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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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“Leonid Ilyich listens”: Vovan and Lexus “scammed” telephone scammers with Brezhnev’s voice

Date: June 18, 2024 Time: 08:14:34

Pranksters Vovan and Lexus reported on their Telegram that they were connected to “a new feature from the Tinkoff guys”: “Fraud Roulette.” A new service to combat phone scammers is still being developed and pranksters are being invited to help in the fight against attackers. KP previously wrote that the pranksters accepted an unusual offer from Tinkoff.

– The thing is this: with the help of their bot you can request a call from scammers on your phone! The scammer will think they are calling the victim’s number and the call will be automatically forwarded to them. At the same time, scammers will not see your number. What follows is up to you: do you joke or just make fun of the thieves.

The more time a scammer spends on you, the less time he or she will have to deceive others. Plus, you can prevent bad guys from stealing someone’s money. The format is similar to the well-known chat roulette,” the pranksters explained the idea.

And then they showed one of the most popular scam schemes: supposedly the operator of a cellular company calls you and tells you that your SIM card expires today. But the scammer consoles: the contract can be renewed by phone right now, just say the code in an SMS. In fact, the thief sends him a recovery code for his State Services account in order to access his personal account. Or then a “Central Bank/police/FSB employee” will call him to transfer his savings to a “safe account”.

“We also participated in the testing of this socially important project and were surprised from the beginning by the magnitude of the fraudulent activity. The calls come non-stop! In one of them, the would-be thief even tried to convince us to accept a call through the “safe line of state services on WhatsApp,” the pranksters reported.

They also posted several examples of conversations with scammers on TG.

For example, in one of the recordings, the pranksters talk to a scammer with the voice of Leonid Brezhnev. She asks him his last name and his first name, and the prankster replies: “Brezhnev. Leonidas.” Ilyich.” “Okay,” says the scammer, “have you used this phone number before?” “I used it. Do you need a position? “Whose position?” the scammer asks.

“Mine!” replies Leonid Ilyich. “I don’t need this,” the scammer refuses. When asked about his date of birth, the prankster answers: December 19, 1906. The scammer is happy with this option, but then the conversation ends.

“We and our friends made fun of them in different scenarios, and even tried to convince a girl with a sweet voice to get involved in this criminal business,” the pranksters said. Finally, they asked their subscribers which call they liked the most and whether they should post new pranks with scammers.

Subscribers responded: “Thank you, I laughed a lot!”, “Publish more!”, “I listened avidly!” Fire!”.

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Puck Henry
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