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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Opinion | The dilemma of the PNV: Lion’s head on the right or mouse tail on the left

Date: June 19, 2024 Time: 20:17:27

The right wing is hurt because someone has crushed its expectations, but it doesn’t have to go crazy. The game is not over. This has only started. He must recover his emotional and political stability, and apply practical intelligence to his new decisions, which are much broader than some want, if they know how to play them in a timely manner. In politics everything is based on negotiating with intelligence and skill. They can slam doors a few times, but if you know how to influence the needs and weaknesses of the other party, you can get their support. The key is to achieve a ‘win-win’, that all parties benefit. Then it will be necessary to know how to sell that success to the rest of the voters so that they can also enjoy it and visualize it.

The PP, like the PSOE, must look under the rocks for possible support and votes, although it must show more scruples than its rival, because sooner or later they take their toll. You have to mature things with patience until the piece comes out. To understand us. The main obstacle that Feijóo has, at least for now, to achieve his government is the refusal of the PNV to give him support. You can rightly say that the jeltzales have announced that they do not intend to vote for the right, which is the political zone that they represent, even if they hide it and do not want to come out of the closet to face their ideological truth. That almost always brings more advantages for being more sincere and honest.

The PNV is a party that feels comfortable maneuvering and agreeing with the left. It’s like the usual preference of brunettes to look blonde, and vice versa. But the first thing to do is put a mirror in front of them and break the pre-established mental framework to get the peneuvista leaders to appreciate the many advantages of supporting a change and for Feijóo to pay the bill, which could well include even a ministry of Industry or the presidency of Congress, to offer a couple of names. His comfort zone is not in the Pedro Sánchez supermarket where they are not valued as left and they are not considered one of their own within that amalgam of acronyms. After all, it is preferable to be the head of a lion than the tail of a cat, or even the tail of a mouse.

Undoubtedly, it has been the Basque society, led and directed by the PNV for more than 30 years -only with the exception of Patxi López from 2009 to 2012-, which have managed to make the Basque Country great and prosperous. The region will have the fiscal advantages that are wanted, but its politicians have known how to preserve them and fight for them to the end. We now find ourselves at a new political crossroads and we must act with determination and boldness. The PNV can let Bildu eat his slice of the cake, while he is Sánchez’s favourite, or it can get stronger and hit the table and change the political framework, leaving those of Otegi and company in opposition, without being able to show off their achievements or brag about anything, while they get the transfers, the economic and social support, the necessary reforms, the centrality of the country, etc.

Next year there are elections in the Basque Country, and the jeltzales need to regain specific weight, firmness and political effectiveness to continue being the party that leads the Basques to their great economic and social development. In front of them they have a very grown Bildu that they must stop achieving a change of strategy too before it is too late. A success in the relay is preferable to why I didn’t do anything… and let myself be carried away by the current so that the others would win. The PNV has suffered two electoral setbacks in two months, after the dismal result in the municipal elections in May. Something is wrong in the game and it’s obvious, but Andoni Ortuzar hasn’t quite seen it, what are you waiting for to get your act together and take the initiative? It is one thing to be conservative and maintain the good things in life, and quite another to be immobile and lose everything for fear of the future.

In addition, Vox would be forced not to enter the Government and support Feijóo’s investiture from outside to prevent Sánchez from governing, since otherwise his voters would not understand it and would end up penalizing his irrational attitude. In this way, the PNV could boast of having prevented Vox from being part of a national Executive. It would be the perfect image for the peneuvistas to deactivate two birds -Bildu and Vox- with a single impact. I refuse to think that the majority of Basque society despises the economic, social and political advantages that the PNV can achieve with a good agreement with Feijóo, whom it will be able to “convince” whenever it is precise and necessary.

The scruples of not voting with their own, that is, with the centrist and moderate right, can be expensive for the PNV. There is a lot at stake and it is time to know how to choose companies well, in the long term, and not with half measures that you do not know how they will end. The Basque society is mature and intelligent and knows that the best thing for all of them is a strong PNV in the Basque Country and a strong PNV in the Spanish State that cuts the cod instead of collecting the crumbs that the radical left gives it.

Finally, two basic ideas that Felipe González gave a few days ago about the political situation: “I am a supporter of pacts, especially centrality pacts. These strengthen not only democracy, but also the destiny of a country. When these centrality pacts disappear, the country weakens, becomes polarized, loses strength and credibility both internally and internationally.” Someone explain it to Pedro Sánchez for the umpteenth time. Or better still, that the president of the PNV published his own words from a couple of months ago: “Sánchez has not kept his word”; second part: “Sánchez has treated us like a Kleenex”. After this, green and with handles.

If I were more Basque than I already am, and I am one on my own merits because we Biscayans are born wherever we want, I would feel a bit annoyed for not fully understanding who the PNV is voting for and for, knowing how they None Pedro Sanchez. I hope that we all reconsider and forget about the past quarrels and scattering that one and the other have been able to cause and instead we put our batteries to solve the important things of the Basque Country and Spain. Let no one doubt it, we Basques have a lot at stake in this stake.

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Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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