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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Lip contour with fillers. All you need to know

Date: June 19, 2024 Time: 01:24:20

The use of fillers for the lip contour helps to eliminate many imperfections. But it raises many questions: how exactly does the drug work? What are the risks involved in the procedure? Hurts? We discussed all this with a specialist.

cosmetologist, dermatovenerologist, Clinical Institute of Aesthetic Medicine (KIEM)

All modern drugs that are registered for use on the territory of the Russian Federation are made on the basis of hyaluronic acid and differ in density.

These are problems associated with a lack of volume, asymmetry, age-related changes: pocket wrinkles, omission of the corners of the lips. In some cases, it can even disguise the patient’s orthodontic problems, for example, add volume to the lower lip with a distal bite, when the lower jaw recedes slightly.

If the patient does not have allergic reactions to anesthetics, the procedures are always performed under local anesthesia, and in this case they become painless. Some drugs contain an anesthetic in their composition. It also helps reduce discomfort during the procedure, but often results in more swelling after injections.

There are several basic techniques for the introduction of fillers, they can be combined as needed and to achieve the result desired by the patient. Now there are many names of so-called authoring techniques, but these names often have no semantic meaning and are simply a combination of well-known methods. The most important thing in contouring for a doctor is the correct choice of a drug in accordance with the patient’s wishes, perfect knowledge of the structure of the face and, of course, the layer into which the drug will be injected, understanding how work with age-related characteristics of the lips in patients (pocket wrinkles, loss of elasticity and volume). And for the patient, it is important to choose a licensed clinic, a certified specialist and a certified drug in the Russian Federation.

It is possible, but usually we do not start working with them with the introduction of fillers. Depending on the age of the patient, it is worth first working on the quality of his skin with the help of devices and preparations that improve density and work with microrelief. Eliminate the cause of purse-string wrinkles, that is, hypertonicity of the circular muscle of the mouth, with the help of botulinum toxin. And only after that to carry out the correction with fillers.

Yes, this can be achieved.

The duration of the effect is individual, it depends on the activity of the patient’s enzyme system, his lifestyle (for example, sports, bathing or sauna can affect the duration of the effect), as well as the density of the selected drug.

Until now, there are no unequivocally proven recipes for maintaining the initial effect of lip correction as long as possible.

Individual activity of the enzyme system of the body, features of metabolism, lifestyle, density of the selected drug. Also, do not forget that patients visually get used to their new volumes, they begin to seem smaller.

Acute diseases or exacerbations of chronic ones, herpetic eruptions, dermatitis in the conduction zone, collagenosis (systemic diseases of the connective tissue), pregnancy, lactation. Individual intolerance to the components of the drug, etc.

If there is a permanent gel (biopolymer) on the lips and if the patient already has a clear overfilling in the lip area.

Hypercorrection, contour (when the gel protrudes noticeably like bumps on the lips), asymmetry, exacerbation of herpes infection, granuloma formation, secondary infection, microbial films, allergic and contact dermatitis, tissue ischemia. These complications arise for various reasons: non-compliance with the doctor’s recommendations, unsanitary conditions for the procedure, insufficiently qualified specialist. Also, the cause may be the individual characteristics of the patient’s body, too frequent corrections and an excessive amount of medicine on the lips.

For several days, it is not recommended to use lipstick, foundation and other cosmetics in the injection area so that cosmetics do not get into the wounds. It is advisable not to visit the dentist for 7-10 days, so that the filling does not move from the rubber dam, etc. If bruises on the lips, infections or exacerbation of infections appear, it is better to immediately consult with your doctor and get individual recommendations.

Filler migration occurs if a preparation has been chosen that is too dense for a given patient or if too much volume has been injected. The padding literally “doesn’t have enough room” in the tissues. The drug can also migrate with the wrong injection technique. In this case, it must be removed immediately and to avoid excessive stretching of the tissue.

There is a drug that can break down fillers, but only those made from hyaluronic acid. Biopolymers can only be removed surgically.

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