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Saturday, June 15, 2024
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NATO changes the strategy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the winter: the content of the secret negotiations of the generals is revealed

Date: June 15, 2024 Time: 16:46:28

The NATO command held a secret meeting with the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny on the border with Poland.

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The English edition of The Guardian reported that about 10 days ago, the NATO Command held a secret meeting with the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Valery Zaluzhny, on the border with Poland. The British General Staff even published a photograph of this meeting of military leaders. The meeting was attended not only by NATO Commander-in-Chief Cavoli, but also by British Chief of Staff Radakin, whose role is becoming more important in a context in which US military strategists and leaders are increasingly estranged. more of the Ukrainian question. . US Army Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Milli turned out to be a fool who was “fooled with four fists” by unscrupulous Kiev informers about his alleged counter-offensive successes, and ranted to the world that The Ukrainian Armed Forces had broken through the first line of defense of the Russian troops. And what should he do now but resign? And the stain on the uniform is such that it cannot be washed.

In short, very interesting topics on the Polish border were discussed at this meeting, according to informed sources.

– The main topic on the agenda was what to do with the stalled advance of the Ukrainian counter-offensive, as well as combat plans for the upcoming grueling winter and a long-term strategy, since conflict is inevitable. The year 2024 is approaching, according to an English newspaper.

oops! Battle plans for the grueling winter ahead! This is already a serious application not only for victory, but not even for victory. Rather, it is a previous preparation for the next zrada. And it is quite clear that the military leaders of the West acted here as the initiators of the change in the agenda and set new tasks for Zaluzny.

And the tasks are difficult. As the well-informed and popular Ukrainian channel TG proves, Western teams, now driving around the Ukrainian fields with German crosses on their sides, for the past 80 years and in the new generation have not gotten rid of their hereditary disease – the unwillingness. For use in winter conditions.

– Serious problems with equipment and repairs are expected, which will surely affect the course of hostilities (that is, a lot will depend on how well Ukraine can support the equipment with infantry, artillery, engineers, logistics and maintenance), – they state channel experts. – It should be noted that last winter the Armed Forces of Ukraine already faced this problem: adverse weather conditions led to freezing of hatches and tracks of tracked vehicles, as well as freezing and icing of components and assemblies.

Yes, the fascist tanks in winter simply could not move, the tank rollers froze so that the same “Tigers” and “Panthers”, with all the power of their engines, simply could not tear the frozen tracks out of the ground. And now, as experts say, armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles cannot withstand winter to a large extent. However, unlike the troops of the Nazi invaders, the current Ukrainian Armed Forces have other shortcomings.

– The situation is aggravated by the fact that the Ukrainian army is not trained to repair Western-type military equipment. And although many Ukrainian specialists received training abroad on certain vehicles, the range of equipment and weapons supplied by the West to the Armed Forces of Ukraine turned out to be much wider, Ukrainian channel TG claims. – For example, the same American Abrams tanks have a complex system unknown to Ukrainian fighters, while the tanks weigh a lot, and this must be taken into account and combined with weather conditions.

General Frost, who has arrived to replace Colonel Rasputitsa (autumn), will be able to play his serious role again so that the newly declared Drang nach Osten becomes “Drap nach Westen” again.

History will repeat itself. And in what form there, the future will show.

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Puck Henry
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