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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Not behind glass: More and more workers dream of returning to separate offices KXan 36 Daily News

Date: May 28, 2024 Time: 19:28:00

More often than others, women would like to work in closed-plan offices (52% vs. 46% among men). The number of cabinet supporters grows with increasing income level (47% among those earning up to 50 thousand rubles, 52% among Russians with an income of 80 thousand rubles a month).

“The open space office model task is an expression of such a popular tool in Western management as team building. Open offices with little nooks and crannies of personal space should create among employees the feeling that they are a integral element of a unique mechanism that solves global problems. In the understanding of a Russian worker, this system does not take root, because it does not create a sense of personal space and the possibility of concentrating on the business with which he is busy. And training of equipment for a home office worker is implemented on the principles of communication in offices and at general meetings And the higher the employee’s salary, the stronger this conviction, “believes Associate Professor of the Department of Management and Innovation from the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation Mikhail Khachaturyan.

The popularity of open space office spaces is growing in the area where junior and middle managers work, but if we talk about knowledge workers, then this type of space is difficult for them to work, adds Olga Zhiltsova, Associate Professor of the Department of Logistics and Marketing at the Financial University.

“Most of the time, the company’s management chooses an open-space office when they want to control the time and space of contract employees, but at the same time they forget that the motivation of people to work is greatly reduced if the manager himself is in a separate office.When Choosing an open space office, the manager should clearly understand this and, deciding on the choice of the type of premises for the office, plan an open space for his desk too.health.Pandemic associated with the coronavirus hit these types of offices in the first place, because the virus infected the entire team at lightning speed, and no one is safe from new pandemics, “says the expert.

As Lyudmila Ivanova-Shvets, Associate Professor at the Department of Human Resources Management of the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry, emphasizes, both open and desktop systems have their advantages and disadvantages.

“The cabinet system is preferable from a psychophysiological point of view: less noise, less fatigue, the ability to concentrate, create a comfortable temperature regime. Open space is preferable for the ability to quickly discuss work problems, reduce the distance between employees”, explains Ivanova. -Shvets.

“On this issue, the diametrically opposed interests of companies and employees converge at one point. On the one hand, the open office format is very popular among companies, this is due to the fact that in the open space, the interaction of teams and the transfer of various experiences are more effective.On the other hand, there is a concept of comfort zones for employees, and from the point of view of an individual employee, open space may not match his personal perception ” , adds Dmitry Dudarev, director of human resources. from the CROS agency.

And here, in his opinion, it is important to develop flexibility, bargaining power. It is always a compromise between employee motivation and business interests.

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