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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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On the right breast there is a crooked implant, the stomach hangs in a piece – one of the victims of the surgeon Khaidarov achieved justice

Date: April 17, 2024 Time: 21:38:41

Timur Khaidarov.

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the post on the social network.

The silicon scandal continues. Recall that a month ago, the singer Slava publicly announced that the media surgeon Khaydarov mutilated her breasts. She was joined by Lyubov Uspenskaya, who was also not satisfied with the result. Gradually, the number of victims grew to 60 people, whom Slava and Uspenskaya’s lawyer Elena Senina united in an initiative group. In addition, a well-known lawyer filed some 30 complaints with various authorities. And it seems that the ice has broken. Last week, KP.RU already wrote that they began to contact the victims and offer compensation. We managed to talk to the first woman who the other day received 1,670,000 rubles for an unsuccessful complex operation.

Ekaterina found out about Timur Khaidarov while still living in Voronezh, where he was a star of plastic surgery. She first had a blepharoplasty done with him and she was satisfied with the result. She then decided on a complex operation: liposuction, abdominoplasty and mammoplasty. I had to queue for a year and a half. During this time, prices for Khaidarov plastic literally skyrocketed. For the transformation of him, Catherine had to pay a round sum. And after the bandages were removed, all the “defects” became visible, which did not disappear and did not “resolve” even almost a year after the surgical intervention. The woman visited five doctors, all of whom unanimously declared that the resulting deformities had nothing to do with her body characteristics.

And when the singer Slava publicly announced that she, too, was dissatisfied with the result, Lyubov Uspenskaya joined her, and the lawyer Elena Senina began to check the activities of the star doctor according to the letter of the law; all this gave Catherine confidence.

Lawyer Elena Senina and singer Slava

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the post on the social network.

“I wrote a pre-trial claim to the Olimp clinic, where I was operated on. They apologized to me and invited me to a medical commission, during which it became clear that everything had to be redone. The money was then returned, in cash. The implant is crooked in the right breast. For a year I have suffered discomfort and I sleep badly for this reason. The stomach also pulls, plus it hangs on an ugly piece that I can’t even pull. They told me that the muscular framework was broken there, and that is why not all doctors take care of the alteration. In short, a tough one. Also, in the future I will have to go through another anesthesia, although after the first one I already lost half of my hair. But it is impossible to live with such a figure. I will have to redo everything, ”Ekaterina told KP.RU.

According to the woman, the last time Khaidarov examined her was 4 months ago, 8 months after the operation. He assured her that it is necessary to do exercises for the abdomen, take medicine and then everything will pass, or redo it. The miracle did not happen, and the photos are more eloquent than any words…


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