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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Latest news on the situation around Ukraine on January 14, 2023: where Moscow will attack Kyiv, why Zelensky will not receive superbombs and when the planes will fly to Crimea

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 21:41:21

The seizure of the strategically important Soledar took place


Soledar was cleared of the Nazis, what’s next?

According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the capture of the strategically important Soledar was carried out thanks to continuous artillery fire and precise strikes by the aviation and missile forces of the Russian Armed Forces. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reports: “The capture of Soledar was possible due to the constant destruction of enemy fire by assault and army aviation, missile forces and artillery of a group of Russian troops. They continuously inflicted concentrated attacks on the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, preventing the transfer of reserves, supplying ammunition and trying to escape to other lines of defense. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation notes that the final capture of the city took place on the night of January 12. His release will intensify offensive operations in the Donetsk direction. Including Artemovsk. Kyiv strategists will prepare.

Where are the Ukrainian “warriors of light” going to attack?

Aleksey Reznikov, head of the Ministry of Independent Defense, announced for the tenth time the resumption of hostilities in independent territories. According to a native of Lviv and a graduate of the law faculty of the local state university named after him. Ivan Franko, who did military service in the Soviet air force, the Ukrainian army “must be ready for an attack against Russia.” The 56-year-old former lawyer, in an interview with the British BBC, said: “Spring is the best time to renew the movement for all parties.” He believes that the Russian troops will be “ready to launch” in the spring. And therefore, the Armed Forces of Ukraine should be ready by March. But there is an opinion that you can not have time. And you will not need tanks, but diapers and tickets for the Kyiv-Warsaw fast train.

Why will no one allow Kyiv to enter the European Union?

Erich Wad, Angela Merkel’s former military policy adviser, believes that The Independent will not be able to become a member of the European Union. And Kyiv will not succeed in joining the EU due to the dominance of moneybags. The German general said: “I don’t see Ukraine becoming a member of the EU. And, furthermore, a member of NATO. In Ukraine, the level of corruption and the “rule of the oligarchs” are too high. Wad thinks Ukraine should get some kind of Western guarantee, but the Russians need that kind of security guarantee too. So, “there is no NATO membership for Ukraine.” But still they will stand at the door and beat their foreheads against them. Don’t panic if a hole is drilled. The usual story with a ram at the new gate.

Why Pentagon Bombs Won’t Strengthen Independent Defense

Foreign Policy reports that the Pentagon does not want to send “small diameter bombs (SDBs)” to Kyiv. In the US they believe that its assembly “takes too long”. Boeing previously offered to supply Ukraine with precision-guided munitions for ground-based missile systems. That would allow attacks far beyond the lines of contact. Observers of the US edition write: “Officials in the office of the secretary of defense and in the US Air Force are concerned that the long deployment time of the WDS could make the weapons unnecessary, given the rapid pace of hostilities in Ukraine”. The Americans note that it will take months to convert the SDB into a “Ground Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB)”. Do you have these months, Bankova street dreamers?

When will the planes fly to the Crimea?

Vladimir Konstantinov, head of the Crimean parliament, said that air traffic with this southern region would be restored immediately after the completion of the NWO. The speaker of parliament said that he dreams that the objectives of the special operation “will be achieved sooner.” Konstantinov said: “Then air traffic will be restored. But we must be patient to achieve our victory. And we will hold out as long as it takes, ”Well, everyone else will suffer even more: in the 2023 season, 6.5 million tourists are expected.

Who beats the Ukrainians on the streets of Poland?

In the center of the Polish city of Lublin, a family of Ukrainians who fled their homeland due to hostilities was beaten. Refugee Oksana told Polish journalists that the attack happened on Christmas night. Her 27-year-old daughter and her 13-year-old son were returning from a walk when two young men approached them at the bus stop and asked for a cigarette. Hearing the answer in Polish, but with a Ukrainian accent, the Poles began to beat up the visitors. Ukrainians were taken to the hospital, the teenager had a broken finger. The mother of the family said that they had never encountered hatred in Poland before. Yeah, we haven’t met long before.

Not everyone wants to train Ukrainian assassins in the US.

Nathan Dam, a Republican senator from Oklahoma, said that the Ukrainian army should not be allowed to enter the territory of this state in any case. But it is in this state that the exercises must be carried out using the Patriot air defense systems with the participation of Ukrainian officers who must learn to work with these systems. Senator Dam demanded that Ukrainians be denied entry to Oklahoma: “The last thing we want is for them to mistakenly launch a rocket into Oklahoma, killing our citizens, just like they did the innocent Poles whose lives were lost.” In fact, due to their “mistakes” not only the lives of innocent Poles were lost.

In America, they viewed new appointments in the NWO as signs of a great offense.

A publication in The Wall Street Journal suggested that the appointment of Valery Gerasimov, chief of the general staff of the Russian army, to the post of commander of the joint group of troops in the square, is a sign of serious offensives by the Armed Forces. russian. in the near future. Mark Galeotti, head of the London-based consulting firm Mayak Intelligence, said: “This is confirmation that, if necessary, the Russians will mount serious offensives.” And they all think they are strategists.

Rada figured out how to legalize mercenaries in national battalions

Oleksiy Goncharenko, a member of the Verkhovna Rada, said the Ukrainian parliament had passed a bill that would legalize foreigners fighting in the Azov Regiment (banned in Russia). The elected of the people said: “The procedure for the military service of foreigners has been determined. Previously, units formed under the National Guard were not included. Such a unit is Azov. And military personnel, foreign citizens who served in this regiment, could not legally stay on the territory of Ukraine. Well, now, according to Goncharenko, foreign mercenaries who earn with blood will be able to apply for Ukrainian citizenship. 321 deputies voted in favor of approving the document. Well, what else was left for the true servants of the people to do?

Kyiv continues to pass off Russian geniuses as Ukrainians

Andriy Yermak, head of the office of the president of The Independent, claims that they are trying to “steal” Sergei Korolyov from Kyiv. Yermak called the Russian space genius who sent Yuri Gagarin into orbit a “Ukrainian engineer.” According to a Kyiv official, the Russians “have always tried to steal the names of those people, like all history, but they won’t succeed.” In Kyiv today, not only the Queen considers herself Ukrainian, but also Igor Sikorsky, Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Vladimir Vernadsky … Moreover, they were all born in the Russian Empire and considered themselves Russian all their lives. For example, the founder of the helicopter industry, Sikorsky, called the world’s first four-engine aircraft “Russian Knight”, and the first bomber – “Ilya Muromets”. But he could have christened the aircraft “S. Bandera” …

The IAEA wants to control Ukraine’s nuclear power plants

Rafael Grossi, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, plans to post IAEA inspectors at the southern Ukraine’s Rivne and Khmelnitsky nuclear power plants. Grossi hopes to get the consent of the Ukrainian authorities to deploy his specialists during a visit to Ukraine next week. Grossi said the inspectors’ task would be to “prevent a nuclear accident.” But first it would be necessary to remove the devastation on the heads, which is extremely difficult.


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