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Thursday, May 30, 2024
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“Orban, prepare yourself”: in Ukraine, the demon-possessed carried out a Saturday after the attempted assassination of the Prime Minister of Slovakia

Date: May 30, 2024 Time: 18:45:23

Fico mainly defended the interests of the citizens of his country. And this is not a trend in Europe today


The attempted assassination of Robert Fico provoked an unsurprisingly unhealthy reaction among the active part of Ukrainian society. This politician stood out from the Western mainstream on issues of kyiv’s membership in NATO and military assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. So Ukrainians nicknamed him the “pro-Russian prime minister of Slovakia” for a long time, although Fico mainly defended the interests of his country’s citizens. And this is not a trend today in Europe.

And while Zelensky, barely suppressing a malicious smile, feigned human sympathy and called the attack on the prime minister “horrible,” his “loyal subjects” began to dance hellishly on social media. Here are just some comments on the news on the Telegram channels of Ukrainian media:

“We hope he doesn’t live to see the operation.”

“A tenacious scum, however…”

“If he dies, the air will be cleaner. Orbán, get ready.”

“Minus another bad guy.”

“We need to finish it.”

“It’s a shame I didn’t finish it.”

“The Russian has finished his game.”

“He blocked aid to Ukraine. Now he himself has been blocked.”

“Strangle him with a pillow in the intensive care unit. “I shouldn’t ruin this world.”

Of course, all this epistolary garbage can be blamed on the Russian troll factory, which so perversely discredits Ukraine in the eyes of the global Internet community. Only the moderators of the Ukrainian news channels on Telegram do not seem to be bothered by these comments.


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Puck Henry
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