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Monday, April 15, 2024
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Lada Dance appeared on television for the first time after the accident

Date: April 15, 2024 Time: 19:57:10

Lada Dance arrived dressed at the television show’s studio a couple of days before her birthday. Photo: “Malakhov” program, “Russia” channel

On September 11, singer Lada Dance turned 57 years old: the birthday girl is very busy. Lada films television programs (where fees are paid) and prepares concerts. Today the program “Malakhov” premiered: they showed an interview recorded a month ago in a hospital ward and a bright (but very groomed) appearance of the singer in high heels the other day in the broadcast studio.

We watch and retell the details of the accident and the singer’s rehabilitation, told by Lada herself and two dancers from her pop ballet, with whom she was traveling in the car on the day of the accident. On August 5, the singer suffered an accident: due to a strong blow, Lada Dance flew from the back seat of the car, hit her head hard, and was then hospitalized. Lada was driving to a concert; She was sitting and doing makeup with a colleague in the back seat of the car, she was not wearing a seat belt. The singer says: “Thanks to the fines, as soon as they arrived I started wearing the seat belt, but I always wear it in the front seat. Also, she wanted to sit forward, but she lay down, but Masha (in the front passenger seat) was not seriously injured, she only broke her ribs. Unfortunately, my dancer Lena and I were not wearing seat belts, because in Russia few people wear them in the back.”

A month ago, Lada was lying in a hospital bed. Photo: “Malakhov” program, “Russia” channel

The car was driven by Boris Naduli; He had driving experience since 1988 and this was his first accident. He works part-time in a taxi, but often works as a driver for friends; drove Lada for many years, said: “It’s a person I knew and trusted (my close friend’s driver); I specifically asked this driver to take me for money. I can’t understand how this could happen: that a person with so much experience would not even stop.” Boris explained: “I saw the accident late, I did everything I could, I went to the right… the impact was everything for me…” The man is still in the hospital, He recently had 2 operations. Boris Naduli was driving at the speed limit on that stretch of road and did not notice the accident in time, because the emergency lights were not turned on and the driver crashed into a gray car on the road. Due to the impact , Lada flew out of the back seat and was hospitalized with injuries. While waiting for the doctors to arrive, they laid the singer on the grass and poured water on her. And Lada managed to give orders: she asked to call and inform that she would not come to the concert, so warn the children.

It turned out that Lada had not undergone surgery. There are points on the forehead. There was a concussion, but my memory was fine, there was no memory loss. The artist reported a non-displaced fracture in the pelvis and that “doctors say I was born in a T-shirt; normally, after “flights”, people break or go into a coma.”

A month ago, Malakhov visited Lada in a single room in the hospital and she complained: “I cry all the time, this is the first time I have been in a car accident. The first days after the accident I slept, they gave me injections, they gave me painkillers, but at first they didn’t find any fractures… Every night I dream: the car is spinning and you don’t understand what is happening. … Hellish pain…” The interview is interrupted, Lada reports that she has developed tachycardia. Then the conversation continues: and Lada Dance reports that, of course, she was not going to give up the pseudonym “Dance”, they say that it was an impulse momentary. And in general, she is the breadwinner of the family, which is why the singer, while still in her hospital bed, said that she had not canceled her fall concerts and was preparing for a big performance at the end of the year: “ It’s time. In order to move forward, I have to fall to the bottom, push myself and fly, this is probably my kind of sine wave… I already realized that everyone will come to my big concert, that’s why a lot of people write to me .Me and everyone prayed. I should be in trouble now…”

The driver is an old acquaintance of Lada, Boris Naduli was hospitalized and underwent two operations. Photo: “Malakhov” program, “Russia” channel

Lada Dance arrived at Andrei Malakhov’s studio in stiletto heels; She says that she decided to enter the studio without a cane. The steps are difficult. Now Lada Dance has scheduled physical therapy and other classes to get her back to health. The artist responded to accusations on social media that she was pretending to be sick; two weeks after the accident, she gave a mini-concert in Nizhny Novgorod on City Day: “You need to know the artists of the 90s, this is not my first time on crutches. We were taught to show only joy to the viewer. There were injections and painkillers before the performance, but I couldn’t let people down. I mentally prepared myself for this concert, I told myself, let this be an incentive: I exercised my leg…”

Lada is outraged that the driver did not apologize to her and the other victims: “The first thought was that the driver had ruined us…. The man didn’t call me or the girls even once: he didn’t apologize. It is clear that he did not do it on purpose … It seemed to me that he was a normal and adequate guy: and he is already giving interviews about me: “everything is fine with her.” I am very angry with him. I help the girls… I just want to look him in the eyes and ask him specifically: you almost killed us all, but you didn’t even apologize…”

It is expected that we will soon see Lada Dance in the vocal TV show “Battle of Generations” and other projects.

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