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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Meanwhile in the local market. 7 regional brands to follow

Date: June 25, 2024 Time: 10:55:04

Being in a continuous search for interesting local projects, the editors of BURO. launches a series of materials in which all attention will be focused on the Russian market and on brands unknown (still) to a wide audience. First of all, we will identify regional brands that do not have boutiques in Moscow and St. Petersburg, which means that they are definitely worth following, at least on social networks.

WHO: Daria Norkina created the brand after graduating from the British School of Design, but she did not stay to conquer the capital and returned to her hometown, Tyumen. The production was located here, as recalled by the coordinates 65°32.0597’0” on the product label. The meaning of the brand is encrypted in its name. Dasha draws inspiration from the history and nature of Siberia, as well as another integral association of the North: oil. Rock structures and oil stains become key motifs in the collections’ prints. The glow of the core in ultraviolet light and the “crisp” white of snow mark the color combination, while the ascetic cut of work overalls from the 1950s to 1970s forms the basis of the basic clothing line.

WHAT: Handmade jacket “Iz Svetlitsa”, floor-length dress “Ant” and eco-leather bomber jacket “Eco Miracle Light”

WHERE TO FIND: n97store.ru or @n97_norkinadaria

WHO: Liliya Galimova opened the brand in 2016 under the name Gray Store. After a while, the designer realized that a rebrand was necessary: ​​her slogan was the phrase la vie est belle (from French, “life is beautiful”). DNA contains a corresponding lifestyle, in which there is room for the play of images and a feeling of endless celebration. Hence the name three, which means “very”, “very”. Of course, the reboot also affected the assortment: if at first you could find knitted suits and cotton T-shirts in the boutique, today you can find a complete base for Parisian chic.

WHAT: Cranberry Sorbet Ruffle Dress, Milky Oversized Jacket, Paris Grandma Structured Jacket

WHERE TO LOOK: tres.su or @tres_concept

WHO: The b25.08 brand owes its appearance to founder Vlad Konyaev’s trip to Barcelona. As you can guess, it took place on August 25, 2018, which is reflected in the name. A small team of followers of deconstructivism is in charge of creating the collections. Designers use classic techniques and add something new to them in unison with the brand codes. The brand, according to information on social networks and on the website, challenges society with imposed norms and patterns of behavior.

WHAT: Ruffle Chiffon Petticoat, Black Sweater Jacket, and Floor-Length Taped Jacket

WHERE TO FIND: b2508.ru, trendisland.ru or @b25.08

WHO: Family brand Anastasia Orlova has connected (pardon the pun) several generations. Mother, grandmother and even in-laws participate in the production. Along with the expansion of the team of artisans, the project, which was initially conceived as a monobrand of knitted hats, grew into completely different collections of hats. At the same time, the brand’s most striking item remains the caps, sprinkled with iridescent sequins.

WHAT: mini cashmere hat with lurex, red scarf and cotton scarf

WHERE TO LOOK: tetebonnet.ru or @tete.bonnet

WHO: The founder of the brand, Olya Miklina, is a psychologist by training, but this did not prevent her, after 12 years of work in her specialty, from dedicating herself to the business of her dreams. In 2016, she opened a small custom tailoring studio and, within 8 years, the project acquired a large workshop, as well as a recognizable and bright style, inspired by folklore, hippie aesthetics and the 1970s-1980s. The name refers to the Soviet musical group “Yalla” from the same era, as well as the founder’s favorite fairy tale: “The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors”, with the main characters named Olya and Yalo.

WHAT: “Samurai” loose-fitting jacket, “Jung” knit hat, and wide-striped soft flannel pants

WHERE TO FIND: yallo-brand.com or @yallo_brand

WHO: Stylists and bloggers Ekaterina Rylkova and Ekaterina Shlafman (formerly also a dentist) decided to create a brand in 2022 when they felt that there was a lack of boutiques in their hometown where they could find comfortable everyday clothing that could easily be combined with each other. . The muse of the brand is a girl who chooses herself under any circumstances. This is how the name Faktura arose: in the first meaning, it is a reference to skin-friendly, monochrome and perfect-fitting fabrics, and in the second, it is a reference to a bright girl, to whom it is impossible. pass without feeling the magnetism of it.

WHAT: “Legend of Autumn” faux leather bomber jacket, Roza skirt with 3D flowers and gray double-breasted jacket

WHERE TO LOOK: fakturabrand.ru or @faktura_brand

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