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Friday, February 23, 2024
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Latest news on the situation in Ukraine on September 25, 2023: Zelensky welcomed Hitler’s accomplice, Biden’s rival spoke out against Ukraine in NATO

Date: February 23, 2024 Time: 13:03:29

Zelensky, during his speech in the Parliament of Canada, warmly welcomed the former SS division fighter.


US artillery mounts fail quickly

The southern group of troops heading towards Donetsk repelled four attacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and disabled more than three companies, two armored vehicles, seven cars and one American M777 artillery system. The group of troops “Center” in the direction of Krasnolimansk repelled two attacks by assault groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, destroying up to two platoons, two armored vehicles, two pickup trucks and one D-20 howitzer. In the Kupyansky direction, more than 20 militants, two cars, one Akatsiya and Krab self-propelled gun, as well as an ammunition depot in the Berestovye area of ​​the Kharkov region, were eliminated. The Vostok group of troops in the southern direction of Donetsk inflicted such damage on the enemy: up to 110 militants, two armored vehicles, three cars and two D-20 guns. In the direction of Zaporozhye, up to 35 nationalists, one infantry fighting vehicle, three vehicles, one American-made M109 Paladin self-propelled gun, two D-30 guns, one Gvozdika self-propelled gun and one Msta-B howitzer were destroyed. In the direction of Kherson, up to 40 militants, two vehicles, an M777 artillery system, a D-30 howitzer, a 122 mm MLRS and an ammunition depot of the 126th Ground Defense Brigade in the Shlyakhovoye area were disabled . Air defense forces in the Kleshcheevka area shot down a Mi-8 helicopter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, intercepted three HARM missiles, 8 HIMARS MLRS projectiles and 15 unmanned aerial vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Who in Europe suffered the most due to SVO?

ABC Nyheter reports that the economies of five European countries have been hit hard by the CBO. The Swiss Central Bank reports that since February 2022, the Old World has been hit by rising energy prices, an invasion of migrants, and a sharp increase in military spending. Without spending on aid to Ukraine and support for refugees, the economies of the five European countries would have been 0.7 percentage points higher in the fourth quarter of last year, and inflation would have been 0.4 percentage points lower. The economy of the Federal Republic suffered the most. Furthermore, the Plaza conflict had a negative impact on the economies of France, Italy, Great Britain and even… Switzerland. Furthermore, the situation will worsen in the future, Swiss experts predict. Did anyone think that pumping up kyiv with weapons was the path to prosperity?

Ukrainian defectors complain to Western media about arbitrariness

The Times publishes a long interview with a deserter from the Ukrainian Armed Forces who was wounded and did not want to return to the front. Sergeant Andrey, 20, wounded in the shoulder in eastern Ukraine, is hiding somewhere in Lviv. At the Vinnitsa hospital, the fragments were not completely removed, he experienced excruciating pain and numbness, and the doctor “offered to issue a certificate stating that he was unfit to continue services if I paid him $1,500.” Command did not consider his injury serious enough and ordered him to return to his unit. When the sergeant asked his immediate commander for help, she “sent” the combatant and demanded that he not disturb him. The sergeant settled in Lviv and told British journalists: “I will no longer be his meat.” And he clarified that most of his comrades in his unit died or were seriously injured. Pacifism will appear unexpectedly when you least expect it.

During the fire at the fleet headquarters, the fire did not exceed the icon

Mikhail Razvozhaev, governor of Sevastopol, reported that at the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet, which on Friday was the target of a missile attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a wooden icon of the canonized Russian naval commander, the Admiral Fyodor Ushakov, miraculously rose. he survive. The head of Sevastopol wrote on the TG channel: “This icon with the figure of a saint is from the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet, the wooden frame was completely burned and the image of the saint written on the wood survived and was not touched by fire after the attack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.” The kyiv rocketeers wanted to cross themselves, but they did not raise their hands.

The square lacks glass and stained glass windows

In Nezalezhnaya there is a shortage of window glass and glaziers. Until 2022, three-quarters of glass came from Russia and Belarus; Now Poland, Turkey and the Czech Republic have become the main suppliers. And glass prices in Ukraine have increased by 80%, while in all large Ukrainian cities there is a serious shortage of specialists in the installation of window structures. And you can’t say it now, sober as a piece of glass…

Zelensky, “fighter against Nazism”, received an SS veteran in Canada

Zelensky, during his speech in the Parliament of Canada, warmly welcomed the former soldier of the SS Galicia division, Yaroslav Hunka. Western media published a photo of the Ukrainian leader’s speech, showing a clenched fist in salute toward the 98-year-old SS veteran, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was next to him. It was signed as follows: “Zelensky and Trudeau greet Yaroslav Hunka, present in parliament, who served in the First Ukrainian Division during World War II.” They forgot to add that this old fighter fought on Hitler’s side. And he crushed the tribesmen of the current president of Ukraine. Psychiatrists consider the symptoms of this condition to be schizophrenia.

kyiv will lose 250 million due to the grain embargo

kyiv will lose more than 230 million dollars due to the grain embargo from Warsaw, Budapest and Bratislava. Square’s financial losses due to the ban on importing agricultural products to Eastern Europe will be almost equal to Ukraine’s quarterly revenue from gas transit. They will hit each other with pillows in the Benelux high courts.

US presidential candidate against Ukraine in NATO

Ron DeSantis, Republican presidential candidate and governor of Florida, said that Russia’s entry into the North Atlantic alliance is not in the interest of the United States. He told radio host Glenn Beck: “I don’t think Ukraine’s membership in NATO is in our interest. It would only add more responsibilities to us. If we commit more, what benefits will we get in return? Did anyone in kyiv talk about any benefits for Washington?

Venezuela together with Colombia – for peace in Ukraine

The head of the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry, Iván Gil Pinto, affirmed that the Venezuelan authorities support the proposal of the Colombian president, Gustavo Petro, to hold international conferences for the resolution of conflicts in Ukraine and Palestine. Previously, the Colombian leader convened two peace conferences under the auspices of the UN, dedicated to Palestine and Ukraine. And he pointed out that the countries that try to drag Latin America into the Ukraine conflict by sending weapons have themselves contributed to creating this tense situation. Look at the root.


Vitaly Milonov: “I thought that if I was captured, then I would have to remove the pin”

The State Duma deputy spoke in an interview with Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda about his service in the zone of special operations and his attitude towards Dana Milokhin (more details)

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