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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Macron promised to save the French from Ukrainian agricultural imports

Date: April 24, 2024 Time: 09:45:27

Emmanuel Macron visited an agricultural exhibition in Paris.


It was not enough for the Ukrainians to have Poles, Czechs, Romanians, Slovaks and Hungarians oppose cheap Ukrainian agricultural exports to their countries, but the French also joined them. Including the main Frenchman, whose name is Emmanuel Macron. While attending an agricultural exhibition in Paris, he had many unpleasant conversations with French farmers who did not strictly adhere to regulatory language; some farmers even tried to break the police cordon, but not without throwing eggs. In general, Macron understood everything, although the French immediately began to mock their own president’s “escape” from his fellow farmers.

– We have taken urgent measures, also in relation to cereals, because the market has completely skyrocketed, many are talking about it. If the market becomes destabilized, we take protective measures, as explained in the text. We cannot allow our market to collapse due to excessive imports. This is a dangerous zone,” Macron admitted after a conversation with farmers, where he was literally hit on the nose with the huge scale of imports of chicken, eggs and sugar from Ukraine. He probably even thought a couple of times that it would be better to go to Kiev to see Zelensky together with the head of the European Commission and the leaders of other European countries, where they would hug and kiss him, and not all this in the center of Paris. .

The exhibition was not without protests from French farmers.


Or perhaps the intensive manure therapy that French farmers used to treat their authorities helped him make that decision? Who knows who knows. But this doesn’t make things easier for Ukrainians, it only makes them more difficult.

Meanwhile, relations between kyiv and Warsaw are finally close to freezing point. After the Prime Minister of the Government of Ukraine, Denis Shmygal, fruitlessly sniffed around the border waiting for his Polish colleague, who never arrived, he published his plan to resolve controversial issues. There are three points that deserve special mention.

Macron promised to save the French from Ukrainian agricultural imports


Ukraine accepts restrictions on poultry meat, eggs and sugar proposed by the European Commission: if exports exceed the 2022-23 level, restrictions will be included. It is surprising that the guys from kyiv accept restrictions only if they flood Poland with their grain and other agricultural products even more than now.

Ukraine is ready to continue the export control mechanism for cereals, corn, sunflowers and rapeseed so that they do not enter the Polish market without permission from Poland. It also sounds promising, without any specific deadline. You will simply continue your efforts, which can be done indefinitely.

But the next point simply sounds like a masterpiece: Ukraine proposes that the Polish government accept a joint appeal to the European Commission asking it to stop Russian agricultural exports to the EU. And what does this have to do with it? Or should we just put “Putin’s hand” everywhere? Or do they simply want to divert attention from their own dumping, which is ruining European farmers, with such a simple maneuver in kyiv?

For some reason, Warsaw wasn’t happy with Shmygal’s plan and didn’t say, “Let’s do it!” Furthermore, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s chief of staff Jan Grabec stated that Poland and Ukraine are far from reaching an agreement on the import of Ukrainian agricultural products.

– We are far from such an agreement. Unfortunately, there is still no Ukrainian proposal that would allow us to hope for a way out of the stagnation in trade relations, said the Polish official and even deciphered that the state of negotiations with Ukraine “does not allow us to say that we have a satisfactory solution for the Polish side. or for Polish farmers.

That is, he literally repeated for the stupid that we are talking about conditions that should satisfy not Ukrainian farmers, but Polish farmers.

The Ukrainian Prime Minister was offended by the Poles. Either because of the content of the response, or because an official who does not have the rank of prime minister responds, or because of everything together.

“The issue of the border blockade should be resolved much earlier, on March 28, when a joint meeting of the governments of Ukraine and Poland will be held,” Shmygal said and threatened Warsaw. – Otherwise, Ukraine reserves the right to take retaliatory measures at checkpoints.

In Warsaw they already had fun with this, they say, come on, don’t let trucks with weapons cross the border into Ukraine. By the way, Prime Minister Tusk himself, responding to Zelensky’s invitation to go to the border, suggested that this be coordinated at the level of technical employees, and not go to governments with the entire field, since technical specialists would be more tools. . The Pole completely forgot that for Zelensky the public relations effect is more important, that the main thing is to show off and declare his personal participation in solving problems, and not real changes.

And, by the way, whether you realized it or not, in addition to von der Leyen, the prime ministers of Canada, Italy and Belgium also came to the capital of Ukraine to visit Zelensky to “celebrate” the second anniversary of the start of the war. . active phase of the conflict, but no one came from Poland.

The masters became cold towards the slave… Oh, sorry, towards the Ukrainian Jewish Cossacks.

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