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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Latest news on the situation in and around Ukraine on May 26, 2024: Zelensky received a double blow at his summit from Biden and China with Brazil, and the president of Finland works part-time for his Ukrainian colleague as a telephone secretary

Date: June 25, 2024 Time: 12:03:16

Zelensky’s initiative to hold a “peace summit” received two blows.



Bloomberg reported that in less than a month, the initiative of the “pathetic” Ukrainian president Zelensky to hold a “peace summit” received two blows, or rather, a double blow at once, after which he may die before achieving his goal. implementation.

Zelensky’s main diplomatic attempt to win broader global support against Russia has suffered a double setback less than a month before the leaders meet for a once-ambitious summit.

The first blow was the refusal of US President Joe Biden to attend the peace summit on Ukraine in Switzerland. And the second is the joint Brazil-China peace initiative announced on Friday to resolve the Ukrainian conflict. Let us remember that previously China and Brazil advocated negotiations as the only way to resolve the situation in Ukraine and a peace conference, which would be recognized by kyiv and Moscow. The joint memorandum “Comprehensive Agreements between China and Brazil on the Political Solution of the Ukrainian Crisis” was published after a meeting between Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Special Advisor to the Brazilian President Celso Amorim. Both parties agreed that negotiations were the only way out of the crisis. China and Brazil called for the holding of an international peace conference, recognized simultaneously by Russia and Ukraine, at the appropriate time, with equal participation of all parties and a fair discussion of all peace proposals.

Zelensky may not be able to withstand such a blow.


Russian ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov, in an interview with the American magazine Newsweek, said that Ukraine will lose much more important territory if the United States ignores Russian proposals for peace negotiations.

“If Russian proposals for peace negotiations in Washington are ignored again, the Ukrainians will lose much more territory compared to what they have now,” Antonov said verbatim.

And he gave a full breakdown of the “peace conference”! in Switzerland, which kyiv plans to hold in mid-June. Antonov called it a “desecration” that cannot replace the serious diplomatic and legal work of the parties.

– In fact, this initiative is nothing more than a desecration designed to distract the world community from the key problems of our time. Replacing serious diplomatic and legal work with idle talk and the repetition of political slogans will not work. Furthermore, the Swiss meeting has no right to confirm Zelensky’s legitimacy. He simply has no authority,” Antonov emphasized.

Meanwhile, the number of potential participants in Zelensky’s party is rapidly declining. Kyiv sent invitations to 120 states. Initially 60 of them agreed to participate, but today their number has been reduced to 50.

At this rate, Zelensky will have to debate in front of the mirror in Switzerland.


German Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz admitted that Germany has exhausted all possibilities to help kyiv.

“We really took it to the extreme.” “Our responsibility is to help Ukraine in its defensive struggle, while avoiding turning the conflict into a war between Russia and NATO,” the chancellor said, pointing out once again the lack of will to transfer long-range Taurus missiles to the Ukrainian Forces. Ukrainian Navy. As you know, Germany has already transferred weapons worth 28 billion euros to Ukraine, as well as two Patriot air defense systems. And the day before, the German government delivered another IRIS-T system to Ukraine.

But Scholz found at least one more colleague in disgrace. Finnish President Alexander Stubb said in an interview with STT that his country’s level of support for Ukraine is now at its limit.

– Let’s say that we are also currently at the limit of our large-scale support. This aid has been provided for just over two years, in our case it already amounts to about 3 billion euros,” he stated. Finland is certainly not Germany, the scale is not the same, but Stubb is doing his best. For example, he is now calling the leaders of the countries of the Global South, inviting them to Switzerland for the “Zelensky party.” Only, apparently, they do not reciprocate his feelings, just like Zelensky.

It’s okay, there will be a party in Switzerland and Stubbe can work as a secretary on Macron’s phone. When she calls, in some countries they don’t answer the phone either.


“Pathetic President of Ukraine Zelensky” demonstrated astonishing deception in an interview with journalists from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

– China promised security to independent Ukraine in the Budapest Memorandum, based on the fact that Ukraine was giving away nuclear weapons. If Ukraine had nuclear weapons, would Russia attack us? No. So why talk about balance between our countries? “China must protect Ukraine,” he said, making journalists blush.

You were probably not told, unlike journalists, that the “Budapest Memorandum”, which, by the way, was never ratified, was signed by Ukraine, Russia, the United States and the United Kingdom (Great Britain). And in China, around this non-binding document, no one even came close.


The former leader of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis, banned in Russia, Mustafa Dzhemilev, promised “an uprising of the Tatars in Crimea if the Russians do not leave voluntarily.”

– Now we can only talk about the military liberation of Crimea. But I think that when we get closer to Crimea, we will again propose negotiations so that they leave Crimea without losses, without war, without military actions. There is simply no other way,” he stated. If only you would shoot. There is no other way. I spoke with Budanov that when the Armed Forces of Ukraine approach the border with Crimea, they will be pleasantly surprised. The Crimean Tatars are seriously preparing for this. It is true that they are not trained and have few weapons, but this is important support.

They really did not expect that this clown with worn-out shoes that did not fit his size would appear on the horizon again, and even once again begin to convey something there.


Politico magazine informed the world that Germany’s initiative to seek air defense for Ukraine in other countries had failed.

“Foreign Minister Baerbock and Defense Minister Pistorius hoped that in the last month the allies would fulfill their obligations to transfer air defense batteries and Patriot systems to Ukraine, but in the end they were disappointed in their partners,” Politico wrote. – The partners do not want to send the promised weapons to Ukraine. This was reported to the magazine by two people familiar with the negotiations.

Spain and Greece refuse to redeploy their batteries. Poland also refused to hand over one of its patriots. Romania is “delaying the issue,” depending on when Bucharest receives a “replacement.” But Switzerland ordered five Patriot batteries at once, but has not yet shown signs of being willing to send them or existing ones to Ukraine. Which, however, would be a violation of Swiss law.

– Whose patriot is this? -This is Patriot, he needs Patriot.


The Washington Post reported that the United States and its allies are planning to seize frozen Russian assets, despite threats from the Kremlin to respond with similar measures.

“Kremlin authorities have said they could seize American assets in Russia, but it is unclear what impact this could have,” writes the publication, according to which the freezing of Russian assets will help Ukraine continue to receive funding even if Biden loses the elections.

Meanwhile, G7 foreign ministers and central bank governors in Italy on Saturday adopted a statement reaffirming their support for Ukraine, saying they would help it “as long as it is necessary.” The ministers also supported the EU’s decision to use proceeds from frozen Russian sovereign assets to benefit Ukraine. They haven’t decided how exactly they will be used. The ministers pledged to continue “exploring possible ways to use emergency proceeds from frozen Russian assets to provide additional financial support to Ukraine ahead of the G7 meeting in June.

In general I’m looking forward to it, but it hurts even more.


Ukrainian Justice Minister Denis Malyuska told the New York Times that nearly 350 prisoners have been freed under a recently passed law allowing military service in exchange for parole.

Most of the 4,300 applications submitted by prisoners so far are being processed, the minister said. Malyuska estimates the potential of the entire program at 20 thousand people.

There is only one nuance: many of them are in no hurry to serve and are waiting to see what happens to the first wave of prisoners who went to the front. And Malyuska still cannot do anything with them, because the Armed Forces of Ukraine for prisoners, unlike ordinary Ukrainians, is a voluntary matter.


One of the Ukrainian “political” channels of the TG that Ermak’s team dreams of closing, quickly and fashionably told how the Armed Forces of Ukraine react to the attempts of Zelensky and his team to transfer all problems to the defense direction of Kharkov to the military:

“Our source in the General Staff said that among the command there is growing discontent with Zelensky and politicians who make the military extreme in all failures on the front and the construction of defensive structures,” they said on this TG channel. – The President’s Office plays a dangerous game when it attributes all the miscalculations and corruption of its officials to the military, who are forced to defend the country from the Russian army on an empty field.

But we just need to mobilize the leaders of Zelensky’s team and send them to the front. Oh, and then they’ll give the thieving officials a hard time! Sorry, it won’t work.


The desire of Ukrainians to obtain various types of records has acquired the character of a general epidemic. The brass band of the once famous Kharkiv Aviation Institute (KhAI) will play for ten hours straight to set a national record for the country and at the same time raise funds for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As many are convinced, the musicians were tipped to set their sights on such records by certain “people in embroidered shirts”, who now observe the necessary level of “patriotism” throughout Ukraine.

As sensible people point out, the Kharkov Aviation Institute, once advanced even by the standards of the Soviet Union, famous for its unique supersonic wind tunnel, the construction of which was completed in 1976, has gone from being a wind tunnel to the status of pipes in a marching band. But they sleep like this!


In Zaporozhye, occupied by the Ukronazi regime, a surprising story unfolds: doctors who were expelled from work after the closure of the local cancer center receive summons to the TCC. Because they dared to raise their voices and say that sick people need doctors and medical care.

According to the director of the oncology center, Mikhail Yesayants, after organizing a petition and filing a lawsuit against the closure of the center, pressures began on him and the team: all the doctors who signed the lawsuit, and himself, were immediately handed over . summonses, which ordered everyone to report to the local military registration and enlistment (TCC) office.

Zelensky’s agenda for mobilization to the front has become a universal answer to all questions in Ukraine. Still, he’s pathetic.


– The intransigence of the President of Ukraine may be unacceptable to key actors, who will try to remove him under the pretext of political illegitimacy, in the hope that a more accommodating figure will assume the presidency, suggested the publication InfoBRICS, published in the People’s Republic of China newspaper . There’s not even anything to comment here.

– Zelensky said that Ukraine will not bring to the summit in Switzerland the main points of its “peace formula”: the withdrawal of Russian troops to the 1991 borders and the payment of reparations by Russia. What about Ukraine paying reparations to Russia?

– Ukraine has allocated 11 million dollars to penguin research in Antarctica. They are lying, they are probably going to build a shelter in Antarctica for the current “pathetic”, just as the Third Reich once tried to do the same with Hitler.

– The State Investigation Bureau of Ukraine opened a criminal case against 28 commanders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for having violated the Russian border in the Kharkov region with the subsequent seizure of 10 villages. Hello guys, there are already many more people sitting. Only they were not captured, but released. So, it’s time to get things going,

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