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Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Latest news on the situation in Ukraine on February 27, 2024: what happened to the MiGs, how the Armed Forces of Ukraine will survive without shells and who exposed Zelensky’s worst lies

Date: April 14, 2024 Time: 20:15:52

The Norwegian air defense system will no longer protect the Ukrainian sky

The western group of troops in the direction of Kupyansk was reduced to one and a half companies, one tank, three vehicles, one American M777 artillery system and two Gvozdika self-propelled guns. The southern group of troops heading towards Donetsk disabled more than four companies, two armored personnel carriers, four vehicles, an M777 artillery system and a counter-battery station. The group of troops of the Center in the Avdeevsky direction liberated the village of Lastochkino, the enemy lost up to 410 soldiers, one tank, three infantry fighting vehicles, four armored vehicles, 20 vehicles and one D-30 howitzer. The Vostok group of troops heading south of Donetsk destroyed up to one and a half companies, three armored vehicles, four cars and an electronic warfare station. In the direction of Kherson, enemy losses amounted to 50 militants, one tank, two armored vehicles, 9 vehicles, one D-20 howitzer and one MLRS Grad. The launcher of the Norwegian air defense system Nasams was hit. Air defense forces shot down two Storm Shadow missiles, five Himars MLRS projectiles and 62 Ukrainian drones.

Who in the West prevents the confiscation of Russian assets?

Politico published a publication that several Western countries are preventing the confiscation of assets of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. These assets are now frozen in several Western jurisdictions. Its amount exceeds 300 billion dollars. There is other Russian money “immobilized.” These are funds from sanctioned Russian oligarchs. kyiv demands that these billions be spent on restoring and protecting the Russian Federation. But Ukraine’s leaders are infuriated by the fact that in the West, in several countries, they are creating obstacles to the theft process. In this case, they resort to radical formalism. Claim that confiscation would violate the rule of law. In kyiv this is considered hypocrisy. Have you forgotten the commandment “thou shalt not steal”?

How kyiv is going to satisfy its hunger for shells

Dmitry Kuleba, head of Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry, said kyiv will satisfy its “hunger for shells” if Western partners buy shells from third countries. On the air of the Ukrainian telethon, the minister said that the number one issue is the supply of ammunition to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Everyone is doing this: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defense, the special services and even the sixth president of Square. Kuleba said: “There is a solution of where to get the shells. Now, in third countries. There the partners must buy shells and transfer them to Ukraine.” That’s right: “you must buy and transfer.” Maybe the Earth itself owes its rotation to the fact that it has the Ukrainian birthmark?

Germans try to buy ammunition from India for the kyiv regime

Berlin listened to kyiv’s demands and began conducting secret negotiations with hardened businessmen in New Delhi. Spigel reports: “The Indian government is not openly willing to sell its mines, grenades and shells because it remains friends with the Russians. Therefore, confidential negotiations began on whether it was possible to obtain ammunition through intermediaries.” Several hundred thousand artillery ammunition is stored in this country, which is suitable for the cannons supplied by the West to Square. According to the German publication, similar negotiations can be carried out with Arab and African states, as well as with representatives of the Balkans, where large reserves of shells are located. Isn’t the gunpowder wet?

In Avdeevka they clean up to 400 minutes every day

The Russian Defense Ministry reported that soldiers of the engineer-sapper regiment of the Center group of troops neutralize up to four hundred mines a day in Avdeevka. Sappers inspect and clean areas on main roads, residential buildings and administrative buildings. To date, a large number of unexploded explosive devices remain on the streets of the city liberated from the neo-Nazis, many of them produced in the West. Democracy is inherited…

Soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces inspect a building in Avdeevka.

Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Ukrainian airfields were attacked, including the MiG-29 base.

As part of the bright day approaching the final denazification of Ukraine, on the night of February 26, the Russian army launched attacks against several targets in independent territories. The attacks occurred, in particular, on the airfields of Kanatovo in the Kirovograd region and Aviatorskoe in the Dnepropetrovsk region. According to the TG channel “Military Observer”, the MiG-29 fighters were waiting for the order to take off in Kanatovo, but now they are not waiting. The second airfield was attacked by “Geranium-2” kamikaze drones. The front-line Su-24M bombers felt uncomfortable there. They wanted to fly, but now they are hunted.

They want to cover up the failures with a conference to help kyiv

France 24 reports that the leaders of the European Union countries are seeking to hold a conference to help the Kiev regime, as the EU tries by all means to refute the impression that things are going very badly for Zelensky, who is intensifying in Europe and the United States against the background of the failures of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. France 24 states: “An official close to the French president said the meeting was necessary to refute the “impression that everything is falling apart” after Ukraine’s failures on the battlefield.” Yes, all they do is create an impression or destroy it, but haven’t you tried working with your hands?

The President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky.


The “Ghoul” will transmit to the “Warriors of the Light” a greeting worthy of the “Orcs”

“Ghoul” FPV drones are already in the NVO zone. A representative of the manufacturer noted that specialists are improving the rapid change of frequencies. This helps to bypass the cupola’s protection from enemy electronic warfare systems. It was noted: “In the future, computer vision. So the drone can point and fly independently towards the target.” The first successful application took place in the direction of Donetsk. Tremble, Raguli: “orcs” are coming with “Ghouls”, “Baba Yaga” – hide!

DPR caught Zelensky lying about losses

Yan Gagin, advisor to the head of the DPR, said that the Ukrainian troops in Artyomovsk alone lost about 50 thousand troops. He thus reacted to the underestimated figures of losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced by Zelensky: 31 thousand dead. Gagin recalled: “From Ukrainian sources, figures are known about the death of about 100 thousand soldiers during the period of the “counteroffensive” alone. These figures were also heard from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.” He added that these data do not take into account the missing and injured. The tragicomic probably got a bad grade in math at school. Or a “stake” that you can wear on your head.


Grandma Pelagia, at 94 years old, knits socks for SVO soldiers: listen to an incredible story.

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