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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Mail “SOYUZ”: How can a Belarusian become self-employed in Russia? – russian newspaper

Date: June 20, 2024 Time: 11:28:04


How can a Belarusian become self-employed in Russia?

“I read the article “Your own worker” in your newspaper. It turns out that not only Russians, but also EAEU citizens can obtain self-employment status. I have a Belarusian passport, but lately I have been living in Russia. Can I work self-employed? What is needed for this? Will I be entitled to 10,000 rubles bonus to pay taxes? Thank you. Daria M.”

In fact, it is not only possible to work as a self-employed person with a Russian passport. In accordance with art. 5 of Federal Law N 422-FZ of November 27, 2018, citizens of the Eurasian Economic Union, i.e. Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, can register in Russia as self-employed workers. Then you fall into this category. To register, it is enough to have a TIN and an account in the Personal Account of an individual taxpayer.

If you do not have a TIN, in accordance with the principle of extraterritoriality of the Federal Tax Service of Russia and clause 7 of Art. 83 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, can be obtained at any inspection office that works with individuals within five working days. To do this you will need an application and a passport. After receiving the TIN, you can also obtain a login password for your Personal Account at the inspection office. Next, you will need to download the “My Taxes” app on your phone and register using your personal account login password. Additionally, a web version of the account is available for freelancers.

By becoming self-employed, you will have the same responsibilities and privileges as Russians, including the right to a tax deduction of 10,000 rubles. He can learn more about the tax regime, the procedure for paying taxes, and also read answers to the most popular questions on the special website npd.nalog.ru.


Is it possible to use a DVR on a car windshield in Russia?

“I often travel to Russia in my car for work. I have a suction cup DVR installed on my windshield. I didn’t understand very well from the Internet that in Russia the rules for operating a car seem to have changed. So now can I install a DVR on the windshield? Igor P.”

On September 1, a decree of the Government of the Russian Federation came into force in Russia, amending the list of faults and conditions under which the operation of vehicles is prohibited (Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of May 27, 2023 N 837 “On modifications to the Basic Regulations for the Admission of Vehicles…”). The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia explained that for the average motorist, in general, nothing has changed either in terms of administrative liability for violations or in terms of requirements for vehicles when participating in road traffic, with the exception of certain characteristics.

Thus, the circulation of vehicles with winter tires has been prohibited throughout the summer period and the circulation of passenger cars of category M1 (passenger cars with no more than 8 seats, not counting the driver’s seat) and small trucks of category N1 (with a weight no more than 3.5 tons) is prohibited without winter tires during the entire winter period. The regulations prohibiting the operation of a vehicle with a defective anti-lock braking system (ABS) are reflected if this is provided for by the factory equipment of the vehicle. The types of breakdowns of the vehicle’s power supply and exhaust systems are formulated in more detail. Requirements for the power supply system of engines operating on gas (LPG) equipment have been specified.

Regarding detailing the types of vehicle visibility violations, there have been no changes in the new List compared to the one used previously. Provision according to which the operation of a car is prohibited if objects that restrict visibility are installed on its windshield, except for rear-view mirrors, windshield wiper parts, external and radio antennas applied or integrated into the glass, windshield defrosting heating elements. and drying devices have been used before. It does not include a prohibition on the use of a DVR if the specified technical device does not interfere with visibility.


When will the Crane festival take place in the Yelnya swamp?

“In mid-September we are planning a car trip with friends to Belarus. I would very much like to go on an excursion to the swamps and also see the cranes. Friends said that in the Yelnya swamps there is even a special holiday – “Cranes”. And when? Nadezhda K.”

Since 2012, the ecological festival “Cranes and cranes of the Miory region” has been held in September in the Miory region. The place and time of this unusual holiday were not chosen for a reason: it is in September that the blueberry harvest season begins here, and the local Yelnya swamp occupies the first place in Belarus in terms of reserves of these berries. In addition, the Miory region annually hosts more than four thousand sandhill cranes and tens of thousands of geese of various species, which during the autumn migration stop to rest in the Yelnya swamp.

As the Miory District Executive Committee informed us, this year the holiday will be celebrated on September 23. This is the Vitebsk region. The main festivities will take place in the city park “Peninsula”. Guests of the festival will be able to take part in ecological games, listen to performances by artists, dance, taste blueberry sweets and dishes of national Belarusian cuisine. It will also be possible to buy agricultural products: honey, tea, original souvenirs made by local artisans and, of course, blueberries.

During the day, special buses will leave every hour from the “Peninsula” urban park to the crane habitat in the surrounding fields. The tours will be conducted by professional ornithologists. By the way, from Miory, about 10 kilometers, the Yelnya swamp ecological trail begins.

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