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Friday, March 1, 2024
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OBEP from the main road

Date: March 1, 2024 Time: 08:20:03

Nikita Efremov’s hero searches the main book to find the Meaning. Photo: Still from the film.


Suspense, fantasy.

No, this is not a production melodrama about the head of the library, but a film adaptation of the sensational 2007 novel of the same name by Mikhail Elizarov.

Failed actor Alexei Vyazintsev (Nikita Efremov) goes to a small town to sell his father’s apartment, who died under very mysterious circumstances. By chance, Vyazintsev learns about the existence of underground libraries. Its members are sure that the books of the Soviet writer Gromov have magical properties. If read aloud, they awaken Rage, Patience, Power, Joy, Strength, and Memory. And the rarest book is capable of making sense. The libraries are at enmity with each other and often organize bloody battles. What is the meaning of the Book of Meaning?

Other actors: Evgenia Dmitrieva, Andrei Merzlikin, Mikhail Trukhin, Igor Zolotovitsky, Marina Vorozhishcheva, Sergei Epishev, Mikhail Troinik, Konstantin Itunin.

Where to see: Wink cinemas online, More.tv.


Captain Firsova (Anna Popova) faces off alone against a gang of uniformed werewolves. Photo: Still from the film.

Exciting detective.

Captain Evgenia Firsova (Anna Popova) is investigating the murder of her boss, Major Platonov. To her horror, she discovers that an extensive criminal organization operates within OBEP. A large number of contract killings of police officers are only on the conscience of this gang. Firsova is not ready for compromises and she will not turn a blind eye to lawlessness. But what is a woman who has challenged a powerful structure to do? The life of the brave captain is in danger. At the same time, his family is falling apart…

Cast: Anna Popova, Mikhail Gorevoy, Agrippina Steklova, Ivan Agapov.


Monday – Thursday, 20.00.

“Mystery of the Lost Village”

They come to look at the stray Muscovite (Maria Gorban) as if she were a strange bird. Photo: Still from the film.

absurd comedy.

In the town of Lower Brody, all the inhabitants suddenly disappeared. Cattle on the spot, things, documents… A cup of tea on the table is still steaming, but there are no people. Metropolitan TV journalist Tanya Blok (Maria Gorban) understands that this is her last chance to make a career and begins an investigation. You have to develop one version crazier than the other. Did the sirens drown people? There is such a legend…

The series imitates the filming of a documentary, as if it were not a movie, but an investigation. They filmed “The Secret…” without scenery, in an authentic remote town.

Cast: Maria Gorban, Philip Yershov, Olga Yergina, Dmitry Nikulin, Denis Kosyakov, Sergei Druzhko.


Monday – Thursday 20:00.


Television is slowly but surely slipping into a summer hibernation, when first-runs give way to reruns of the best.

Therefore, Channel One repeats “Magomaev” (Monday to Thursday, 22.00), a biopic about a great artist with Milos Bikovich in the main role.

And the channel “Russia 1” broadcasts the historical drama “Sofia” (from Monday to Thursday, 14:55) about the fateful role of the Byzantine princess Zoya Palaiologos (at baptism – Sofia) in the history of the formation of the Russian state . Starring Maria Andreeva.

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