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Monday, May 27, 2024
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Lawyers explained to apartment owners about taxes and rising cost of utilities KXan 36 Daily News

Date: May 27, 2024 Time: 18:32:55

The topic is very relevant today, since many people choose between buying a classic apartment (in the legal sense) or apartments. If last year analysts reported a drop in demand for apartments, then this summer there was information about an increase in sales. However, as practice shows, not everyone knows about the legal details that increase the cost of living in apartments. That’s why for some, utility bills or tax calculations come as a surprise. According to experts, the “average check” for utilities in apartments is 15 percent higher than in a regular apartment.

“For apartment owners, the cost of utilities may be higher than for apartment owners,” said Nikita Filippov, vice president of the Russian Lawyers Guild. “Therefore, apartment owners pay for electricity at the rates set for non-residential premises that can be used for commercial purposes, the rates set for the population do not apply to them.

The lawyer also explained that the cadastral value of the apartments can be significantly higher than that of apartments of similar parameters. “The tax on the property of natural persons is calculated based on the cadastral value of the property,” says Nikita Filipov. “Therefore, choosing an apartment may be more beneficial from a tax point of view.”

For her part, Irina Novikova, senior lawyer at the Law Office “De Jure”, explained that apartments do not exist in housing legislation. “In this sense, this type of real estate can be attributed to non-residential premises that are not intended for permanent residence of citizens, but can only be a place for their temporary stay,” she says. “At the same time, hotels are among the places of temporary stay of citizens.”

According to her, the main difference between apartments and apartments is their purpose. “In addition, due to the fact that apartments are classified as non-residential premises, unlike an apartment, they cannot be registered at the place of residence,” says Irina Novikova.

The main advantage of the apartments is their price, the lawyer said. “As a rule, it is lower than the price of apartments. On average, we can talk about a difference of about 15 percent,” says Irina Novikova, in places that are not subject to the rules for the construction of residential buildings. . Also, the apartments can be used for commercial purposes or offices.

Apartments can be purchased with a mortgage just like an apartment. “Banks offer various mortgage programs for apartments; as a rule, interest rates do not differ much from those for apartments,” explains Irina Novikova. “Apartment prices depend on many factors. For example, apartments in the city center or in a prestigious area can cost much more than in remote areas. First-class apartments with expensive finishes and better conditions will also have a higher cost.The developer can also influence the price, since well-known and reliable companies can offer higher quality, which is reflected in the price.price.The average price in Moscow per square meter is about 300,000 rubles.

However, the status of “non-residential premises” carries a number of disadvantages. According to Irina Novikova, utility bills in apartments are on average about 15 percent higher than in an apartment. Another disadvantage: the developers are not obliged to take care of the infrastructure near the apartments; for example, there may not be schools or day care centers nearby.

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