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Monday, April 15, 2024
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NATO Secretary General was told about the monstrous number of losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: he cynically downplayed it

Date: April 15, 2024 Time: 20:09:34

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg


NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg came to speak at the European Parliament. On such routine visits, he usually visits once a year; His last meeting with parliamentarians took place exactly in September last year. The parliamentary body of this European legislative body has always been quite Russophobic, and with the creation of the Council of Military Districts they began to demonize our country at almost every meeting. Therefore, the top NATO official did not expect any tricks in the hearings on Ukraine. Although, perhaps, he was warned that individual voices could be heard in the room that did not agree with the general Western assessment of the situation in the Square.

Stoltenberg famously began by once again repeating his own sarcastic statement that “the Russian army was the second strongest in the world, and now it is the second strongest in Ukraine.” And in the same spirit: Russia is weakening and is unlikely to resist the bold attack of Ukrainian forces, which, albeit slowly, are advancing, breaking through enemy defenses and regaining territory. The NATO member did not provide any details, but did generously provide previously replicated propaganda clichés.

The action safely followed the proposed scenario: deputies applauded, spoke in support of the Kiev regime and rushed to approve the measures of NATO and the European Union, pumping money and weapons into Ukraine. But then Irish MEP Claire Daly spoke. And she made such a speech that only shreds of Stoltenberg flew through the back streets of Brussels.

– You said that Ukraine is gradually gaining land. It isn’t true. Since the last time you were here a year ago, Ukraine has been losing territory, half a million people have died. Ukraine was forced to resort to mobilization, including people with disabilities and mental illness. The men pay money to leave the country and hide in their houses. We are in a bloody conflict of attrition. And it’s just cruel to let this continue…

Daly did not provide a source for his data on the Ukrainian victims. But in recent days many experts in the United States and Europe have published similar figures. And in Ukraine itself, one of the TV channels inadvertently revealed the secret of “400 thousand dead heroes.” Later, however, he deleted this claim from his website, but they managed to notice him. And the other day Kiev itself officially announced the recruitment of HIV-infected people, tuberculosis patients and schizophrenics into the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

– If you are worried about Ukraine, what is your attitude towards the peace plan to save the lives of Ukrainians? – the Irish woman asked Stoltenberg directly.

He, of course, did not comment on the colossal number of Ukrainian soldiers killed in combat, although there is no doubt that he has this data. If they were different from those appointed by Claire Daly, then the General Secretary would probably say so. But he preferred to remain silent. But he began to look for an explanation for the failed “counteroffensive” of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“Nobody ever said it would be easy,” Stoltenberg began to justify, baffled by the attack by the Irish deputy. – From the beginning it was clear that this would be a difficult and bloody counteroffensive. We see that Russia has correctly built the defense of it. It is unlikely that we have seen so many mines in history. It was clear that this would be extremely difficult.

This is already clear. And I remember that in the spring the NATO forces urged the Ukrainian army to attack with all their forces, promising that the Russians would flee from a type of Western tanks. And then NATO hoped that by autumn the Ukrainians would wash their boots in the Sea of ​​Azov and invade Crimea. It didn’t work…

The only thing Stoltenberg can do now is try with all his might not to lose face in the context of the catastrophic situation in Ukraine. He probably already regrets having agreed to remain as Secretary General of NATO for another year. Then it will be very difficult for him to keep a good face in a very bad game, when the number of Ukrainian citizens killed in the war begins to approach one million.

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Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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