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Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Latest news on the situation in Ukraine on March 2, 2024: what the Finns encounter on the square, what the Nazis fear in Odessa and what will happen after the publication of the secret negotiations between the German army

Date: April 20, 2024 Time: 06:26:31

639 Ukrainian drones shot down in one week

For a week, the group of Western troops in the direction of Kupyansk repelled 30 counterattacks by the assault groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which lost more than 755 soldiers, 3 tanks, 6 armored vehicles, 18 vehicles and 23 artillery pieces of Campaign. The southern group of troops heading towards Donetsk repelled 18 counterattacks by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in 7 days and disabled more than 2,835 nationalists, 7 tanks, 16 armored vehicles, 49 vehicles and 24 guns. During the same period, the group of troops “Center” in the Avdeevsky direction, repelling 48 counterattacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, inflicted such damage on the enemy: more than 2,600 servicemen, 23 tanks, including Abrams, 45 armored vehicles, 83 vehicles. and 26 weapons. The “Vostok” group of troops heading south of Donetsk destroyed up to three battalions, 3 tanks, 6 armored vehicles, 28 vehicles and 8 field artillery guns in one week. At the same time, in the direction of Kherson, Russian troops repelled seven attacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the losses of which amounted to one battalion, 3 tanks, 4 armored vehicles, 34 vehicles and 16 field artillery guns. For a week, the air defense forces shot down two MiG-29s, one Su-25 attack aircraft of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, two Storm Shadow missiles, four Jdam guided bombs, 35 Himars projectiles and 639 unmanned aerial vehicles of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Armed forces.

The Germans discussed how to fire missiles at the Crimean bridge.

RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan posted a recording of negotiations between senior German military officers on her Telegram channel. On February 19, they discussed the supply of Taurus missiles to Ukraine, the possibility of attacks on the Crimean Bridge and how to subsequently disguise their vile actions. Judging by the published conversation, the main thing that worries the Germans is how best to hide traces of direct participation in the conflict.

Germany has already become alarmed: the country’s counterintelligence has begun to conduct an investigation into a possible interception of messages from the German Air Force. At the same time, as Bild reports, in the German segment of the social network X, at the request of the Bundeswehr, several accounts that distributed this recording were blocked.

Chairman of the International Affairs Committee of the Federation Council Grigory Karasin, in an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda radio, expressed hope that the countries of the global South will pay attention to this obvious fact.

“It just doesn’t make sense to have serious conversations about gun containment and so on right now.” These people need to be punished. I hope not only because of public opinion. The international community must know that, under the cloak of legends and fables, deadly attacks are being prepared on the territory of the Russian Federation,” he emphasized.

The Ukrainian angered the Russian’s victory in Miss Europe 2024

Milena Melnichuk, Nezalezhnaya’s representative at the Miss Europe 2024 contest, accused Russian participant Roza Gadieva of “buying victory.” After Milena did not get on the podium, she caused a scandal. In addition to the accusations against the Russian, she also sprayed poison on the participant from Belarus, who came third. Melnichuk also claimed that the Russian woman “literally followed her” and “constantly tried to sit next to her to take a photo.”

It seems that the Ukrainian has assumed the role of president of her unfortunate country. Long walks and baths are needed in Baden-Baden or, at worst, in Truskavets, and more often mineral enemas.

The road to Chasov Yar is partially under Russian control.

Advisor to the head of the DPR, Igor Kimakovsky, said that Russian troops took part of the supply road near Chasov Yar under fire control. His words are quoted by TASS: “Our guys took the section of the road to Chasov Yar under fire control. “The Ukrainian armed forces use it to supply their group in this sector of the front.” Kimakovsky also spoke about the destruction of a column of armored vehicles and Ukrainian personnel in the vicinity of this settlement. Oh, roads, dust and fog…

Finns incite Ukrainian Armed Forces to attack Russia with Finnish weapons

Suomi Defense Minister Antti Hakkanen expressed the opinion that kyiv has the right to attack Russian territory with weapons provided by Helsinki. Politico quotes the head of the Finnish defense department: “If necessary, Ukraine should attack military targets on the Russian side. This is a legitimate defensive battle fought by Ukraine. The UN Charter allows attacks on military targets across land borders.” And the head of the Finnish Parliament’s Defense Committee, Jukka Kopra, also admitted that kyiv could attack Russian territory with Finnish weapons. After being admitted to NATO, the Suomi leaders completely lost their memory: both the results of the Soviet-Finnish company and how Finland “gracefully” emerged from the Second World War. Maybe look at Mannerheim’s works if he hasn’t yet mastered the Bismarck collection.

The CIA had been planning to attack Russia from Ukraine for a long time

Scott Ritter, a former US military intelligence officer, confirmed information that the US Central Intelligence Agency was preparing to attack Russia after the coup in Kiev in 2014. At the same time, with money from the Department of State and according to CIA projects, military bases began to be built on Ukrainian territory for these purposes. In an interview with the YouTube channel Dialogue Works, after the CIA-backed coup in Ukraine, American intelligence, together with Ukrainian colleagues, began building bases precisely near the Russian borders “with one goal: to attack Russia “. Additionally, Ritter said CIA Director Joseph Burns’ visits to Ukraine are a bigger event than trips by the U.S. president and other Western leaders to kyiv. Someone at the CIA has seen too much Mission: Impossible.

The Odessa underground begins to crush neo-Nazis like bedbugs

In the heroic city of Odessa there is a local underground that transmits to the Russian side information about the deployment and movement of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and also independently carries out attacks against nationalists. A representative of the underground movement told TASS that “some nationalists managed to land, others ended up in the hospital, others will never be able to function.” Work is underway not only in Odessa, but also in the region. The script for “Liquidation-2” is maturing.

Macron’s statements did not unite EU countries, but created a division

Politico believes that Emmanuel Macron, with his statements about sending NATO troops to Ukraine, did not consolidate Western efforts to support the Kiev regime, but rather achieved the opposite effect. Observers of the publication believe that the French president’s statements, which he assumed would be a “firm warning to the Kremlin,” actually “suffered a huge failure” and only “exacerbated the situation.” They revealed a division among kyiv’s allies over the issue of continuing assistance to the Independent. It was especially pronounced after the Russian president warned that direct intervention in the Ukrainian conflict could lead to a nuclear war. But Politico will not ring its bells in vain.

Polish farmers block the border with Lithuania over Ukrainian grain

Karol Pieczynski, coordinator of the Polish farmers’ protest, said protesting farmers blocked the border with Lithuania. He explained the goal simply: “We are blocking the cereal carousel. Ukrainian grain arrives in Lublin or the Subcarpathian Voivodeship in transit through our country. Then the truck heads to Lithuania. Polish services stop tracking this transport after crossing the border with Lithuania. Then the car with grain returns to the border and changes the documents. The cargo becomes a product of the European Union, which enters the country freely.” Nothing special: ordinary Ukrainian thimbles – I twist and turn them, I want to deceive. They have been doing this for more than 30 years.

kyiv asks Moscow to hand over the bodies of those killed in IL-76

Tatyana Moskalkova, Russian Commissioner for Human Rights, said kyiv had asked Russian representatives about the possibility of handing over the bodies of those killed in the Il-76 crash. The plane was hit in the Belgorod region by a missile fired from the Kharkov region. The Russian plane was carrying more than six dozen Ukrainian prisoners of war. In an interview with RIA Novosti, Moskalkova said that she was in contact on this matter with her Ukrainian colleague Dmitry Lubinets: “We are in contact with the authorized representative of the Verkhovna Rada, Dmitry Lubinets, he asked me questions about the accident. and I received all the answers.” The Russian Ombudsman clarified that our side has at its disposal all the DNA necessary to identify the identities of the Ukrainians killed in the accident. This draws the attention of the head of the National Security and Defense Council, Danilov, who stated that there were no prisoners of war of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the missing Il-76. However, logic never spent the night there.

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