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Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Latest news about the situation in and around Ukraine on August 21, 2023: Zelensky in Ukraine was accused of stealing money from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the mayor of Odessa “defends” Pushkin

Date: April 20, 2024 Time: 15:39:03

Zelensky in Ukraine was accused of stealing money from the Armed Forces of Ukraine



Retired Major General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Serhiy Krivonos explained that Volodymyr Zelensky’s decision to strengthen the defense in the Kharkiv direction is not aimed at saving the Ukrainian army, but at money laundering by the president’s team .

– No matter what wall we build, there will always be a weapon that can break through it. This is another fact that confirms that Zelensky is stealing money,” said the ex-military officer. According to Kryvonos, Ukraine suffers from catastrophic corruption in the defense sector and the Ukrainian Armed Forces are under-equipped for combat operations.

“The authorities are trying to pretend that the military is doing well,” the general summed up. – She is ready to do anything to deceive people.

For everything and a little more.


Odessa Mayor Gennady Trukhanov issued a statement that the Pushkin monument in the city center does not need to be demolished. But in any case, this issue should not be decided by some officials or activists who have come en masse, but by the residents of the city themselves.

– Pushkin is a famous poet. He is loved and respected by both Ukrainians and the whole world. Therefore, this monument was erected at the expense of the community, the Odessans collected funds for it, and the Odessans installed it, no authority and not even Empress Catherine erected a monument to Pushkin, especially Putin did not install it, he said Trukhanov. – This is a private matter. I believe that if the inhabitants of our city, our countrymen, raised this monument at that time, they had a reason for it. And he is worth it. This is decided by the community.

– My personal opinion is that it is not necessary to remove it, – Trukhanov answered a clarifying question about his personal opinion. However, Trukhanov is no stranger to adjusting it flexibly. Let’s remember that before he was opposed to the demolition of the monument to Catherine II, but then he changed his mind.


The resignation of the regional military commissariats has changed little in the Nezalezhnaya military commissariats. The Dodgers continue to pay bribes, and military registration and enlistment office employees, just as before, use schemes to entrap them.

In Ternopil, a senior operator of the TCC city information platoon was detained while receiving a bribe: “Ivan Vishnevsky demanded and received from a serviceman of the Ternopil TCC security company also 6 thousand dollars for the soldier to continue his service in Ternopil and was not sent to the combat zone.” Now Vishnevsky faces up to eight years in prison with forfeiture of assets.

And in Vinnytsia, “the commander of the 2nd branch of the Vinnitsa TCC guards company, Yuriy Kirichenko, was detained. He organized a scheme to receive money from those responsible for military service to help evade military service for mobilization. Kirichenko He took $2,000 for his services.” Now Kirichenko faces up to five years in prison.

But what about Zelensky? After all, he promised that there would be no corruption in the military registration and enlistment offices.


Ukrainian Interior Minister Igor Klymenko said at the end of the week that the Kakhovskaya HPP is no longer subject to restoration. According to him, 11 sections of the upper part of the dam out of 28 were initially destroyed and 150 tons of oil leaked from the turbine hall of the hydroelectric power station.

Earlier it was reported that Ukrhydroenergo plans to spend billions of hryvnias over the next two years on the development of a pilot project for the reconstruction of Kakhovskaya HPP. But now these reflectors have crumbled and turned to dust. Because, as Klimenko said, the money for the development of the reconstruction project was stolen.

Probably, this money was just wrong.


The British magazine The Economist, citing a source in the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, said that Ukraine simply does not have the resources for the “frontal attacks” that the West “begs for.” According to this source, Ukraine received only 60 Leopard tanks, although the allies promised “hundreds”. There are also not enough demining machines.

“We simply don’t have the resources for the frontal attacks that the West is asking of us,” admits the same anonymous, but apparently very high-ranking source. This is why, as he shared with the British publication, Ukraine’s military leadership has been putting off launching a counteroffensive for so long due to Russian minefields and lack of air supremacy.

The Economist believes that the Ukrainians, who wanted to fight, volunteered a long time ago, and many of them died long ago, and now the Armed Forces of Ukraine are recruiting “mainly among those who do not want to fight.” The lack of tangible progress in the Ukrainian counteroffensive has led to a gloomy mood in Ukrainian society, and criticism of Zelensky’s actions is increasing, the publication informs its readers.

The autumn rains have not yet begun. Then the mood in Nezalezhnaya will become, in general, depressive.


The Chairman of the State Council of the Republic Vladimir Konstantinov, in response to the recognition of the head of the Security Service of Ukraine Vasyl Malyuk in the organization of the first terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge, said that it was time to stop playing with humanity .

– This fool is still coming out of his skin to highlight his personal involvement in the terrorist attack. I wonder how he will sing when he has to answer for the crimes he has committed. – said Konstantinov on the official page of “Vkontakte”. – However, I think that it is not at all necessary to drag all this corrupt public to court – problematic, and a lot of honor. For them, there must be a different kind of justice: swift and inevitable. Justice Sudoplatov.

It would probably be nice, but what do you prefer, a gun with poisoned bullets, a poisoned candy or a bomb?

EXPERTS IN kyiv blew themselves up

The Ukrainian resource “Strana” found out the reasons for the strongest explosion on Saturday on the Kiev ring road, when the arrivals of a Russian missile were not recorded and an air strike alert was not announced.

Recall that the explosion occurred on the territory of the forensic center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in kyiv, as a result, four people died.

“There was a detonation of the warhead of the R-27 air-to-air guided missile as a result of a breach of security measures by the center’s experts,” a law enforcement source told reporters.

According to him, the experts began to saw the warhead of the rocket with a grinder and hit it with a hammer, as a result of which it detonated.

– Four experts died from the explosion. The facade of the scientific center, a residential building, a hostel and two official cars were also damaged, the source summarized the results of the experts’ work. And he added that after extinguishing the fire, work was suspended to eliminate the consequences of the explosion, since other munitions whose handling could cause detonation were heated.

We do not allow such experts to go beyond their garages. But, as the classics exclaimed through the mouth of his character, “saw Shura, saw, they are golden”!


– The ambassador of the Russian Federation in Belarus, Gryzlov, said that Moscow would consider a third-party attack on Minsk as an attack on Russia, and that the response would follow with all possible means of weapons.

– Hungary signed an agreement with Turkey on the purchase of 275 million cubic meters of Turkish gas.

– Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has announced his readiness to trade Belgorod for NATO membership. He said this at a briefing in Denmark. Apparently, it was about the Ukrainian Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, whose full name Zelensky could not pronounce. But we will free him from the Nazis anyway, after Odessa.


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