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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Like eating a pot of buttered porridge: The doctor named the source of unburned fat in the stomach KXan 36 Daily News

Date: May 28, 2024 Time: 19:07:11

First of all, beer stimulates the development of infections.

“If a person is in a cold state, so to speak, on the verge of illness, and he drinks beer, then it is quite possible that after that he will remain in bed the next day. Beer contains substances that stimulate the development of inflammation. These they are such complex molecules that, together with alcohol, they enter the body and in those places where there is already inflammation or a predisposition to it, they increase the reaction, “explained Sergey Vyalov.

It is worth remembering that a bottle of beer is one and a half plates of porridge. It is no coincidence that over the years, lovers of a foamy drink form “unburned” fat in the stomach, which is a big problem to get rid of.

“And three bottles of beer are almost five bowls of porridge. But since beer is liquid, it seems that there is no particular saturation and you can drink more and more. That is why the stomach, and sides, and everything else begins to grow. Beer is a very high-calorie drink “, – once again emphasized the expert.

The problem is aggravated if you eat beer with fatty chips, cheeses, crackers, fish. Given the caloric content of the drink and snacks, it turns out that drinking beer is like eating a pot of porridge with butter.

Along with excess fat, habitual drinkers also have a constant headache. Alcohol breakdown products (ethanol, acetaldehyde, acetic acid) are to blame. They may be more dangerous than the drink itself.

“Here they are actually two or three times more harmful than alcohol itself. They are the ones that cause the same intoxication that gives you a headache,” warned the gastroenterologist.

Earlier, the doctor of medical sciences, professor and nutritionist Alexei Kovalkov explained why porridge is more of a product for weight gain, and not for weight loss.

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