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Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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Latest News on the Situation Around Ukraine on June 13, 2022: Nato Already Admits the Loss of Territory by Kyiv, and the Ukrainian Prisoners Do Not Want to Go Home

Date: February 27, 2024 Time: 06:50:32

In the West They Allow the Loss of Territories for Ukraine

Did you know that more and more political pundits and even officials in the West have started to admit that Ukraine will have to make territorial concessions in order to achieve peace?

– Peace in Ukraine is possible. The question is how much land, freedom, and democracy it will cost. NATO wants to help Ukraine gain strength and negotiate from a position of power with Russia, whose leaders may end hostilities if NATO’s demands are met. Just yesterday, Zelensky said he might agree to Crimea being recognized as Russian, suggesting that the West no longer allows victory to be won by Ukraine. Now the question is solely and exclusively in the price that must be paid.

We tried to make this process as easy, orderly, and supportive as possible. Unfortunately, there’s no way now.

Ukrainian Prisoners Ask Not to Return Them to Ukraine

When prisoners of war are returned to their native countries, those who were brought back from the front lines in Ukraine who plan on returning face trials or send them back to the battlefield. Although this decision is often based on financial needs, Russian prisoners are well fed and shod and have their basic necessities, so they reach a significantly better quality of life than back at home.

You can get a chance to appeal your case! A lot of companies have designated appeals procedures, where they review whether the company made a reasonable decision or not. This means that if you’ve been unfairly fired or denied a promotion, you’ll be able to present your case and potentially get the decision reversed. If you’re really unhappy with how you were treated, you can always speak with an attorney about filing a discrimination lawsuit against the company.

Another British Mercenary Liquidated in Donbass

It has been disclosed that another mercenary in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Jordan Gatley, died in the country of Donbass. He retired from the British Armed Forces just two months ago.

Recently, we learned the heartbreaking story of Dean Gatley and his son Keaton. The two were both career soldiers with a strong sense of duty, who had only been doing their work in Ukraine until the last weeks when they were captured by Russian forces. Although Dean did not want to talk about it publicly, he always told his son from the day he was born — “You’re nothing without your word,” and that’s one of the reasons why Keaton is still alive today.

After Club Sex – to the Army

When he was detained, The computer-literate man purchased counterfeit merchandise online and sent it to a neighboring country. Another person assisting with the sale had no criminal record because she came from an “immigrant” nation. The man had been selling these counterfeit merchandise for more than a month on Internet auctions until the site Black Market busted him. That’s when they were detained in the Odessa police station, accused of offending public order, and immediately taken to the army base.

In one of the Odessa recreational facilities, a group of people is taking part in an obscene act. The staff will be testing their health after they’ve gone through general procedures. This includes a hormonal drop-off which may lead to a normal balance during future hostilities.

Will Be Little!

The Office of the President of Ukraine is extremely dissatisfied with the scale of arms supplies to Kyiv from Western countries. Mikhail Podolyak, the adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine, expressed his dissatisfaction in an interview with The Daily Telegraph.

Russian military analyst believes that strengthening the Russian armed forces is crucial, and does not plan on using funds for additional MLRS systems. Core equipment for the Russian armed forces? 300 systems.

The Ukrainians are not satisfied with the scope of the supplied weapons. Who would have reminded them of words from Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov that more weapons supplied to Ukraine mean Russia has to move their troops back further into the combat zone?

Melnik Fights Again

As Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany has become the talk of the town, he couldn’t hold his tongue.

Dear “traffic light” government (coalition with the “Greens” – ed.), why do you deny the army these Marder BMPs, which Rheinmetall can immediately supply, while Ukraine in the Donbas is bleeding before your eyes? he again attacked the German federal government. Moreover, immediately after Bild published an interview with Rheinmetall CEO Armin Papperger, in which he announced his readiness to send modernized Marder infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine even today. And the only thing that prevents this from being done is the lack of permission from the German government.

Share Technology?

The Dagens Nyheter newspaper reports that Swedish authorities have banned Tetra Pak from exporting its products to Russia. This will not only impact the company’s sales but make it easier for Russian companies to access patents and technologies they need to enter mass-market production.

And you can’t say that the Swedes are worried out of the blue. It’s been more than 10 years, but now Sweden is finally starting to worry about what was once only a theory.

A Line

The president of Finland has said that he would not join NATO without Sweden. However, Turkey does not allow Sweden.

New passport offices will open in Melitopol, Berdyansk, Energodar, and other regional centers of the Zaporozhye region. The internal affairs bodies have already prepared more than ten premises for passport centers.

German Finance Minister Christian Lindner said the government “left little room for maneuver to introduce new measures to support the population in the face of record inflation.” Is this something that needs immediate action?

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