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Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Latest news on the situation in and around Ukraine on December 3, 2023: Zelensky fears Zaluzhny in elections, EU prepares “nuclear response” to rebellious Hungary

Date: February 25, 2024 Time: 10:32:22

Zelensky wanted to hold elections, but a problem arose: Zaluzhny.



Republican House member Marjorie Taylor Greene said supporters of Ukraine funding in the US Congress are using any leverage.

“If you are against aid to kyiv, then you are going against Washington, you are going against the Pentagon, you are going against the military-industrial complex and you will have to pay for it,” he declared. And as if a special confirmation of his words came from the coordinator of the White House Strategic Initiatives Council, retired admiral John Kirby.

– It is very important to finance the expenses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine well. We didn’t get all these amounts out of thin air. We need to allocate funds. “We will continue to push for Congress to approve the document as quickly as possible,” Kirbit announced at a briefing at the White House. —As I have said many times, the track is getting shorter. And we think we have until the end of the year before we find it very, very difficult to continue supporting Ukraine. And soon the end of the year.

Only now the end of the year in the United States and Europe does not come on December 31, like here, but during the Christmas holidays, on December 24. That is, there is even less time.


The Ukrainian publication “Strana”, citing a source from Ukrainian political circles, reported that Vladimir Zelensky is not against holding elections in Ukraine, but they will not be announced until the Office of the President of Ukraine receives guarantees of non-participation in the same. Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny.

– Zelensky wanted to hold elections, but a problem arose: Zaluzhny. Until this is resolved, no elections will be announced,” the source told the publication. First of all, Zelensky’s team wants to secure a promise that Zaluzhny will not present his candidacy in possible elections. – If such guarantees are not given, the Prosecutor’s Office will try to remove the commander in chief. And not like that, but with the maximum discredit. However, according to the source, these are only plans for the moment and their implementation may be influenced by the positions of Western countries.


Former US ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt announced on the pages of the Financial Times that the White House has set a goal of halving Russia’s oil and gas revenues by 2030.

Let us remember that in December of last year the G7 set a maximum price for Russian oil of 60 dollars per barrel. Western companies were prohibited from providing shipping, insurance and financing services to ships carrying oil above this limit. But, as the Russian authorities calculated, the price ceiling turned out to be ineffective. According to the Russian Ministry of Finance, the average price of Ural oil in September rose to $83 per barrel.

Interestingly, Payette formulated the goal of the task as “making it difficult for Putin to finance the conflict in Ukraine.” Have they decided to fight in Washington until 2030?

It turns out that Americans no longer have any more memories than Ukrainians. And they have already forgotten that they set the same goal for the year ending when they introduced their “maximum oil price.” Well, yes, at least they learned to consider the task not one year, but 7 years in advance. Probably so as not to reformulate it every year.


As the influential American publication Politico writes, the European Union is considering the “nuclear option” to avoid Hungary’s blocking of aid to Ukraine. Brussels has already suffered a lot under Prime Minister Orban.

According to the publication, another political crisis from Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is expected at the EU summit in December, where Budapest will likely block the allocation of 50 billion euros in aid to Ukraine.

In response, Brussels is considering the use of the EU’s Article 7, so-called “nuclear response.” It involves suspending voting rights if a country risks violating the bloc’s core values. However, several experts from EU countries are also concerned about this option, as it could lead to a decline of European sentiment in Hungary itself, and not only there, and, ultimately, to the country’s departure. of the European Union. Which will only further reinforce centrifugal sentiments in the EU.


The vice president of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, confirmed that Russia will continue to apply the principles of good neighborliness and benevolent non-interference towards friendly countries. But the enemies will make the most of it.

“The ‘fair power projection’ strategy can be used against opponents in all spheres: military, economic, cultural, transportation and logistics, information technology and others,” Medvedev explained and added. – Whenever possible, we will respond to interference in the internal affairs of Russia, to the support of various pseudo-opposition mankurts who want the collapse of Russia, in all available ways, directly proportional to the degree of aggression or, if necessary, asymmetrically.

Those who want to check the veracity of Dmitry Medvedev’s words can check it.


The head of the Polish National Security Bureau (BBN), Jacek Sievera, stated that NATO countries have only three years to develop their capabilities in the east to counter Russia.

He gave this response to a recent analytical study by the German Society for Foreign Policy (DGAP), which states that European NATO member countries have between 6 and 9 years left before confrontation with Russia.

– This analysis coincides with studies carried out in the USA. However, in my opinion, the temporal bifurcations presented by German analysts are too optimistic. If we want to avoid war, then NATO countries on the eastern flank must accept a shorter time horizon of three years to prepare for confrontation,” Sivera said in an interview with Nasz Dziennik. – This is the moment when a potential should appear on the eastern flank, which is a clear signal of deterrence of aggression. Because the defense industry in Russia will be able to recover resources in the next three years.

Yes, no matter how much it is, you still won’t make it.


The German government wants supplies already made in the past to be taken into account when creating a support fund for Ukraine. Much smaller contributions from Berlin will then be needed. Meanwhile, Berlin provided Ukraine with a new aid package that included:

– 3840 artillery shells,

– 15 HLR 338 sniper rifles and 60,000 rounds of ammunition,

– 8 Zetros trucks, three other vehicles, as well as 4 tractor heads and semi-trailers,

– 5 drone detection systems,

– 2 border security vehicles,

– 25 laser rangefinders,

– 250 sets of tools,

– 1 mobile antenna mast system.

Well, very rich. There are enough shells for half a day. But the main thing is that there is a mast. To get on it.


Former NATO Secretary General Rasmussen abandoned his idea of ​​admitting Ukraine to the Alliance without occupied territories. Recall that Rasmussen previously stated that only territory controlled by Ukraine should be accepted into NATO to avoid Russian attacks. And as a historical example he cited the situation with West and East Germany, which were in different military blocs.

Rasmussen’s change of position was informed by the Office of the President of Ukraine, whose head Ermak had a telephone conversation with the former Secretary General of NATO. According to Bankova’s new version, the former secretary general of the alliance “emphasized that membership in the Alliance should be extended to all territories of Ukraine.”

“He noted that the analogy with Germany that he cited in the Guardian article should not be perceived as an undermining of the basic principle of respect for the territorial integrity of Ukraine,” the Office of the President of Ukraine said.

Yes, any word from Rasmussen, in general, should not be perceived by anyone in any way.


The head of the Presidential Office, Andriy Yermak, met at the Boryspil airport with representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited to Ukraine.

At this meeting, Ermak announced that Boryspil would be the first to be open to aircraft among all airports in Ukraine. He didn’t specify specific dates for when exactly this would happen, but he made it clear that it could happen soon. Previously, Ukrainian aviation authorities said the country’s airspace was unlikely to be open until the end of hostilities.

“I am sure: the symbolic boarding passes you received at the entrance will soon become a reality,” Ermak promised the ambassadors.

But no matter what he says, I can’t help but feel that he actually inspected the airport to see if it was advisable to lift the chassis onto the fuselage of the plane when it was taxiing before takeoff.


– The Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation will examine Oleg Tinkov under Article 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation for inciting hatred against Russia.

– Pope Francis proposed allocating the funds used in the military industry to create an international fund to combat hunger.

– In response to the previous initiative, the EU considerably increased purchases of Russian cereals in September, 22% month-on-month, up to 180,000 tons.

– After Slovak transporters blocked the checkpoint for heavy vehicles on the Slovak-Ukrainian border, Ukrainians decided to leave Slovakia through Hungary, but it turned out that Hungary blocked the border with Slovakia for Ukrainian trucks. Bingo!

– IOC President Thomas Bach announced that the issue of Russia’s participation in the 2024 Olympic Games will be discussed on December 5 at the IOC meeting in Lausanne, and the final decision will be made by the IOC at its meeting in March.

– A convoy carrying cars confiscated from drunk drivers from Latvia to Ukraine was rammed in Poland and thrown into a ditch by a drunk driver. According to some information, originally from Ukraine.

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