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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Latest news about the situation in and around Ukraine on August 17, 2023: a NATO official retracted his words about negotiations with Russia

Date: May 28, 2024 Time: 20:22:45


The most adequate citizens of today’s Ukraine prudently stock up on medical certificates that they suffer from mental illness. Such a conclusion can be made after the State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine (SBI, an analogue of the American FBI) ​​exposed a large-scale scheme to issue fake certificates for evaders of mobilization in the Nikolaev psychiatric hospital.

This not only provided an unshakable excuse for mobilization, since it did not force them to leave the territory of Ukraine, but also cost the “new psychopaths” much cheaper. If in the military registration and enlistment offices the payment of “Lipa” starts with 5 thousand US dollars, then the fixed fee of Nikolaev doctors was many times more humane and cheaper for a bag of clients – 1.5 thousand Dollars.

According to the investigation, the director of the psychiatric hospital organized the scheme and his law enforcement accomplice was involved in the selection of clients. Only the law enforcement officer was detained while he was exchanging medical certificates for money.

However, they are a bit strange. Because the first thing the director of the psychiatric hospital and his accomplice had to do was obtain certificates that they themselves were also mentally ill.


Acting Minister of Culture of Ukraine (surprisingly, there is such a thing!) Rostislav Karandeev said that a center for the spiritual rehabilitation of Ukrainian servicemen has been opened on the territory of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, which will be installed in the Lavra under the program ” Spiritual Restoration of Culture”.

“During the stay, the military will take part in cultural and educational activities, spiritual and religious practices,” Karandeev said, but did not explain what he meant by “cultural and educational activities.”

True, the ukrovoyak stay will not be there for a long time. They will spend on the territory of the Lavra from 1 to 7 days. So it’s clearly not worth counting on your significant cultural or spiritual enrichment.


Ukraine’s largest job search site terminated contracts worth UAH 5 million with companies operating on the Russian market. Now the site does not post vacancies from 20 large companies. The most interesting thing is that these companies are not prohibited in Ukraine and continue to work quite legally, without being under any sanctions. Their only sin is that they did not leave Russia. That is, there is a frenzy of such Ukrainian patriotism that they are already beating their own. Since the decision of the resource management only means that thousands of Ukrainians will not be able to find a normal job with a decent salary.

It is unlikely that such a demonstration from abroad will force all these companies to leave the Russian market. Rather, they will think about what they continue to do in Ukraine and what are the prospects for their stay there.


The head of the NATO Secretary General’s office, Stian Jensen, who recently suggested Ukraine could join NATO in exchange for ceding some territory to the Russian Federation, has already denied his claim, calling it a “mistake.”

– My statement on this occasion was part of a larger discussion about possible scenarios for the future in Ukraine, and I should not have said it. It was a mistake, Jenssen told the Norwegian edition of VG. – Yes, and I stressed it, if you get to the point where you can negotiate, the military situation on the ground, in the territory, who controls what, will be absolutely central and will definitely have a decisive influence on the possible outcome of this. may have conflict. It is for this reason that it is imperative that we support the Ukrainians with what they need.

After that, he once again uttered a mantra pleasing to kyiv’s ears that Ukraine will determine when and under what conditions it is ready for negotiations.

For the rest, almost half of Ukraine, after that first statement and hysterical denials, went to wash their pants.


Former US Navy intelligence officer Austin Gray, who retired from an UAV manufacturing plant, said US drones are not suitable for the battlefield in Ukraine. He so he affirmed it in his column published by the Wall Street Journal.

– American companies do not produce massively cheap disposable drones needed by Ukrainian troops. Because these companies sell to governments and commercial customers, their advanced drones start at around $16,000, Gray said. According to him, American companies “have been testing their drones in Ukraine for months,” but “they cannot function perfectly in the harsh conditions of the Ukrainian battlefield.”

Gray is confident that the battlefield needs a mass-market drone that doesn’t cost more than a few thousand dollars. And “this is what Ukraine needs to replace the DJI Mavic-3, China’s ubiquitous tool on the front lines.”

It is amazing how this American does not understand that from an expensive drone, a reversal to all participants in the sale and purchase transaction and one more reversal. He would have to come to Ukraine for an internship in commerce.


Ukraine’s Energy Minister German Galushchenko said in an interview that kyiv would not negotiate an extension to the gas transit contract with Russia, which expires at the end of 2024.

“We definitely will not be part of the negotiations with the Russians,” Galushchenko explained. – I think that next year will be indicative in terms of the ability of Europe to function without Russian gas at all.

An interesting practice is obtained when kyiv is preparing to experiment in Europe and even warns the European Union about this in advance.


Poland sent an additional 10,000 troops to the border with Belarus. The Latvian State Border Guard Service announced an urgent mobilization of forces to strengthen the protection of the border with Belarus. Lithuania officially approved the closure of two of the six border crossings with Belarus from August 18 due to “the geopolitical situation, the threat to national security and to prevent the smuggling of goods.” And on August 28, Warsaw, Riga and Vilnius will meet to discuss the possibility of a collective decision on the complete closure of the border with Belarus.

The situation is almost identical to that episode of the cartoon “Kitten Named Woof”, when Woof invites his puppy friend to be afraid of thunderstorms together. Well, at least Estonia, for geographical reasons, he may not be afraid. Although can it?


– The representative of the Khmelnitsky diocese of the OCU, Zakhary Zalizny, said that since 2014, 250 parishes and only twenty priests have transferred from the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church to the UOC-KP, and then to the OCU. Judas counts on his fingers.

– The secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, the former vet and ex-gangster Oleksiy Danilov, announced that Zelensky’s “peace plan”, which is based on the demand to withdraw Russian troops to the 1991 borders, has no alternatively the sequence of points can be changed on it.

– The government of Moldova voted unanimously in favor of the name change of Transnistria in official documents, now the term “Transnistria region” will be used. With lowercase letter. Maia Sandu and small shit.


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