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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Polewikas weave not only camouflage nets, but also crests – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: May 23, 2024 Time: 09:53:54

On the pages of “Dialogue” it has been written more than once about the production of camouflage nets by the Poles, with the help of which combat vehicles, command posts, trenches and firing points are transformed into a certain element of the landscape that does not stand out against the background of surrounding objects. This necessary work continues and develops. In early August, the volunteer movement “Networks of Good” acquired another area of ​​activity, “Loops of Good”, headed by Natalya Ostanina and Marina Medvedeva. Polevskaya seamstresses make helmets, an important piece of equipment that helps fighters go unnoticed. First, Natalya Alexandrovna and Marina Anatolyevna knitted balaclavas.

“My friend Natalya Sozontova brought the idea from Novosibirsk,” says Natalya Ostanina. She “she went to see her mother and she discovered that there the volunteers not only weave camouflage nets, but they also weave balaclavas.

“We came up with the idea, fortunately we know how to crochet,” Marina Medvedeva joins the conversation. – With balaclavas the head sweats less and the helmet fits more, they are mainly used by infantry.

– We started weaving shields after discovering that our guys in the Northern Military District area needed them more. Branches, camouflage tapes and grass are woven into the crest so that the helmet does not glare and the fighter’s head blends into the landscape. There is a task, all that remains is to find more workers to complete it,” explains Natalia Alexandrovna.

Alena Butorina was one of the first to join the field volunteer project “Loops of Good” for the production of camouflage helmets. She is sure that today everyone can contribute to the common cause of helping our children located in the Northern Military District area.

“I’ve known Natalya and Marina for a long time, so as soon as I found out they were knitting shields for our soldiers, I immediately joined. Previously, my colleagues and I also knitted socks and mittens for children in the Northern Military District and provided them with all possible help,” says Alena Leonidovna. – There are many weavers in Polevsky, uniting them in a common project is a great idea. Each of us who join the “Ties of Good” weaves everything we can at home. Among us there are both those who have recently picked up a crochet hook and those who knit, one might say, professionally. The main thing is that we do it in unison, eager to help our compatriots. Those who don’t know how to knit, but want to support, donate money for yarn.

To knit a crest, the “classic mesh” pattern is used. Those who crochet will understand what we are talking about, and those who don’t know how to knit can come to a knitters’ meeting and they will be taught. The movement’s volunteers meet at Yalunina, 11, at the Sovenok children’s center.

“Even children knit – the main thing is to have basic knowledge of knitting,” explains Marina Anatolyevna.

By the way, while we were talking, Natalia and Marina each wove a shield in just over an hour.

– If you have knitting skills, a crest can be knitted in two hours. We had started knitting, so we finished the garments while we talked. Nothing complicated, there is a proven pattern on how to knit. We developed the scheme carefully, took a real tactical helmet and tied it around it. Now we knit almost mechanically. We give a diagram to those who know how to read knitting patterns, and to those who need to be taught how to knit, we show them in detail,” says Marina.

15 rural girls who joined the voluntary crest weaving project received yarn from the project leaders and are weaving at home.

– We organize meetings in the studio as needed. Both new participants and those who already weave come to them, bringing them finished products. We do not limit knitting time, everyone works at their own pace. More than 30 shields have been tied up, we will send them to the Northern Military District area with the next batch of humanitarian aid.

We invite all country girls who know how to knit and crochet to join our friendly team. And if you don’t know how to knit but want to take part in a good deed, we will be happy to receive any possible financial help for the purchase of threads,” says Natalia Ostanina.

Now field seamstresses knit camouflage helmets, but winter is coming: soldiers will need warm clothes, socks and gloves. Anyone who wants to support our guys in the Northern Military District area and share with them the warmth of his soul can join the project.

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