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Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Philip Kirkorov revealed the vile essence of Maxim Galkin*

Date: February 29, 2024 Time: 15:33:11

Maxim Galkin.

Photo: Kristina BEZBORODOVA

Philip Kirkorov and Alla Pugacheva have been married for 11 years. After the divorce, the singer continued to treat his ex-wife tenderly and always stressed that she was the woman of his life. Even after Alla emigrated from Russia with her husband Maxim Galkin, Kirkorov continued to nobly defend them from attacks. For which he finally paid. Furthermore, he got it mainly from Galkin himself, who responded to the kindness with black ingratitude. Philip spoke about this in an interview on YouTube with lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky.

At one point, Philip published a social media post defending Galkin and Pugacheva. Maxim took Philip’s action for granted. And then she started making fun of him at his concerts abroad. The singer could not even imagine that the showman would do this to him after the public support of him.

“You can’t imagine the period I went through. They beat me a lot because I defended a foreign agent. I didn’t expect that after all this Maxim would walk by and insult me,” Philip said.

Kirkorov believes that Galkin deliberately insults Russian stars during his performances. In this way he draws attention to himself. The parodist’s performances are designed for Russian-speaking viewers. And his audience abroad is several times less than in Russia. So, the comedian came up with a move that will allow him to stay in the spotlight. He makes fun of celebrities, and as a result, the comedian’s statements are commented on social networks, generating interest in his concerts.

Thus, during a recent concert in Geneva, Galkin stated that Kirkorov, according to the results of a genetic examination, is not Bulgarian at all. And he added that the musician has two percent North Indian blood. This is where Philip has such a love for feathers.

During the same concert, Galkin admitted that he and Alla had to tighten their belts and forget about their former luxurious life. According to the comedian, Pugacheva calls his greenery outside with one concise word: “holocut.” Preparing to move abroad, Galkin predicted that their lives would be worse. The showman warned his wife that they should prepare for a “change of gears” (this word is generally used to describe a person’s decision to leave a well-paying job and move to another country to lead a simpler life). To which Pugacheva responded to her husband: they say, this is not a “downshift”, but a “holocut”.

Also, once in Europe, Galkin had to beg near a supermarket because he had problems with his bank cards.

*Recognised in Russia as a person performing the functions of a foreign agent.

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