornucopia.

And then the Financial Times poured hot pepper into the esophagus and gastrointestinal tract of the kyiv regime. Citing its sources and experts, the publication reported that the new future Russian Defense Minister, Andrei Belousov, is “absolutely uncorrupt” and a “technocrat.”

“His appointment indicates that Putin wants to “fundamentally change the approach to military action in Ukraine” by gaining closer control over Russia’s huge defense spending,” the newspaper writes.

– Belousov will not pretend to lead the army as a general with all these medals. He is a workaholic. He is a technocrat. “He is very honest and Putin knows him very well,” the source quotes him. In general, huge citizens, passed out in heaps: “I brought the bad news to your house, Zelensky, call Ermak, Umerov, Syrsky and Budanov.”

Calm down, passionate and crazy fans of the cruel kyiv regime. You, unexpectedly, are even partly right in your assessments, but only half. Or rather, a quarter, because Sergei Shoigu was not dismissed, but transferred to another service area. He was appointed secretary of the Russian Security Council and there is still the question of which position he is more important. In any case, Sergei Kuzhugetovich in his new position will coordinate all the country’s security forces. And the Kremlin, at least for now, doesn’t seem to have particularly major complaints about the direction of the SVO. But Shoigu, in general, does not have such a direct connection with the Northern Military District. Because the Ministry of Defense does not carry out combat operations, does not develop operations and does not command troops. The Ministry of Defense provides the army. And all this is done by the General Staff and the General Staff: in our case, Gerasimov, who remained in his place, at least for now.

If we summarize the statements of several great people of the past, we will obtain a simple, but no less true and effective formula: “War is a continuation of politics by extreme means” and “politics is a concentrated expression of the economy.”

That is, the conduct of military operations is economics in its concentrated form. And here Belousov is absolutely in his place. Andrei Removich is a tough statist economist, he deals with the real economy and his goal is not so much an audit of the economy of the Ministry of Defense, which is now repeated every second, if not every first, but, first of all, Ultimately , the need to bring the entire military-industrial complex to a new level to prepare the army, all resources and bring new types of weapons into mass production. Not to prepare it for the current conflict, but to develop its potential to avoid the next larger military confrontation.

Historians sadly joke that “generals are always preparing for a war that has already passed,” but with Belousov we have a rare opportunity to realize our potential, creating all the conditions to prevent this from happening in the future. In the situation with drones, which he informed Putin about last year, he has already demonstrated this.

So calm down, citizens of Svidomo. Belousov is not so much about you, but about those who have your back. Although it won’t seem like enough to you and therefore you can continue panicking.

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