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Lionel from Santa Barbara: Diving and making love help keep fit after 80

Date: February 28, 2024 Time: 18:39:40

A few years ago, the actor was diagnosed with cancer.


Actor Nicholas Coster has died at the age of 89. There are more than 150 films in his filmography, but in Russia he is well known for his hero – the seductive blue-eyed millionaire Lionel Lockridge in the cult TV series “Santa Barbara”.

Speaking about the actor’s family, American secular chroniclers in their obituaries mention only three children, omitting that at the end of his life a real “Santa Barbara” broke out in the Coster family. And, of course, there was a Russian trace.


In 2010, on the eve of his birthday, reviewing his page on social networks, Nicholas Coster was surprised to notice a letter from a certain Elena. Her last name for him, an American, was generally unpronounceable: Borodulina. “Probably another fan,” the actor decided to himself, but for some reason he didn’t ignore the message, instead he started reading.

I wasn’t wrong. Elena really turned out to be a fan of hers, Russian and, moreover, very young. The girl was just 34 years old. She started watching “Santa Barbara” in the ’90s, when she was still in school, and if she missed an episode, she would ask her parents to record it on a VCR. And I watched the last episodes as a student at the Plekhanov Institute. Seeing the passions of the heroes of the series, Elena was filled with all her heart by the heartthrob Lionel Lockridge. Having already matured, she reviewed her favorite episodes with an idol, dreaming of meeting him at least once. The development of the global web has made this a reality.

The Muscovite found the actor on social networks and, having plucked up his courage, wrote him a touching congratulations on the eve of his 77th birthday.

– I had to spend a lot of time making a decent letter in English – Elena joked, remembering that moment.

She attached to the message a video edited by her own hand of various scenes with her participation in Santa Barbara. Bonfire was moved by so much attention and the Muscovite responded.

He has more than 150 movies in his filmography.



No one could believe that a correspondence would begin between Elena and Nicholas. Their communication lasted a year and a half before they met for the first time.

What could people talk about, whose age difference reached 43 years! But the themes were found: literature, ballet, theater, classical music and opera. In addition to working in films, Koster tried himself in the theater, took part in Broadway productions and musicals – he had something to tell. He also turned out to be a great lover of Russian history and culture, and with his deep knowledge he surprised Elena. But most importantly, they were united by a great sense of humor, which could not be prevented by the language barrier.

He also played the fact that the actor did not have any antipathy towards Russia.

– I always felt a little Russian. During the Great Patriotic War, when I was a little boy, I first admired the heroism of the Russian people. When he grew up, he fell in love with Russian music, cinema and literature. Russian culture will live forever, he once admitted in an interview.

Nicholas and Elena, sometimes supporting each other in difficult times, became true friends.


Nicholas flew to Russia not for the sake of meeting with Elena. His daughter and his grandchildren, who are big fans of travel, prompted him to go to St. Petersburg. Elena, learning that Koster was literally 700 km from her, without hesitation, went to the northern capital. And this meeting changed everything. The actor later said that he fell in love with Elena at first sight, when she first appeared on the doorstep of the St. Petersburg hotel.

Then, in St. Petersburg, Elena confessed her feelings to the actor.

– I did not hear the words “I love you” from him then and did not expect to hear. There was a lot of feeling, chemistry, we both knew that he was serious, but I could allow myself these words, but he could not, since he was officially still married, ”Elena recalled.

Their communication continued, but the tone changed. Campfire was confused by the feelings that invaded him and he did not know what to do. The separation was very difficult for Elena. Therefore, the couple stopped talking.

In Russia, the actor is well known for his character – the seductive millionaire Lionel Lockridge in the cult TV series “Santa Barbara”.


It’s been six months. Communication with a childhood idol began to seem like a fabulous dream to Elena, when suddenly a message came from Nicholas. He left his wife, bought a yacht, now I live there, the message said. Communication from her revived again, but no one tried to raise the topic of love anymore. Very painful.

And then Elena’s friend caught fire with the idea of ​​leaving for the United States and began to persuade her to join the company. Elena told the actor about the plan.

– He asked him if he was ready to meet two tourists and, if he was free, if he could show us around. And then, to my surprise, he was so happy about our upcoming arrival, he was so inspired that he started writing again about how good we were together and about what he was sleeping and seeing when I arrived, she said.

A month together they put everything in its place. Returning home, Elena asks Nicholas a question point-blank: either she comes to America, and she stays with him forever, or they stop communicating. At that moment, everything was obvious to Bonfire: he no longer saw the point of living without Elena.


The actor’s second wife, Elizabeth Pantel, with whom they have been married since 1982, agreed to a divorce. Marriage has been on the decline in recent years. Before all legal issues were resolved, Nicholas and Elena settled on the yacht.

I don’t care if he’s rich or poor. The main thing is that we love each other! As a child, I fell in love with Lionell’s screen image, but now my feelings belong entirely to Nicholas. And I know that he loves me too, – said Elena.

After the wedding with his young wife, the actor admitted that he himself looked younger: “I definitely feel the effect that such a young woman loves me.”

He began to go out more often with his young wife and to appear in first-run shows, he took up diving and this at the age of 80! The actor joked that two things help him in his form years: diving and making love.

Elena pampered her husband with traditional Russian cuisine, which made her famous among her star friends and neighbors, who fell in love with borscht and Russian salad. Harmony reigned in the house, in which American and Russian traditions were intertwined: for Easter, painted eggs and Easter cakes were put on the table, and for Thanksgiving – stuffed turkey. Elena taught her husband to shout “Bitter!” in Russian at weddings, and he, in gratitude for her feelings, whispered to her about her love and often hugged her.

A few years ago, the actor was diagnosed with cancer. Elena remained dedicated to her husband until the last day, helping him fight diseases.

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