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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Platforms in all areas of military medicine operate in the Army-2023 Forum

Date: May 28, 2024 Time: 19:19:29

Gennady Onishchenko

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

… – Gennady Grigorievich, this is an assistant to Academician Onishchenko. He has already visited Patriot Park several times, where this absolutely fantastic Army-2023 forum-exhibition takes place. If we consider this event from a medical point of view, the most impressive.

– First. Let me disagree with your assessment. I haven’t been, I work there all the time. And today, probably, I will be there too.

– I’m sorry.

– Yes – meetings, speeches, round tables. Since this center was established in Parque Patriota, I constantly participate in the events that take place here.

– What attracts attention this time?

– In the first place, the emphasis placed on the health of military personnel, on providing them with effective medical care, on those developments that are related to disease prevention. Never before has a specific team been presented to the “Army” in such a volume, to provide medical care, in fact, in the field.

– And more specifically?

– From elementary therapy to complex surgery. There is also everything necessary for working in extreme conditions for doctors of absolutely all specialties, from oculists to dentists. The forum has platforms in all areas of military medicine and general home health…

– And in the meetings, during the “round tables” what is being discussed, what are the main issues?

– In particular, we discussed in detail, both on Monday and Wednesday, in different formats, with a different number of neighboring departments, issues of ensuring biological safety. The main specialists of the Main Military Medical Directorate are employed there …

– Ministry of Defence.

– Of course, the Ministry of Defense. All directions are being drawn up, starting with assessing the health of tomorrow’s recruits and contractors. The Federal Biomedical Agency with its developments is represented on a large scale.

Manufacturers who seem to have nothing to do with medicine participate in the forum-exhibition. But, nevertheless, ours successfully demonstrate product samples of military and civilian agendas.

Of course, the national pharmaceutical industry, which is gaining momentum today, also offers its services in the forum. And, of course, a lot of attention is paid to scientific advances on vaccines, on vaccination approaches, on the creation of “vaccines of the future”…

I deliberately, for obvious reasons, do not touch on military topics too specifically. And in general, this is the first “Army”, where the medical aspect is presented, I think, adequately to the situation that we have today. The military-medical accent is quite noticeable here.

– That is, to some extent it is related to the ongoing special military operation. Did I understand you right?

– Well, I would say yes. A special military operation occupies a worthy place there, due attention is paid to it.

– Thank you very much, Gennady Grigorievich.

– Please.

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