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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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“Mom, I’m shaking”: SHAMAN invited a girl from Lugansk to his concert

Date: June 20, 2024 Time: 11:03:23

Irina Gladysheva, Lisa and Makar Skotnikov with a T-shirt for SHAMAN

Photo: Alexandra BUDAEVA


“I am Liza Skotnikova, I am 13 years old and I am from Luhansk. I am grateful to SHAMAN that his work and songs make me stronger and convince me that the brightest path for my Luhansk is to be in Russia. I love to read, and now I am writing my book. I love animals very much and together with my brother I help my mom-zoo as a volunteer in work with homeless animals. I have parents and brother Makar, he is 10 years old, and we really wanted to go to your concert. Let your songs be known and the whole world sing along. Liza, Lugansk, Donetsk People’s Republic, Russia”, – on July 30 at a concert in Novomoskovsk, SHAMAN read a letter from a 13-year-old girl. She lives in Lugansk, goes to a gym, listens to SHAMAN and with her brother they dreamed of going to her concert in the DPR, but it didn’t work out. But on July 30, Liza with her mother Irina Gladysheva and her brother Makar attended a concert of her favorite artist.

“I’m like in a dream,” Makar admitted.

– We didn’t expect anything like this. The children have just written him a letter. And then the artist’s representatives contacted us and offered to come to Novomoskovsk, – Irina Gladysheva told a KP.RU correspondent.

Apparently, SHAMAN himself did not expect such a thing: he found out that Liza and her family were present at the Khimik stadium, where the concert took place, when he was on stage.

– I am about to faint. Liza, I’m glad you are here, – the singer turned to the audience. She did not see the girl: the stage lighting blinded her eyes.

Then the girl confesses: she was surprised when her favorite artist began to read her letter. “Mommy, I’m shaking all over,” she clung to her mother, Irina Gladysheva. And then she with difficulty she chose the words for her, remembering this moment:

– I’m so happy. I still can’t believe what happened today, that it’s all real.

Makar and Liza Skotnikov at Flagman restaurant with SHAMAN

Photo: Alexandra BUDAEVA


The audience also could not believe what was happening: he arrived at the SHAMAN concert (“in the world” – Yaroslav Dronov) by helicopter (more details here)

– This is their best show, and I saw 11 of them! -admired one of her admirers Natalya Ivanovna. – He is our diamond, so sincere, so talented! Where did they hide it from us?

In fact, of course, the artist did not hide: in 2013 he took third place in the “Factor A” show and received a special award from Alla Pugacheva, in 2014 he took second place in “Voice”. In 2020, he took the pseudonym SHAMAN, and in 2022 he became super popular thanks to the songs “Stand Up” and “I’m Russian”.

He recently filmed a video for the new song “My Boy”, which has already garnered over 3 million views on YouTube in just 10 days.

– The video for the song “My Fight” was filmed in the cities of Krasnodon and Snezhnaya, as part of a tour of Novorossia in 2023, – SHAMAN told the kp.ru correspondent. – I wanted to shoot a clip with vivid emotions and real heroes. What happened is actually a documentary, it is a chronicle.

The hall reacted to the song “My Fight” with thunderous applause. Also, the evening of surprises continued with the amazing performance of the world famous ballet dancer Sergei Polunin with the song “Let’s Get Up”.

– In the dance you do not feel pain or fatigue. And this song became fateful: I put her to dance after an injury, this number is my return to ballet. For the first time, Yaroslav and I showed it in the Crocus City Hall. Then I heard how passionately he talks about his dream to build a stadium in his hometown, and I couldn’t help but help. For this performance, I added new elements to the dance, – said Sergei Polunin

Looking at his movements, the stands whispered: “This is something incredible”, “As if the soul was torn to the heights.”

Photo: Alexandra BUDAEVA


– His songs seem so sincere, – admitted the GITIS actor Vladimir Pletnev, who performed with SHAMAN at a concert in the Kremlin on May 9.

– Yaroslav immediately catches her voice. He is so expressive. A true shaman, – argued the fans in the crowd.

– I love you! – shouted, finally, one of the fans from the stands, and SHAMAN laughed: “I love you too, dear!”

The concert at the Khimik stadium in Novomoskovsk became special for the artist. This city is his home. In the local restaurant “Flagman” he sang as a teenager, here he is recognized in the parks, and in the store they can easily ask his father Yuri Dronov: “How is Yaroslav?”

– It is very responsible to perform in my hometown, here, at the stadium – my native residents of the city, my father, my mother. For everything to go as it should, even the good weather had to be “shamanized,” the singer joked.

He surprised his fellow citizens with an unusual idea: he flew to the stadium by helicopter and delivered a suitcase painted in the colors of the Russian flag to a man in black glasses and a formal suit (very similar to an agent of an elite security service) under camera barrels. After the artist’s departure, at the end of the concert, the same ‘security guard’ appeared on stage, and a 60-second countdown began on giant screens. As soon as the clock showed 00:00, fireworks broke out with the song “I am Russian”, which became the brilliant final point of the enchanting show. The whole stadium looked at him with admiration, as if enraptured.

Photo: Alexandra BUDAEVA

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