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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Lidiya Fedoseeva-Shukshina appeared in public for the first time after a stroke

Date: June 20, 2024 Time: 11:02:40

This is what Lidia Nikolaevna looks like now: she is in a very good mood. Photo – “Canal Cinco” frame

In September, Lidiya Nikolaevna Fedoseeva-Shukshina celebrates her 85th birthday. As we learned from the People’s Artist, she is not going to celebrate on a large scale, since she now has a different plan: rehabilitation after a stroke. She will celebrate in a small circle, with her daughter Olga and her nurse Elena. After suffering a stroke, the actress is slowly but surely returning to normal life.

Fedoseeva-Shukshina spent almost the entire summer in a hospital bed. The artist was diagnosed with a massive stroke and not a heart attack as some reported. Before hospitalization, Lidiya Nikolaevna complained to her youngest daughter, 55-year-old Olga Shukshina (they lived together for a long time), about uncontrollable twitching of the arms and legs. Due to heart rhythm disturbances, the actress was fitted with a pacemaker.

Olga Shukshina said in an interview with Channel Five: “Mom was in the intensive care unit for ten days. She was then transferred to the neurology department; Then she already felt normal and everything stopped.”

Walking: Olga Shukshina helps her mother Lydia Nikolaevna and carries the stroller, and the nurse Elena walks nearby. Photo – “Canal Cinco” frame

After a stroke, Lydia Nikolaevna had partially (slightly) impaired motor and speech functions: rehabilitation was needed, so Olga placed her mother in a specialized medical facility; She spent all her savings on this. Rehabilitation specialists worked with the People’s Artist: massages, special physical education. Speech recovered quickly and completely: Lidiya Nikolaevna communicates as before the illness. But Lydia Nikolaevna finds it difficult to walk, so she uses a wheelchair; her daughter Olga or a nurse take her for a walk.

To make the rehabilitation more effective, Olga Shukshina hired a nurse for her mother and moved her to live in a country house in the Moscow region. Lidia Nikolaevna lived with her daughter in a high-rise building in her apartment near the Alekseevskaya metro station. But now it is more comfortable to walk outside the city and even more comfortable in a wheelchair.

Lydia Nikolaevna’s first steps after her illness are on the street: leaning on a walker, with her daughter and a nurse nearby. Photo – “Canal Cinco” frame

Lidia Nikolaevna is making progress: she recently took her first steps on her own. Fedoseeva-Shukshina told Channel Five: “I’m just starting out, but I will walk well. The disease is too serious. I can’t say I’m getting better, but I’m on the mend… ”The People’s Artist is optimistic: she is on the way to full recovery of her movements. Nurse Elena Palangina confirmed: “Lidiya Nikolaevna already walks around the house without a hockey stick. She has lost weight, which is very good. “I started getting out of bed on my own, without help.”

Lidia Nikolaevna receives a good pension (thanks to the bonus for the title of “People’s Artist”) – about 60 thousand rubles, plus Olga’s savings and royalties from the work of Vasily Makarovich Shukshin; This is how women manage to pay a nurse and buy medicine. .


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