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Friday, April 12, 2024
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Polyus supports vital projects for the north of the Irkutsk region KXan 36 Daily News

Date: April 12, 2024 Time: 20:43:47

One of the brightest examples is the reconstruction of the runway (runway) of the Bodaibo airport in the north of the Irkutsk region. The strip of land was built in 1944. In the off-season and during the rains, it gets so humid that flights sometimes have to be cancelled. In addition, now the runway can accept only old aircraft – An 24 and An 26. At the same time, Rosaviatsia included the Bodaibo airport in the list of priority objects of the comprehensive plan for the modernization and expansion of the main infrastructure only in 2020. The The willingness of the gold miners to finance the reconstruction project did not play the last role in this.

The client for the design work was the Lenzoloto gold mining company, which is part of Polyus. Last year, the project received a positive opinion from Russia’s Glavgosexpertiza and a construction contractor was selected.

– Now at the airport with force and main there are earthworks. Builders are importing additional equipment, inert materials – active pouring of concrete will begin next year, – said Roman Engelgardt, director of work with state bodies of the Irkutsk region of the Polyus company.

Recall that according to the state contract concluded in 2022, it is necessary to build an artificial runway, expanding it to 2.3 kilometers, a taxiway, a platform, an emergency station, a treatment plant and a patrol. Funds for construction are allocated by the federal budget.

– As the territory of the airfield increases, various residential buildings fall within its limits. Some of them are being resettled at state expense, and others have been taken over by Polyus. We evaluate houses, land and dependencies. Among these houses there are also municipal ones, where people live under social lease contracts. We offered these families to choose their own apartments on the secondary market, bought them and handed them over to the municipality for resettlement, Roman Engelhardt specified.

Another object, the construction of which has been moved from deadlock thanks to the “Pole”, is the bridge over the Vitim on the Bodaibo-Taksimo highway. It began to rise in the 80s of the last century, but the construction was frozen. Now you can cross the river by ferry or on ice. Out of season – and this is a total of three months a year – there is no crossing in principle. At the same time, two districts depend on it at once – Bodaibo and Mamsko-Chuysky.

– The bridge would be of great help, including for the development of the Sukhoi Log gold deposit. Therefore, we take over the development of the project documentation. Often the lack of expensive project documentation is the reason for the refusal to allocate budget funds for construction and installation work. In the first days of August, the project documentation was sent to Glavgosexpertiza and we hope to receive a conclusion early next year, Engelhardt explained.

In addition to the Vitim junction, there are about 40 small bridge junctions on the Taksimo – Bodaibo – Kropotkin highway. Many need major repairs or rebuilding. And the state of the road itself leaves much to be desired. And this is one of the main limiting factors for the development of the northern Irkutsk region.

Therefore, Polyus, together with the government of the Irkutsk region and the regional directorate for the construction and operation of roads, examined the bridges and financed projects for the repair and reconstruction of those that are in worse condition. But the state of the roads in the Bodaibo district will be shown by the diagnoses that the region plans to carry out this year. Based on its results, it will become clear which areas require repair and reconstruction.

Since the Bodaibo – Taksimo highway runs through the territory of not only the Irkutsk region, but also Buryatia, Polyus signed a road map with the republican Ministry of Transport: the authorities of the neighboring region undertook to increase the amount of funds for maintenance. and lead to a standard state of your part of the path.

– Polyus is a socially oriented company. Therefore, annually it finances significant projects, both in the Bodaibo region and beyond. We choose those tasks in which our help will bring the greatest benefit. This applies not only to infrastructure development, but also to social aspects. We work in five main areas: support for education, health, sports, culture and the development of the urban environment. For example, at the request of the regional government, a feasibility study was developed for the construction of a new water intake in Bodaibo. The current one is quite old and its design does not allow a radical improvement in the quality of the water. We financed the development of a facade and roof repair project for the Bodaibo Mining College. We pay for athletes from the region to travel to competitions. We bought equipment and medicines for the central hospital in the district, and now we are helping to attract doctors to Bodaibo: we pay a certain amount on top of the increase that doctors receive when they move to the district. We are interested not only in our development, but also in the development of those territories where we work, – emphasized the director of work with state bodies of the Irkutsk region of the Polyus company. •

By the way

Polyus’ social support is not limited to the Bodaibo region. The company considers the entire Irkutsk region as the region of its presence. So, this year, a swimming pool built with Polyus funds was commissioned in Nizhneudinsk as the company’s contribution to the restoration of the city after the 2019 flood. In Irkutsk, the company held a theater festival in 2021 and this year delivers audio guides to the museums. In addition, with the support of the company, a boxing school will be opened in one of the schools of the regional center.

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