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Friday, February 23, 2024
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Latest news about the situation in Ukraine on July 8, 2023: who was helped by the chocolate manufacturer, why the Poles turned away from raspberries and why the Russian referee displeased Kiev

Date: February 23, 2024 Time: 22:30:29

Damn a dozen drones sent to hell

The “South” troop grouping in the Donetsk direction repelled 10 attacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Mayorsk, Severny, Yagodny, Kleshcheevka, Pervomaisky and Vodyany areas in the DPR, incapacitating 420 nationalists, three tanks, seven vehicles infantry combat. , four pickup trucks, a D-20 howitzer, a Polish Krab self-propelled gun. The grouping of troops “Center” in the Krasnolimansk direction repelled four enemy attacks on Novogorovka, Novovodyan in the LPR and on Yampolovka in the DPR, wiping out a company, a tank, four armored vehicles and a pickup truck, self-propelled guns ” Gvozdika ” and a D-30 howitzer. The grouping of troops “Vostok” in the South-Donetsk direction repelled two enemy attacks in the Urozhaynoye area in the DPR, stopped the departure of the Ukrainian DRG and struck the fortifications of the 106 defense brigade in Lugovskoye in the Zaporozhye direction. The enemy lost more than two companies, two infantry fighting vehicles and armored vehicles, three cars, two Gvozdika self-propelled guns, one Msta-B howitzer and one British AF-90 self-propelled gun. The group of “Western” troops in the Kupyansk direction destroyed three vehicles, the Hyacinth-S and Akatsiya self-propelled guns, the D-20 howitzer and the American M777 artillery system to the platoon. In the Kherson direction, up to one company, 11 vehicles, two Acacia self-propelled guns were disabled. The air defense forces shot down the Su-25 of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Odarovka, intercepted 21 HIMARS and Uragan shells, as well as 13 Ukrainian UAVs.

Ukrainian agent detained in Crimean capital

An agent of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, suspected of blowing up a railway line in the Bakhchisarai region of Crimea last winter, has been detained in Simferopol. According to the FSB, a 25-year-old Simferopol resident left for Odessa in February 2022, where he began to cooperate with the Ukrainian GUR. He completed a reconnaissance and sabotage training course and was posted to the Crimea. On February 23, an officer, on the orders of a Ukrainian curator, blew up a railway line in the Chistenkoye-Pochtovoye section in the Bakhchisarai region of Crimea with a homemade bomb. The detainee admitted his guilt. Acknowledgment does not exempt from liability.

The producer of chocolates and fodder will be reviewed to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Moscow region prosecutor’s office is investigating the American company Mars, which produces confectionery products and animal feed, suspected of financing the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the correspondence of taxes paid in Russia to the income received. Vitaly Borodin, head of the Federal Security and Anti-Corruption Project, sent a corresponding request to the Prosecutor General’s Office. According to him, this company earns billions in Russia, while patronizing Ukraine. Speculating about the love of Russians for children and animals is ugly.

Poland does not want Ukrainian cereals or raspberries

Janusz Kowalski, Poland’s Deputy Minister of Agriculture, called on the European Union to ban the import of frozen raspberries from the square. Kowalski explained that Polish farmers produced 105,000 tons of raspberries last year, while Ukraine’s raspberry imports during the same period exceeded 22,000 tons. Given this, Poland’s Minister of Development and Technology, Waldemar Buda, said his country would extend the ban on the import of Ukrainian grains until the end of this year. That is, neither the crunch of a self-made bun, nor the raspberry syrup of an independent one in Warsaw do not want to hear or taste. Bitterly.

In kyiv, outraged by the call of the Russian referee to the UEFA training camp

UEFA received an open letter from the Ukrainian Football Federation. There it was necessary to explain the summons of the Russian referee Sergey Karasev to the meeting of judges. In Kiev, they were outraged: “We are convinced that this case is unacceptable in the context of UEFA’s general policy towards the citizens of the Russian Federation and we believe that such a step is the result of a misunderstanding. Please provide a comment on this, as each episode of a possible easing of sanctions against the Russian Federation is sensitive for all of us.” The referee meeting will take place from September 3 to 6 in Switzerland, and involves referees who are included in UEFA’s lists to work in matches under the auspices of the organization. What kind of Ukrainian football officials are sensitive? They would like to play a match at Chasov Yar…

The United States believes that the capture of a British missile will help the Russians

Experts from the American edition of The Drive believe that the Anglo-French Storm Shadow cruise missile captured in the NVO zone, which fell into the hands of the Russian army, has significant intelligence value. The publication notes that Storm Shadow’s design uses solutions that ensure its stealth. Experts write: “The applied design solutions are of interest, as is the design of its warhead. Its engine will also be examined for its general recognition value, but of more interest is its electronics and, above all, the guidance system. The publication believes that the study of the seeker, onboard electronics and software will find weaknesses in the rocket. He will definitely allow it. Your weakness is our joy.

Czech Prime Minister promised Zelensky helicopters

Petr Fiala, the prime minister of the Czech Republic, was so moved by the meeting with Ukraine’s sixth president that he obligated him with the promise of additional military assistance. Prague promised helicopters to Kyiv. Fiala also hinted that most NATO member countries would support the idea of ​​joining an independent alliance. Strange confidence, but did you ask the Hungarians and Turks?

The Georgian ambassador announced a decrease in the level of diplomatic relations with kyiv

Georgy Zakarashvili, the Georgian ambassador who left the Ukrainian capital, said the decision to leave is a sign of a decline in the level of diplomatic relations between kyiv and Tbilisi. Relations between the two former USSR republics intensified after images of the emaciated former president of Georgia, a citizen of Ukraine, Mikheil Saakashvili, surfaced. He is serving a six-year sentence in his homeland, and Zelensky demands his extradition “for treatment.” And everyone knows that the sixth president of the independents is the main remedy for recovery.

Undermining of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station claimed 55 lives

As a result of the destruction of the dam of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station, 55 citizens died. A representative of the Kherson region emergency services told RIA Novosti: “The bodies of two more dead were found, a total of 55 people were killed.” After the UAF launched a series of attacks on the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station on the night of June 6, water rushed to the left bank of the Dnieper in the Kherson region. The Investigative Committee is investigating a criminal case of a terrorist attack. How about that, Greta Bumberg?

Ukrainian refugees in Poland again complain about life

Wyborcza reports that Ukrainian refugees in Poznan are begging Governor Mikhail Zelinsky to allow them to stay in one of the city’s dormitories. The authorities terminated the contract with the owner of the building, because the conditions in it were not so hot. And the refugees were ordered to leave the premises until the end of July. But they raised a universal groan: “And if they take us somewhere far away? Do you have to start all over again?” They were outraged that most of the proposed new locations were outside of Poznań. Now 2.3 million Ukrainians live in Poland, just under half of whom have refugee status. And these people do not want to move anywhere else. And you, instead of Zelinsky, turn to Zelensky, he will pity.


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